My advice to you!!

Welcome to Senior Year!! And welcome to your writing capstone. This is such a unique and special community where you learn from each other, harbor safety and support, and create unbelievable work. This semester has definitely been a rollercoaster. There are days when I love my project and days when I can’t stand it. Having switched online in the middle of the semester, it has taken a lot of will and motivation to complete this daunting project.  Here’s some advice I have for you as you embark on this exciting class. 

  1. Try to pick your project as early as possible and really find a niche idea/opinion/genre/medium. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my project since writing about privilege can be super uncomfortable. I recommend writing about something that is out of your comfort zone, a passion, a curiosity. It can really be anything which is the beauty in it but make sure it is something you want to write about. Purpose will come with passion. 
  2. Create a detailed production plan and stick to it. With classes going online halfway through the semester, creating a new production plan and sticking to it was very difficult. If classes are online, I recommend staying on track as much as possible because the work will creep up on you. 
  3. Lean on your peers. This capstone community is such a unique and strong group that is truly there to support you. Lean on your professor but also the peers around you. Get to know them. This made it much easier to share personal work with them and so much more rewarding getting feedback and advice. This community is truly awesome, take advantage!
  4. Know that your project will not look like how you envisioned it in the proposal, and that’s OK and normal. Your project will likely take many turns, edits, forms, etc. This is all part of the project process! Embrace it and don’t get too hooked on the details or the changing landscape of your project. In the end, you will create something you are proud of and that’s what matters most!
  5. Have fun! While this project is a lot of work, it is truly a time where you can reflect on your time at college, use new skills, and be creative! Take advantage of the opportunity!

Good luck!!!

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