We Made It :)

My final capstone project forced me to think about a future in which I will never live. I decided to craft an online gossip-like, dystopian magazine where I could merge my love for both writing and visual design. Imagining this future world, as it would be depicted in my magazine, was difficult. Unfortunately, my thoughts about the future–especially in the midst of a global pandemic and 4 years of incompetent leadership–were predominately pessimistic.

So much of life’s hardship is unanticipated until it arrives at our feet–so my attempt at depicting a future takes the form of various graphic art projects accompanied by writing. Through my painstaking, but enjoyable exploration of Adobe Creative cloud platforms, I was able to use art to incorporate some humor into my rather cynical project. In the end, I realized that despite the unease I felt towards the future–a perhaps scary future–that I would rather experience that than to sit in the comfort of apathy.  Then, at least, nobody could say they didn’t see it coming.


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