Welcome to the blog of the Sweetland Center for Writing’s Minor in Writing at the University of Michigan. Created in Fall 2011, this blog exists for members of the Minor in Writing community to share their writing and their developing ideas about writing over the course of their several semesters in the Minor. It is also a place to share information about the Minor and other items of interest to writers.

The homepage includes all posts, unfiltered, to the Minor in Writing blog. Posts are further categorized by Community posts, Gateway posts, and Capstone posts. The Minor in Writing Gateway Course section includes posts by new Minors enrolled in Writing 220. The Minor in Writing Capstone Course section includes posts by graduating Minors enrolled in Writing 400. The Community section are posts by both Gateway and Capstone students that may apply to all Minors.

Each semester, as a new cohort enters the Minor, they will join this blog community — both as part of the whole, and within their own cohort.  Each cohort has a Category designation of its own. You’ll notice cohort designations in the metadata beneath each post title (Fall 2012 cohort, Winter 2013).

We invite you to read along with us as this blog grows.