A Semester in a Website

Hello Writing Community!

It has been an interesting semester to say the least. The Gateway grants its students a great deal of autonomy and flexibility; I believe I have utilized both of these to my advantage, developing relationships with classmates as academic peers and friends alike. People can use this class as a platform to express themselves, as a means of getting a certain grade or credit for school, or a tool to learn about a given subject they are interested in. As a sophomore in college, it is an important time to start reflecting on what I want to pursue as a career. While I may or may not want to go into real estate/urban development, a strong theme in my work for the semester, I do acknowledge that whatever I do will require writing. I can confidently say I am a more versatile and tactful writer than I was January 8th.

To those reading this… please write anything. A thought, a song, a movie, a book, a short story, an inquiry. While time can be escaped through listening to music, and time can be released through breathing, time can truly be felt through writing. With that, I leave you with my ePortfolio for the semester (And final project) ! I hope you enjoy

Also, in general, remember that worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair; it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.



Here is a little preview…

Advice for incoming Gateway Students


Whether you’re studying biology, gender studies, or business, congrats on making the choice to supplement your major with the Sweetland Writing Minor. This class has been unlike any other that I’ve taken, so be prepared for a little change.

The Gateway course encourages its students to independently grow their writing and creative skills in a relationship-driven environment. I encourage you, the new guy, to capitalize on this; you will be given projects deemed “experiments” where the sky is the limit. I would suggest taking the chance to think about something you’ve always wanted to learn about, and honing in on it for any/all of the experiments. The unique light you must present your subject and argument in will further enhance your research, communication, and writing skills that no surface level english class has done to date.

Beyond the work itself, your teacher is the captain of your ship – trust him/her and make sure to build a friendly companionship with them. The semester flies by but never forget to write what you want to write for your audience because no one writes like you do.


Andrew Green

Metamorphasis of a City Block

I will be advancing my third experiment into a final project submission format. The experiment was a sample of a photo essay of my trip to Detroit in which I highlighted the new Shinola Hotel as well as its revolutionary impact on the surrounding area. This experiment was the most desirable to continue working on because of its limitless communicative potential- alongside pictures, I intend on implementing opinions, overheard conversations, and thoughts that I/nearby people had at that moment and place.

I am slightly concerned about effectively narrowing down my camera roll from the trip to Detroit; I took over 150 pictures of that block including the interior and exterior of the hotel as well as adjacent businesses. While I used Powerpoint and Word for the experiment for this photo essay, I will use an official web platform to creatively relay my story and perspective on the day.

I would ideally like my ePortfolio to represent the recurring theme between my experiments and origin piece – the gentrification/revitalization/renovation of urban landscapes. On this note, blurred background images of modern buildings and construction projects would be fitting for each page of the website. While I have been passionate about each experiment that I’ve done, I want to include a blurb about each experiment and what I learned from them. More generally, I would like to have an about the author segment to give the reader some background on my personal interests so they can better relate to and connect with my final project.

Writing 220: The Gateway Community

To date, the Writing Minor Gateway course has been the most peer-integrated class I have ever been a part of. There is no beginning awkward stage of the class where nobody wants to talk aloud, raise their hands, or make side conversations. From the inception, the entire class was encouraged to get to know one another and truly utilize every individual writer and student as a unique resource. Being that the Writing Minor program is paralleled by an extremely diverse array of majors, its participants gain exposure to a wide range of perspectives. As a student in the business school, I found this class especially refreshing in that I am able to ask questions and for help to truly better my work, not just for participation points lying on a curve. Inside the classroom, stresses and pressures dissipate as the students in the Writing 220 Community of USB 2230 can simply put pen to paper and constructively let their ideas flow.