Lost in a Sea of Potentiality: Pikachu Edition

When faced with this project and the task of developing something to write about, I immediately felt like I was drowning. There are so many potential project ideas for me, but when I think about them, I’m only thinking surface level. I need some help fleshing out what I could do. I have many topics to think about, but I don’t know what angles to take with them. And for some basic background on me, I’m a history and political science major. In addition to classes I’m also an RA, a writer for the yearbook, a representative for CSG, and a comic book fan. So without further ado, I present my random thoughts:

-One idea I had was to write about the decline of bipartisanship in government in the last century. I think I could explore the carnal desire for power as well.

-Another idea was to look at the creation of memory throughout the world in the wake of World War II. I explored it in a few classes, but I don’t think I paid it the attention it deserves.

-I would love to write about comic books. If anyone has suggestions on how I could accomplish that, I’m all ears.

-I’ve taken a few classes on the role of social identities and how they have been seen throughout history/how they should be treated in modern society. Might be interesting to explore.

I’m legitimately open to suggestions and feedback of all kind. Be brutal.


[Pika!] Reflectionzzzz

If you are reading this, you played a role in giving me one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Never before have I taken a class full of such smart, wonderful people that forced me to look inside myself and reflect on my own opinions. It was a welcome change to the normal classes I’m usually in. Plus, we had Ray, which was such a blessing in itself. I have a friend starting the Minor next semester and I told her she just HAD to have Ray. Luckily she does and I can’t wait for her to come home and tell me how much she loves the class, just like I did. So I thank each and every one of you for being awesome!

My point for this post is to have a place to put our favorite memories of the class. I shall give the first one:

My favorite memory of this class was definitely Ray’s question about how we would change our own appearance if we could. I loved it because the responses were hilarious and amazing, but also because it went beyond the normal ideas of hair color, instead going to anthropological changes too.

Anyhoo, post your own memories!

Debate Debacle

In reviewing the first Presidential debate for the 2012, I could not help feeling disappointed in my president. Here was an opportunity to put the final nail in the coffin of the Romney campaign and he blew it. Romney and his campaign had been floundering, suffering from various PR issues and Obama had his opportunity, but instead took a swing and missed. The effect is incredibly interesting. For me, it did not shake my faith in Obama, I am still confident that he A) has all of the qualities necessary to be president and B) will succeed in winning a second term. That being said, I read an article from Slate that portrayed the possible ramifications from the lackluster debate showing. While canvassing a neighborhood in New Mexico, many Democrats were still planning on voting blue, but were less enthused after the debate. They wondered what had happened, how their shining warrior had slipped up and gaffed. The main issue comes when asking independents. Those are who both campaigns are really after: the center of the spectrum. Who are they going to vote for? The debates are typically one of the few opportunities for candidates to make a lasting impression on undecided voters. If Obama does not improve his debate performance in the next two debates, will the unthinkable happen? This blogger hesitates to even think about that as a possibility.



Us and Them

I do not know about you guys, but I was appalled by this report. The knowledge that my country is carrying out attacks like these makes me incredible uncomfortable. I can understand drone strikes when there is 100% guarantee of success and when I say success, I mean we hit our target, whoever or whatever that may be. Innocent civilians should not be the cost of doing business or casualties of war. That it was separates us and them. They want to kill us all, but we don’t want to kill all of them.

I am particularly disturbed by the strategy of sending in a second strike right after the first. At that point, the damage is done and all that is happening is people trying to help those that were hurt. Are we really going to damn the rescuers? Is that really the society we want to be? Although I do not have the facts to back it up, I know the Geneva Conventions have rules regarding injured combatants. Morality should matter too.

If there is an upside to all of this, it would be that I am even more motivated to enter into public service and try and change the system from the inside.

I think this video, from my favorite television show, The West Wing, highlights my thoughts. Except we are acting like the very people we seek to eliminate. We cannot and must not sink to the level of our enemies. If we do, what will victory be worth to us?