Just as Emily said in class on Tuesday, I believe everyone has a story that makes up who they are. And regardless if someone has impacted one or a thousand people, I believe that their story can impact many others as well.

I would someday like to emulate a vivid story such as A Child Called It. Not that my life experiences were as extreme as David Pelzer’s, the author, but I believe that I have a story to tell.

The simplicity to Pelzer’s in-depth descriptions is what I enjoy most about his book. He successfully uses simple words to create vivid pictures for his readers. I enjoy this style because it seems as those Pelzer is talking, telling the story right to you. It does not seem as those the book is an elaborate piece of literature to educate scholars on the subject. Pelzer captures a broad audience with his book which greater fulfills the purpose of telling his story. I would like to do the same one day.