Travel Blog

This week I was introduced to blogging for the first time. Without having to say much it is clear I have no apparent experience and find myself completely outside of my comfort zone, not only as a writer but as a reader as well. When searching for a blog of interest, where does one begin? The Internet is an often-intimidating and overwhelming black hole of information, one that I am sometimes too afraid to confront. But nonetheless, I stared my computer straight on and began to think of all the things I love; painting, John Mayer, playing tennis, anything Beyoncé has ever touched, and most importantly, travel.

And then the adventure began. As I sat clueless in front of my laptop, I had no idea I was about to unravel a visual and literary sensation of all things travel. From personal blogs to professional ones, I became immediately enthralled in the so-called ‘blogosphere’ that I never seemed to understand prior to this assignment.

Blogging is truly a vortex. Once I started clicking images and links, I couldn’t stop. I was sucked into a maze of vacation itineraries and travelers’ first-hand experiences of the best sushi restaurants in the heart of Mumbai. I was lead to searches of exotic paradise locations in the most private parts of Fiji and I hated nothing about this.

From my own personal experience, I know that travel is always interesting, always surprising and sometimes even disturbing. All of the blogs that I found on my blog quest seemed to discuss these three ideas in some way or another.  Through personal anecdotes that travelers’ shared, to websites publishing warnings regarding the stress involved in travelling to a foreign country with a language barrier, it’s true that travel keeps you on your toes. It is the suspense of travel, of what incredible moment will happen next, that makes a person want more.  To travel is to live as dynamic a life as possible, to keep moving forward, to keep growing and learning. Ultimately, to travel is to escape, and in a way, blogging and exploring the endless pages of the ‘blogosphere’ allows you to detach from reality, even if only for a moment, and escape as well.