WRITING 220 Introduction: Ashley Preston

Hi everyone!

My name is Ashley and I’m a Junior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in, you guessed it, Writing!

If I would’ve told high school Ashley that she would be a writing minor in a few short years I would have never believed it. I mean who signs up to write MORE essays in college? Before the administrators rethink my admission to the program, let me tell you about my journey with writing.

Writing wasn’t a big part of my life until college. In fact, my favorite subjects in high school were math and sciences. My first writing experience that I would say got me “hooked” was writing for the Michigan Journal my first year of college at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. I wrote sports opinion and got lots of encouragement from family and friends with positive feedback. And since, I really haven’t stopped writing.

I would say that my interest in writing is specific to sports, though I enjoy writing deep and personal stories as well. I currently have a communications internship with Michigan Athletics where I’ve begun to really look at how important it is to think about the audience you’re writing for. One of my duties is to tweet the play-by-plays for certain sports, and while I never really thought of “tweeting” as writing — it totally is! As a communications major, I look to place a strong emphasis on my development with new media writing such as tweets, blogs, etc.

Outside of writing and academia, you can find me hanging out with friends, watching sports, and spending time “up north” at my family’s cabin.