They’re, Their, There





There seems to be a confusion between which of these applys when. Their is used to describe the possesion of something.

Ex. Their ball, their car, their mom.

There is used in realtion to direction.

Ex. Over there, There she is, I want to go there.

They’re is the contraction for they are.It is used to describe a group and their actions.

Ex. They’re looking for you, They’re running to North Campus. They’re going to the mall.

I know when we are in a rush making a mistake on these words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings is inevitable. However we must look as them as though they are completely different words. Would you call a dog and a cat the same word. They are both animals right? No! We must understand the usage of these words and when they are appropriate. if not then we are slowly attacking the grammar Gods! They get upset with us everytime someone commits the cardinal sin of misusing they’re, their and there. We must raise awareness about these mishaps and hopefully this will slow down the crime rate in America! Thank you for your time and please dont forget to Say what you mean!

Dont Talk About It Be About It

Writing is a thing I used to do simply because I love it. Now that I am a writing minor I find myself very interested in what is the “right way,” to do something or what type of writing will produce the grade I want to see at the top of my page in red ink. I have almost gotten lost in the due dates and grades that I have left the reason why I truly write. Does anyone else feel this way?


I am a hyprocrite! I tell people how easy writing is for me when I zone in and write but then I complain about it all the time. I tell people to write for fun and then writing for classwork will be become easier but I never write for fun anymore. There is just no time. I am clearly loosing sight of a few important things here. Now to make a checklist for the things i have forgottent o do that I must wedge back into my schedule somehow.






5- Ayana Time

6- Relax


8- Be career bound instead of being day to day sufficient


Next task is to get these things done. Ready set BEGIN!!!!!

oH and think about project III, Eportfolio, dance, NOiR (Student Org), PBG (student Org), Leaders and Best (job), proteges, family, friends, boyfriend, event planning, birthdays…etc…….  ALL WITH A SMILE!





It is…

Writing is sort of, maybe

almost, just about, like, nearly

kind of awesome.

It can be fun for some,

torture for others, relief for most

or absolutely mundane for those who do it often.

Or it could be refreshing


a glass of cold ice water. Writing is.

It is not almost, maybe, just about,

like, nearly, kind of anything.

It is

relief, religion, right,

wrong, ugly, beauty solace,



A Brooklyn Girl

Ayana McPherson, a Brooklyn, NY native, is a 2012 graduate of LaGuardia High School for Music and Art & the Performng Arts, also known as the “Fame School.” There she majored in Dance and continued this undying passion at the University of Michigan. Although dance was among her favorite things to do, she also enjoys spending time with good friends and family, eating, obessing over chocolate and drinking Caprisun. Ayana also loves giving back to her community and being able to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether it be as a role model, donating money, community service or philanthropic efforts she will find a way to be a great person, “not in loud words but in good deeds!”


Its all about perspective. What do you see?

For the second project, the first thing that popped into my mind to write about was my common application essay. I chose the prompt that allowed me to write a 500-word essay about whatever I wanted. At first I struggled with finding a subject and then I thought back to a time that really struck me as important in my life.

There were two initial instances where I realized that I was the only black girl in a sea of white faces. When I was in the 11th grade I went on a trip to Italy where I experienced some forms of racism for the first time (or at least the first time that I was knowledgeable enough to recognize them). It made me very uncomfortable and  no one else could relate to me because the people in Italy were not treating them the same way they were treating me.  Then we took a picture of the group and it was that day that I saw myself through eyes looking in. I was in a crowd of people who looked different than me and realized that day I was indeed a black girl.

When in Italy I found myself writing in my journal alot more than usual because I had no one to relate to. I took note of how I was treated, and observed the actions and reactions of others. When it was time to write my common app essay I knew that this would be a topic that I should expound on because it helped me to find strength and comfort in a word as lonely as only. I wrote the essay about what I really saw to be who I was. A brown girl and the only brown girl. I did not call myself black or African American, but rather I wrote about exactly what I saw, brown.

Looking back in retrospect, I see how relevant being brown was to me at that time and I also see how it has informed my decisions and involvement in my community. I am now the President of the Pretty Brown Girls Club at U of M. Not the pretty BLACK girls but the pretty BROWN girls. This is such a coincidence that I feel I was destined to talk/write about seeing color, colorism, and what those things mean when put into perspective. I am now also the only Brown girl in my major which because of my past expeience I am equipt to deal with. Race is one thing but Color is another. I want to write about color, differences and perspective. Those are all three topics that have interested me in the recent past and all come up in some form or another in my common app essay written over 2 years ago.