Commenting on Wix Pages for drafts

Hello all,

There is a cool feature on Wix that we all could take advantage of when it comes time to have our group members comment on our portfolio drafts, its the comments feature.  You simply click on the little bubble icon on the right hand side of your webpage in the edit setting.  It will give you a link you can email to your group members to allow them to put comments wherever they would like on your site in small bubbles.  To remove them after you have used them you can just simply click the little trash can on them.  Hope this helps some of you out with getting feedback on your portfolios.

Mapping my Eportfolio

For my portfolio I have decided to go with a new portfolio instead of building off of my gateway portfolio. My choice is not because I do not like my gateway portfolio, but because the design for the gateway does not really work for what I am trying to achieve with my Capstone portfolio.  I am adding a resume and about page just in case I would like to use it for a professional portfolio in the future.   I have chosen to map out my portfolio in this way because of the template that I have chosen to use in wix. I also like the minimalist look of the template that I chose, however with the type of map that I have laid out, a minimalist design could be a problem, but we’ll see when I get more into the designing of the portfolio.



Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.36.41 PM


Capstone project overview

My project consist of a couple different parts.  My first part will be a research paper in which I would be research gendered advertising.  I will be researching what makes something gendered and the motivations behind using gendered advertisements. Along with this research paper I will be taking a campaign that is gendered and analyzing it as part of the paper as well.  For the second part of my project I will be doing a concept board for an advertising campaign of my own, which will avoid the gendered aspects that I have in my research paper and analysis.  I believe that this project will help me to learn more about he industry that I am attempting to join and also help me learn more about the reasons behind using certain aspects of advertising to your advantage.

Making Another Writer’s Decisions

When looking at my project ideas I get a little overwhelmed.  I am not sure what to do specifically for my project and I always tend to get a little flustered when having to choose a topic for projects that are open ended.  I think Ben understood my interest fairly well and tried to make the interview as useful as possibly with the time we had to talk about subjects.  He gave me a good idea on a type of media to try, which is Prezi.  I have never used Prezi before, but I have seen multiple presentations using it and they look great and flowed well for the presenter.  I’m not sure that there are any topics on my list that I would be interested in pursing for this project.  The main topic that we talked about that I was considering doing for the project was speech synthesis.  Speech synthesis is basically the communication between humans and computers.  The only reason I am not considering this for my project is because I feel that it may be a little too technical and it may get boring over the course of an entire semester.  I think that Ben was led to propose the idea of speech synthesis because it came up when we were talking about interest and the topic also ties into my major, which is linguistics.  Based on this experience in the future I may be less forward about saying certain things that interest me and maybe let them be pried out because it may make the topic something that would be more creative and seem less forced.  I do not think that because of using this method it will change how I solicit advice in the future, because I tend to use a type of interview method to figure out topic ideas, but mostly it is just talking it out with someone.   This experience is sort of sending me back to the drawing board as far as finding a topic, because I did not find anything that was particularly interesting the first round.  I will have to implore other brainstorming methods to try to find a project that will suit me best for the semester.

My Portfolio

My portfolio goes on my mind set of being straight to the point.  I have everything laid out in a way that hopefully is easy to use and understand.  It shows my projects from writing 220 and one assignment from another class as well.  Hope you enjoy it.  (Final Portfolio will be up and running by Friday morning, before then it will be earlier progress.)


I want my portfolio to highlight how my writing has developed over the semester, mostly between my repurposing project and my remediation.   I’m not quite sure how I’m to do that yet but hopefully it will work out.  I think my context paper being used as an introduction to my portfolio may help do this because it talks about how I am a straightforward person, which I think I’m going to be able to show between the projects.

One thing that I am excited to put in my portfolio is links to all of my blog post.  I think this will show how my writing has changed from week to week and will give readers of my portfolio a better idea of who I am.

One thing that I am still trying to figure out is how I actually want to present my project in the portfolio.  I do not want to just make tabs for them and just kind of say “here they are.”   I especially do not know how I am going to present my remediation project because it might just consist of a link.


What my readers already know about me would be the first question I would ask when looking at the prompt for this week.  I’m not really sure what readers would know about me from reading any of my pieces other than my “why I write” essay which gives some background into my life.

I guess one thing my readers might not know about me from my reading is I’m a straightforward person.  I like to have things laid out in a logical way, no b.s., just succinct and to the point.  My writing for classes doesn’t really allow me to be this way because many assignments require a minimum length.

Another thing my readers might not know about me is that I am a linguistics major.  This would explain my subject choice for my repurposing and remediation projects even though I didn’t get to show my linguistic knowledge in those.  In my major is where most of my writing happens and  that is what has helped to shape my college writing up until this point.

Megadeluxe Blog

The wordpress blog that I took a look at is called Megadeluxe.  It is a design blog that focuses on mostly high-end transportation design such as bikes, motorcycles, and cars.  The purpose is to show off the work that the designer has done and projects that he has worked on in the past.  There is also an interviews section that highlights other designs and designers and asks them questions about their pieces of work.  Another purpose of this blog is sales of piece made by the designer or antique pieces the designer likes.   The way this blog works is it is subdivided at the top with clear headings to take you to pages such as interviews.  On most of there pages there is a large amount of pictures and not many words, this is because its a design blog and the point is to show off the work and let it speak for itself.  The interviews page has a mix of text and pictures that follow along with the text while talking about the design.  On the homepage it has the typical homepage header on the top but under that there is basically a copy of the page they are trying to highlight at the time, for example the page they are highlighting currently is called “girls not included”.  This is done to try to draw more people to that new part of the blog. 

New Media

I wanted to originally do a Wikipedia page, however I could not find a template for a wiki page and they did not know how to help me at the digital media commons.  So, I am changing to making a web page that would be set up similar to a Wikipedia page using a program called WIX.  WIX is a building block website builder that will allow me to create a website the way I want to.  I learned about it from a former class from classmate. What is awesome about it is the ease of use because it is very user friendly.  It allows you to make it how you want to.