A Crappy Paragraph from a Comm Paper that I Wrote

Below was the concluding paragraph of my paper regarding some of the various effects that the media (through television) can have on it’s viewers. The wording is repetitive and it does not flow well at all. I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Having been mindful of potential media effects and viewing these three media uses simultaneously, I definitely found that the media can have very strong impacts on any given person. Additionally, I learned that some of these effects tend to be very subtle. Typically, when watching a sporting event, I simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the action. However, after taking part in this study, I came to realize how many hours each week I devote to watching television, when I can be doing something else instead. I wouldn’t say that it is always a waste of time, but it is certainly time that is being displaced, and could have been spent in a more productive fashion. In my opinion, the effects that the media can have on people are beyond limitations. It is as influential as one allows it to be. Some of the effects can be negative, such as the content-irrelevant effect I just alluded to. However, others are certainly positive, such as the cognitive effect I got from watching Pardon the Interruption. As a result of watching this show, my knowledge was increased and I was able to make sophisticated predictions on the upcoming games. Having been educated about the effects the media can have on individuals alone and society as a whole, I certainly feel that I am far more vulnerable to media effects, simply because I am now actively conscious of them. I have learned that media effects have unlimited potential to impact society. 

Is it the class or the teacher?

I’m sorry that this is extremely random, but this is the beginning of my attempt to make as many thought-provoking posts as possible, and I just spent 15 minutes thinking about what to write, and this is the best that I was able to come up with – What’s more important to you when taking a class: Loving the material or loving the teacher?

Disclaimer: Feel free to stop reading if you’ve already had enough of this.  Pretty sure I would have stopped after the first line.

Anyway, if it were up to me, I would choose to have a great teacher.  I think learning about areas of interest is extremely important, but I think the teacher has the ability to make you love or hate the subject matter in just about any case.  In my experience, I’ve found that I typically either really like my teacher or really dislike him/her.  There really isn’t much middle ground for me.  I think part of this is just my personality, but the point is that if you don’t like your teacher, odds are that the class is going to be miserable.  I can’t recall any class that I’ve ever taken where I loved the teacher but had a negative overall experience.  A few good qualities that I look for in any teacher include a sense of humor (good job, Ray), organization and clarity, motivating, understanding, and passionate.  Obviously, mastery of the subject matter is always crucial, and it never hurts to have someone who occasionally lets you out early (Ray – you may want to work on this a little, but you’re still a great dude).


Danger: Bubble About to Burst


This first link is an informative overview of the higher education bubble from Yahoo!. I found it particularly interesting how it pointed out several big name examples of people who dropped out of college and are doing just fine for themselves.



I felt that this next link identified me very well as a part of the audience, as it used the movie Caddyshack as the major theme and point of reference to the higher education bubble. This was definitely relatable, as this is a popular movie that I believe many current college students have seen and enjoyed.

Benji’s Bio

I’ll probably regret using this as my bio image sooner rather than later, but this is my profile picture on Facebook, so I figured it was only appropriate. What do you get from this image? Hopefully you’ll infer that I’m enthusiastic, adventurous, and fun to be around. If not, you’ll probably just assume that I’m a huge loser. Oh well.

I was born and raised in Westchester, NY. Both playing and following sports has always been my passion. If I had to rank my priorities in life, I would have to go with the following list:

1. Yankees

2. Girls

3. Giants

4. Breathing

5. Everything else

Take from that whatever you want. I grew up playing baseball, tennis, and soccer, and I also love to golf and ski. I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart, but I have a few home-away-from-homes: Camp in Maine, Vail, Colorado, and my grandparents development in Florida Florida (love old people).

I’m the oldest of three kids – I have two younger sisters – so I’m accustomed to being blamed for just about anything possible. That’s fine though, because I also grew up with the biggest room in an isolated area of the house with my own bathroom, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

I’ve loved my college days in Ann Arbor. I’m in the School of Kinesiology (Sport Management major), greek life (kind of… ZBT/OZ/disgrace), and currently work in the Athletic Department. I try not to look too far ahead because it freaks me out, but I plan on going straight to Law School after I graduate next year,. Hopefully by the time I complete this minor, my writing will be up to par.

I’ll end with a quote that I try to live by: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain.”

The source is anonymous, so I’ll go ahead and take credit for it.

Would Beyonce Really Lip Sing?

I chose an article from CNN, questioning whether Beyonce actually sung the National Anthem at the inauguration of President Obama’s second term. The article suggests that Beyonce may have lip sang to a prerecorded rendition. I’m not buying it. This seems like the type of story simply trying to stir up unnecessary drama and controversy. Regardless, you can be the judge.