The eportfolio that is never understood…

I still don’t know what I’m going to do for my eportfolio. I had this grand idea to have a big world map on my home page and from there you could click on different parts of the world, such as different cities/states in America, as well as different countries to read what I’ve written in those places, about those places, or based off of those places. Since I love going to new places and learning, I figured that this would be a great way to show who I am and have a unique organization to it.  Once you would click on the spot, you would be taken to a new page with a blurb about the piece, why it was written, etc.  Then you would be able to read or click on a link/file to download the piece.  I also thought  maybe I could add a side bar that would allow you to click on pieces, and I could classify them as, “Academic” “Newspaper” “Magazine” “Reflective” etc, and from there you would be able to see what pieces fall into what place.


Then I realized I have no idea what I am doing and clearly am biting off more than I can chew- this is more than I have time for or what I am willing or able to learn. If I could have someone create my website for me- that is what it what it would be: a super awesome map with lots of clicky things and pictures.


Instead, I must settle for something else. I haven’t made up my mind yet, mostly because I am still slaving away at the paper and have not thought much about the eportfolio or the details of my remediation project… just sort of trying to take things one at a time. I prefer to finish a project before I start another one, so this class is quite challenging in that sense.


But nonetheless, I will have something laid out for tomorrow… but as you can see… I have no idea what that will be.


Now I may just not be understanding things///I get confused easily… but the re-mediating assignment doesn’t have paper to go with it, right? Because people keep talking about it like it’s a paper, and if it has a paper to go with it, I’m not going to be able to complete this class.

It’s just a project right?

Good. Thanks.

PS- If anyone wants to learn about Pope Pius XII, let me know. I could use some proofreaders!

A step away from social suicide

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY the paper has been written.

Well, the first seven or eight pages anyway.

But at least it’s a start.

It was really starting to drive me crazy, and I had all these crazy visions of me not doing anything for the next two or three weeks except writing this paper and then it finally hit me that I should start writing it and then see if I need any more research.

So I did! And I’ve gotten far for not spending a ton of time on it yet. It’s a a little challenging because I do have so many sources, and I have to be around the sources so I can quote them and use them for referencing. And since I don’t feel like carrying around 12 books all day I can really only work on my paper at home.  But I’m getting there. And my goal is by this weekend to have a nice, long, big, solid, working draft. Anyone who wants to proofread 15 pages or so, step right up. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I’m actually proud of myself. I know that sounds dumb. But I am! And, hey, I get to enjoy Halloween instead of going into hiding to write this stupid thing.

Reflecting on my blogging…

This is what I wrote in class and I sounded so serious. And probably mean. Sorry, didn’t mean too. Love you all….

I think I tried to use the blog posts as a time for me to express my feelings about the class and assignments we were having.  If I felt I could explain what I was writing about for an assignment, then I felt I could successfully achieve the end result: a solid paper that flowed correctly and intrigued the reader.  I also love trying to give others an insight into my life- if I say something stupid, or include a strange picture, it’s more so because I’m just trying to give you a little glimpse of to who I am: someone who laughs at basically everything and is very, very sarcastic.

If anything, I would like to receive fewer comments on repeating or rewording what I said- I know what I said, so you don’t really have to tell me (that sounds mean-it’s not supposed too!). I’d be more interesting to see if you had any other interesting view points, if you agree or disagree with me, or other comments that are relevant.

Usually when I was leaving a comment, I tried to use some emotional attachment to the blog post I am responding to, such as: I totally understand, I don’t really agree with you, you gave an excellent example of… I feel these comments instead of “you gave examples to the reader that allowed them to relate” are more effective; not only are you pinpointing specific examples in their writing which provoked thought but are also giving your own opinions instead of a dry review of their work.

To annoy or not to annoy?

Hello, all.

I know there is no blog post that is required for right now but I just saw something funny and made me think of all of you…

My favorite chef in the world just tweeted:
“If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing.” -Fabio Viviani

Now, I do believe that he was quoting someone else.. a writer or something. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this before.

But I just thought it was funny and that made you’d get some humor out of it too.

Maybe I should add a “ha ha ha” to go along with what we talked about in class that one day.

Have a great fall break!

Where to start….

It’s 11:09 PM on Sunday. Usually by this time on Sunday I am exhausted. Sundays are usually filled with non-stop homework, reading, writing. Fridays and Saturdays I usually stay up too late; I then sleep in but it’s not quite enough to make up for the difference. Really, I’m just ready for a break- but we just had two days off. What is going on here.

I feel most college students feel this way. Sometimes the weekend is more stressful than the week. What’s stressful about going to class? Most of my classes I sit in a big room and listen to a professor speak.  I can use my computer to write emails, check my phone, and if I even wanted, I could probably sleep.  Then I’ll come home, attend a meeting or two, go to work, or do homework. There’s one day where I have class all day until 7, and the next day I don’t have class. Usually by the end of that night I’m so brain dead that I just save all my work for the next day.

What is the point of all this?

The point is that I always save too much work for the weekend. I try to keep myself calm during the week by saving a little more for me to do every Saturday and Sunday. I’m still researching for my paper. I feel like I am so behind. I really do love the topic, I’m just starting to feel drained. I am hoping that it is because all I have been doing is going through book after book, reading chapters that pertain to my topic, and marking them with sticky notes. Hours upon hours of this activity does not get too exciting, my friends. I have a small outline, so hopefully Tuesday I can create a detailed outline with examples from the books and articles, and then it will be smooth sailing from there… right? If not, this most definitely will not be completed by Thursday.

So if anyone else feels stressed, overwhelmed, or just really wish this assignment was over.. take a look down below. Pretend you’re swimming with the turtle.. maybe it will help you feel better.

Courtesy of National Geographic

So adorable! So fun! So curly!

This is my favorite website in the entire world, or so, world wide web.  I love it. You can find all kinds of fun girly things on  here- crafty ideas, fun recipes, fashion advice, happiness and life advice, shared stories, and even a link to this specialty paper store that I am in LOVE with and have dreams of opening one day.

I don’t know exactly what it is about this site… the shop has it’s own website, which happens to be just as cute.  But this site just takes it to another level. The letters at the top are so fun and cute and make me smile.  I love all the categories on the side- they’re all so fun and uniquely named.  The headings and colors pop but aren’t too neon and don’t hurt your eyes. There’s a cool search tool to browse quickly through the whole site, or you can go to another section and click through month by month. In the blog section, there are always tons and tons of pictures being added, so colorful and full or seasonal happiness. Also on the right side are ads for other shops like CurlyGirl, small businesses throughout the country that specialize in unique letters and cards, jewelry, wall art, etc. These little shops make cities and towns full of charm and character, and I would love to be an owner or work at one someday.

Girls, if you’re ever in need of a smile, small affirmation, or unique little present or note, you should check it out. You will turn your frown upside down 🙂

What if we could write whatever we wanted?

I think for this week I’m going to blog twice- once about a website of my choosing, and once about something writing related.

This, for now, is something writing related.


I am writing my re-purposing paper on a topic that I absolutely love- the relationship between Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. I took two history classes last year that briefly discussed this topic, Origins of Nazism and the History of the Catholic Church in the Modern World. For both of these classes, I did reading responses to books for that week. At one point in my response, I was able to analyze what the Pope did during such a tragic time in 300 words or so- clearly that is not enough room. I felt that this assignment gave me more room and flexibility to have thorough research done and really write about what I think about the Pope and his actions.  Not only am I enjoying the ability to choose my topic and the research that I do, but I am actually really enjoying it and am finding myself reading through a book for this project instead of doing other homework. It could be the history buff in me, or it could be that this topic is just really fascinating.

So which one is it?

Am I enjoying this project so much because I am technically writing whatever I want? Granted, I can’t make things up about the Pope or the Holocaust, but I am giving direction as to the path this paper will take and what kinds of arguments I want to make. I wish I could work on this the rest of the semester, not because I don’t want to sit down and actually write, but more so because I am loving reading, writing, and revising what I am learning. It is a topic I can see myself studying through graduation, or even focusing my PhD around it.

Does anyone else feel this way? I don’t know what other people chose for their papers, but if you chose something that is so interesting like this, do you find this assignment enjoyable? Or maybe the writing you do in your free time- special magazine articles or blogs- do you really enjoy writing that way? On those topics? For that audience?

What if all the writing we did could be like that- the kind of writing that makes you never want it to end. The kind that not only lets you learn more about the topic of interest, but also about yourself and your writing abilities.  The kind that you feel such an emotional attachment to, you actually forget it’s not really part of your life.  The kind that you really just enjoy, and doesn’t really feel as if it is a homework or  job assignment.

That’s how this paper feels to me. I’m taking my time on it because I do have a lot of information to find, sort through, and map out before I can actually write a good draft. But I’m also taking my time because I want to fully grasp all that I can- soak up the wisdom of the authors, learn as much about the topic as possible, and really enjoy myself and this assignment.

I really love writing whatever I want. Really.

Do you?

Continued from class…

Earlier I blogged about how I really hated the Ong piece. And I still do. And after we read the second half, I hope to never pick up a piece of writing by Ong again.

However, I did want to thank everyone for bringing such different ideas and opinion to class. I know that may sound cheesy, but I always appreciate what everyone else has to say. I think it’s so great that we can all come from these different background and interests, and have different goals and reasons for why we’re there, but can all have these intelligent conversations and really learn from each other.

Ong, Plato, Writing, and Computers

I decided to blog as I went along while reading this piece this week to change it up a little. Or more so because it’s actually annoying me and I don’t really want to read the whole thing.


The first few pages already state so many things that I disagree with, don’t like reading, or make no sense to me.

The piece started out with something I thought was important for us to always remember, and that is, “Without writing, the literate mind would not and could not think as it does, not only when engaged in writing, buut normally even when composing it’s thoughts in oral form.”  That is a true and very important thing for us to remember- that’ we’re always writing, even if it is just within our minds to make sense of the world.

Then Ong takes a direction in which I despise.  He next few paragraphs are filled with words that make the sentences not flow together, and it seems that he is trying to create long phrases to impress us.

Then he dives into the part about Plato, Writing, and Computers. This is the part that I really hate. The comparison of “inhuman, pretending to establish outside the mind what in reality can be only in the mind. It is a thing, manufactured product. The same of course is said of computers.” What is that? Really? Yes, a computer in an inhuman machine, a manufactured product that acts outside of our mind. But it does what we tell it to do, it only acts as to how we use it.    Then he talks about Plato and Socrates saying that “writing destroys memory” and that those who write will become forgetful and rely on an external source. This point Ong/Plato/Socrates is/are making is very strange to me, mainly because I write TO remember, so I won’t completely forget one day.

Next comes the part where a text is unresponsive in Plato’s eyes… which yes, this can partially be considered true. But not all texts are this way. Many academic texts, especially articles in  books and journals, can be dry, and are only trying to make one thing apparent: you need to learn this material.  But any kind of narrative, novels, poetry, short stories, etc- that all comes alive by itself. While you cannot talk directly to it, you can reread it, see more angles, empathize for characters, feel the passion… in fact, sometimes I feel more alive reading a book than hearing a story from a friend.

I realize in some way Ong is trying to get across that relying on a computer and modern technology can take away from what we write, but I do not agree, or wish to understand more what he is saying. This piece makes no sense to me.

I will continue reading this Ong article and if I feel differently I will update this blog post. However, for now…