E-portfolio updates

I’ve always liked art. Whether I am standing for hours absorbing its beauty and pondering its meaning, or creating it myself through different mediums, I am always sucked in. Like school projects that required posters, or putting together pamphlets, I become so involved in the art that I lose all track of time.

I have said in one of my first blog posts here that I never liked the idea of blogging, being on the internet, or this new form of writing that didn’t involve a paper and pencil. That pencil- it has been something that I’ve always loved and its been one of the most important things in my life. Writing, sketching, or losing myself in some kind of project with my hands is what I am used to -being able to feel what I am doing. Internet, blogging, website design-not so much.

So I never expected to like it this much. Just like any other project, this e-portfolio is very new to me. Unlike sketching where I know my tools very well and can erase and create whatever comes into my mind, there is another language here that I am just learning. Html codes, widgets- this is my first time with them. But unfortunately I am a bit obsessive and tend to let a project take over me, and now all of a sudden I am looking how to find the perfect color by googling it rather than blending paints or color pencils. That’s probably the biggest obstacle so far.

My portfolio is really a depiction of my imaginative creative self. Kind of magical in its own way, I’ve been trying to give it this almost fairy tale magic appeal to it. I’m not sure how much it is working-mostly I think I am getting the colors wrong but once again thats the language barrier again.

In an unrelated but somewhat interesting note, I don’t know what I want to do when I graduate- at all. But I think it might involve something like this, something fun and creative and a way for me to play around and work on a project for hours. Below is the link 🙂


Prezi gives me motion sickness #stylechallenge

A big part of my Cosmopolitan presentation is the ending product of the new refurbished magazine. I want to convey to my editors, and owners of the magazine, that my idea will work and enhances the magazine. I had originally planned on zooming in on different components of the magazine to finally reveal the new magazine for 2014. My issue right now is how much is too much motion? I want to make sure people are not too dizzy watching it, but will this take away from my desired look at the end if I put all my data at the end? Here is one where you will zoom in on the history of Helen Gurley Brown (the reason Cosmo is the way it is today), but I am unsure if this jumping around is too much motion.


There’s Helen, so tiny!


In light of dizziness, I am also working on inserting a video into my prezi. In my previous post I learned how to insert the link and it would pop up automatically with the thumbnail on the screen. What I was still unsure about was how to show my Audrey Hepburn video






I have always wanted to know how to do that and I finally figured it out-another easy fix I never knew. I wanted the roller coaster to start on a specific time, and I did it!

Now onto Audrey’s interview


No more excuses

You know those times when people tell you to just go with the flow or to just let life happen? Well, last night I took their advice. I was offered a free ticket to a Pink concert through my bar. We did a Redbull promotion challenge and me and another coworker got offered the tickets (funny that 2 of the only 4 girls that work at Rick’s were the ones offered the tickets…) I am so happy I said yes. I had a lot of hesitation about going- I wasn’t a Pink fan, it was a Wednesday night, and every other excuse in the book. But what I’ve learned from this incredibly fun and liberating experience is that I need to stop having excuses and just go with it. Stop waiting around for things and just say yes. There is no reason to write something off just because you think you don’t like it or it doesn’t seem like its your style. Just go with it, and life will happen on its own.


Pink is sick


Pink is absolutely incredible live by the way. Highly suggest it, because I am now a fan.


Need your help

He wants you to help me too.


Click this ^^^

I suppose you could call it a #techchallenge, because I decided to try my hand at making a survey for my project. My main goal is to prove to the magazine Cosmopolitan that a little work needs to be done to the magazine. I’ve done a lot of research so far about products in the magazine, celebrity influences, and the editors, but I still need a little bit information on the demographic of the readers and their ideas on the magazine. In my survey I ask about the magazine and introduce some ideas geared towards what I want to take out and add to the magazine. The site I am using is really awesome and was recommended by Sarah (once again, I wish we could make a shout-out to people on here, or maybe we can and I just don’t know it. Another challenge…).

Kwiksurveys allows you to see what states have responded and automatically creates charts for which responses are the most popular. It’s great for anyone looking to show statistics on slides for a presentation or to get quick answers from the public on a topic. Perfect for a proposal!

So far, I have a good amount of people that have responded to the survey, but I could use all the help I can get. The survey link is below (again, yes I am desperate) and I promise it only take a few minutes. Happy  blogging, and a big thank you for your help!


Prezi is a beautiful thing

HA! And I thought I was experienced with Prezi. I have already done two projects with this program, but after checking out Lynda.com, wow, just wow. There are litterally 50 different presentations describing different things you can do with it. I had no idea that you could do so much! This project could be a lot cooler than what I thought it could be and I am getting excited. So I wanted to try my hand at a video (hey Katie, I am stealing your idea on embedding videos). I started on google.com to see how to do this, but then landed on lynda.com and just typed in prezi and everything popped up for me. OH WOW, this is so easy!

You literally just type in the url for the youtube video on prezi. Click anywhere on your presentation (which is a really cool idea just having a big blank template, and then almost like drawing your ideas. And then you just  focus specifically on your creation what you want o be viewed at a time. I really suggest using this and will never use powerpoint again!)

I tried inserting this interview with Audrey below into mine and whats cool about prezi too is that you can make the video super small in the grand picture so people can’t see it unless you zoom in. My presentation ends with zooming out completely and you see that you’ve been spanning around the different sections of a magazine cover. And you can rotate it and even during your presentation can like pause and stop it. VERY easy.

Audrey Hepburn interview. Looking at the classic women

So, in response to Katie… can you tag people on this… embedding videos isn’t scary!


Re- mediating project

So this project for some reason is a little rockier of a start than the re-purposing. I knew what I liked and was immediately struck by what I wanted to do. Then once all that started happening I got very into it. I found a cool website that I could publish my magazine online, and using their template I could upload pictures and texts. It was actually a great program because I could see how a magazine would leave certain space for text. I felt like a real magazine editor and like I had a real deadline! (Hey, and it wasn’t too bad pretending I worked for Cosmopolitan either. God, how cool would that be…)



Moving onto my re-mediating was a little harder. I had just made an entire magazine article, so what else could I do with this topic? Movie… no I don’t even know what I could do. That seems easy to me, but I couldn’t think of anything worth while. And so, I started thinking about the purpose of my article. I wanted to give cosmopolitan more than just the frilly girly stuff. Things that could teach girls things: a manual for girls my age on things that they want to know. Not a book, but a constantly changing and magazine that is REAL.

Why not try to convince Cosmopolitan to makeover? Well, not so much makeover, but just refine some of the sections, and convince them that my article is something that people would want to read and should be a part of the magazine. As I am working, I am using some of my professional writing skills (yes, that class is helpful, but surprisingly hard and sometimes sooooo pointless) to propose this new idea to the editors of Cosmo in a way that I would be successful. I am working on a Prezi, but as a perfectionist, its coming along quite slowly. I’m sure, like my magazine I will lock myself away for two days and obsess over it. Just have to get into the grove!bc2c2aecb7bffafba346a237b4a721ae

Just trying to make Cosmo a little more classic  like it used to be!


So as for the blogging and portfolio pages go, I think the weebly and wordpress  pages might end up to be kind of a fun project. I love creating my own stuff with my hands like crafting or art, so this seems like it could be similar to that. Both wordpress and Weebly were my favorites; weebly in particular seems the most visually accessible to me, so I can see myself working with that one. My only concern is that I really don’t think I understand the whole html/coding/anything that has to do with multimedia only sort of deal.

I have no idea how to code or any of that because I forgot to pay attention in Java class in high school (I knew it would come back to bite me in the butt one day). I have the faintest memories of those classes in my math and science school, but I somehow managed to get out of that class completely unscathed; and also completely ignorant of the internet. I would like to think that being a creative person might lend me to some help with this, but as of now I am a little frustrated. Hopefully everything starts falling in to place.

Also, for those of you who are wondering why I couldn’t focus in my java classes, it was mostly because I am incapable of staying focused on most tasks, but also because my teacher was. well. here is the link to his website


I wish I could share a picture for the visual learners.



Starting a Blog

So last night I unfortunately didn’t begin any of my homework until around 1. Its pretty normal for me to do my homework at obscure times because I am usually working, or sleeping from working so late the night before. Last night, however, I was so caught up in creating my own blog that I lost all track of time.

I started going through tons of different student’s portfolio’s and writing down what I liked and what I thought didn’t really work. I think I am finally catching onto this blogging sensation. I know these aren’t blogs, but this idea of sharing personal information on the internet is somewhat foreign to me. I think this assignment and this class in general are really starting to turn me onto the idea.

I also started looking at the blog http://thebucketlistblog.org/ and was completely inspired. I really love this idea and even though he is not part of the writing cohort, I would love to add a bucket list like this to my portfolio. I have kept a list like his for as long as I can remember and I think it really reveals something about me that I would want others to see.

Just some thoughts!

Re-purposing project thoughts

So as I get into this semester a little more, I feel like I am at the brink of actually knowing what I want to do with my  life.  Combined with this class, my history class, and my plans to study abroad next semester, I feel I am headed in some kind of direction at this point. I have found that I am really interested in travel and despite my recent urges to push that aside as a hobby, I have realized that I want it to be much more than that for me. What I really love to do is inspire and I hope with my re-purposing piece that I am able to offer some kind of inspiration to my desired audience.

I think some of my best ideas happen when I am restlessly awake at 3 am after work or just another night when I have a lot on my mind. It is these times that I can see things a little more clearly and even as I am writing this, I find myself chalk full of inspiration. It was last night that my re-purposing project really struck me. I have always been a helpless romantic. I tell my friends often that I am disgusted by the thought of Romance, dates, flowers, and flattery in general. This is probably why I leave all my romantic thoughts to reading, so others don’t know how much I truly love it. The story of Tristan and Iseult, Cleopatra and Atony, Romeo and Juliet- they have all been love affairs that have deeply resonated with me. To me the great romances of time are these fantastic stories of true bliss.

For my re-purposing article, I wanted to push myself a little and try to write a human interest piece for a magazine. I have never written for a student publication before, so this is quite out of my element. I am hoping to have a few friends read the final piece to see if they would actually be interested in it if found in Cosmo or some other young  women’s magazine.

Authority: Penrose and Geisler

Some key points I could pick out from the article all related back to the idea of authority in writing-hence the title.

What I really found interesting was the authors point on insiders and outsiders writing a paper. I thought this was the main point in exploring how to effectively research and communicate an argument for a writer. In terms of  Janet’s writing versus Roger’s, the most important difference they mentioned was that Janet was writing from an outside point of view- observing the idea of paternalism- and Roger was exploring his own ideas by fighting and questioning his own ideas on the topic.

Another point I found interesting and important was the idea of thought process of the writer. I really thought this study showed so interesting and important step in the writing process. When they spoke about Janet’s thought process on the tape recorder, it really struck me how much she seemed to cover up her thought process in her paper by emitting this back and forth that she went with herself in order to agree or disagree with the two contrasting ideas. Roger, in his more in depth and insider thinking, was able to use his disagreement and confusion about the true definition and morality of paternalism. He did not blindly agree with anyone but used specific evidence to back up his own argument.

With this idea, the article addressed the importance of evidence and the facts in research. Both of the writers used research to verify their points, but Janet used hers more as a means to verify the facts. Her essay derived mostly from the idea that facts were absolute and that each case study she mentioned served solely to verify that the statement and arguments of other authors was valid. She doesn’t even go into detail on these case studies and provides over 20 of them. Roger, in contrast, used far less case studies and took great deal to describe how each one applied to his own ideas on paternalism.

For me, this piece really resonated with me, because I often have trouble with research papers and allowing myself to give myself a voice behind other author’s research. This is also particularly helpful for me when I begin my research papers for my history classes. I found the idea of quality and not quantity in sources makes a huge difference to the reader and can strengthen your argument. What I also really liked was the advice for people that might not be a doctor in a field to believe that there was an  opportunity for a new authority and new interpretation; you must believe that you can make an impact and people will believe you if you want to write a paper like this.