A few conversation starters, incase we’re ever in an uncomfortable situation:

-I love basketball. Specifically, Michigan basketball. Especially when they’re the number one team in the nation. I think Trey Burke will win POY, I think we will win the Big Ten championship and if Tim Hardaway stays consistent, I think we have a legitimate shot at that “One Shining Moment.”

-I have an extensive journalism background and seriously considered it as a career for quite some time. Catch me on a day where I’m in Ross or Org Studies class and I’ve had to read ANOTHER case study and I will admit to you that sometimes I wonder if I’ve made the right decision.

-I have a wide appreciation for many different types of music. Alternative, rap, instrumental, indie, hip-hop, electronic, etc. However, I ABSOLUTELY HATE COUNTRY MUSIC. It physically pains me to listen to country. UberFacts tweeted the other day: “Social psychologists have found that the more a city’s radio station plays country music, the higher the suicide rate becomes.” Makes complete sense to me.

-Speaking of Twitter, I love it. Follow me at @cbedway..simply so that I will be able to follow you. I think you can learn a lot about a person from their Twitter account and I enjoy hearing the diverse perspectives, awkward situations and general complaints that my peers have.

-I absolutely love the city of Detroit. I am proud to be from the metro-Detroit area and even more proud to be a part of a family that has owned a business in the city for the last 50 years—through it all. I know there’s a lot of opinions out there and it’s hard to know what to think, but I am here to tell you all that Detroit is on the rise again. Laugh, scoff, I don’t care. This is serious. In as little as 5 years Detroit is going to look so different. And in 50 years, when Detroit’s is no longer seen as a work in progress but simply one of the great American cities and the entire city is named after Dan Gilbert, you can remember this post.

Something Over My Head


Okay, so you have to hit the next button a few times to understand where I’m coming from, but most poetry (especially poetry with so few words) tends to go over my head. I respect poetry, but I secretly hate it at times. I think this comes from the lack of understanding. It’s embarrassing that I am so passionate about writing and struggle so much to understand the meaning of many poems, but I’ve learned to accept it. I actually tried writing poetry for a bit during middle school because every single teenager attempts to release their angst in this fashion, but it just made me angry. I knew what I wanted to say and how I felt but I couldn’t think of a rhyming word or a line that was the right length. I felt like I was losing all of my ideas. So I just started writing them down as if I was having a conversation with someone. So in a weird way the poetry that goes over my head made me the writer that I am today. But back to the assignment, short poems like this always seem to go over my head.