Welcome to The World E-Portfolio

Wow, the time has finally come to present my E-Portfolio to the world. When I started my portfolio, I had the traditional setup that solely listed a Home Page, Bio, my Capstone Project, and my Evolution Essay. However, after analyzing my portfolio, I decided to mix it up.

Instead of having a traditional E-Portfolio, I decided to start a blog that correlates with my Vegan Instagram. On the blog, I share various recipes for affordable plant-based meals. I also have a “College” section that shares my work from the Minor In Writing. Instead of using this portfolio for just the Capstone Project, I plan to use it as a daily blog and share it with my Instagram followers.

I am excited and ready to share my website with my Instagram community. A few people have asked for my recipes, and now the site will provide an easy place for everyone to access them. I hope that people will subscribe to my blog, cook my recipes, and share if they liked the food. I also look forward to people offering substitutions that make my meals more allergy friendly.

Please check out my site at www.sweetenedcoco.wix.com/site and let me know what you think!

Spring Break Is Upon Us!

OMG Spring Break is less than 10 days away! My friends are planning what types of bathing suits to bring to some gorgeous Caribbean Island or what to do at Mardi Gras. For me, I am deciding if I can have the first draft of my Capstone project complete by next Friday. What do you think?

Throughout this semester, I have felt very proactive in completing my Capstone Project. My goal was to have the first draft (which is due the week we return from Spring Break) done before break. Everything is going as planned, however I am unsure if I want to part with my project. I feel that another week of Instagram posts and revisions will allow me to produce the best draft project I can. For this reason, I have decided to continue posting everyday during break and revise my project if I desire. I will still have everything complete by next Friday, yet I will allow myself to make changes if I desire. What to you guys think about this decision? Am I crazy in love with my project?

I hope you guys have a great Spring Break! I can not wait to read the posts when everyone returns.

The Mystery Behind Instagram Followers

My capstone project is off to a great start. I decided to create a Vegan Instagram profile that focuses on affordable and sustainable eating. Since I launched my profile a few weeks ago, I have gathered a lot of followers. However, most of my followers are not interested in my message. Did I fail at creating an online profile? Or are followers just not interested in my message, but just seeking other followers?

For a while, I contemplated this question. Random people would comment on my posts with links to irrelevant information. Also, some followers have been very help and provide real, true feedback. What is the difference? How can I detect a good follower?

In order to analyze this question, I started reviewing other (more famous) food profiles to see what people comment. I observed that comments vary. Some are really helpful, and other are irrelevant. Due to this, I have decided to stop worrying about other followers, and focus on being the best follower I can be. I have been commenting and liking posts that support my message. This has been a great success! I have been able to connect with profiles that has similar messages, and found inspirations for new recipes. Thus, I am excited to see where my social media identity takes me!

Grad School?

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Today, I must decide if I will attend grad school in the fall or join the workforce. Come on, why must I decide? I can barely decide what to eat for dinner let alone my future.

Since sophomore year, I had planned to take a year or two off break from education and then attend grad school. Thus, I accepted a full-time position at a company starting immediately after graduation. This was my plan until I randomly got accepted to grad school…

Last semester, I got one of those “you must apply” to our program emails, and I fell for it. I clicked on the linked and was like “oh ya I should apply.” Meeting none of the qualifications, I submitted an application. A few weeks later I was accepted.

So, I told my family that first I applied and that got in. Instantly, my mother was like “OMG that is amazing! You must go!” Controversially, my father was like “do not go, go work for a year, save some money, and then go to grad school. ” Ugh, mom and dad why can’t you guys give me the same advice? Just like all responsible young adults, I was like ehh whatever I have plenty of time to decide so I put off making the decision. Well, that is not the case anymore. Today, I must decide. I have no idea what to do. So instead, I write. I am write my thoughts to a community I cherish. Hoping that writing will give me some inspiration. Hoping that an answer will magically appear. Please Sweetland blog, give me some advice.

Unfortunately, the Sweetland blog has not magically told me the truth. So instead, I am going to go for a run and eat some food. Maybe, hopefully I will decide by midnight…

Hello! I am back!

Hello Writing Community! My name is Chloe, and I am a senior at U of M. Wow, that is weird to think about… and it is even weirder that this my last semester… and these are the last four months that I will most likely ever live in Michigan. But no worries, I plan to return for many game day weekends (shoutout to my little brother… hopefully, he has an extra couch I can sleep on).

Throughout my time at Michigan, I have been involved in many different writing communities. However, the most specific transformation occurred last year. At this time, I began the Minor in Writing and started taking upper level courses. In the Gateway course, I felt that I had freedom to express my thoughts and feelings. I had the ability to expand my writing abilities. This was exciting. Controversially, my major, Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience (BCN), requires very specific, scientific work in APA style. My method of writing was restricted, and I no longer had the freedom to write as I prefer.

In the beginning, I struggled with the transition. I was unable to produce quality work in APA style. I was use to freely expressing my thoughts without barriers. However, over time, I was able to write efficiently in APA style. This transition was difficult, but very beneficial. I learned how to limit my thoughts in order to express precise and exact statements. I learned how to cater my writing to different communities.

In order to succeed in one writing community, I needed alter my writing from another. I am thankful for this experience because I have learned how to tailor my writing to the desired requirements. I believe that belonging to different writing communities enhanced my skills.



Shoutout To MY EPortfolio!

Welcome to the world my dearest EPortfolio (http://chlohard.wix.com/gatewayeportfolio)! I am so excited to sharScreen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.34.05 PMe you with the Minor In Writing community! My biggest hope is that you will someday inspire a new Gateway student.

Over on another note, I can not believe that this course is over. I am sad to see it go, yet thankful for the memories created. I have learned more than ever expected. It is interesting how this occurred because I never felt lost or overwhelmed. I now understand that this course is designed to be a gradual process that allows students to learn not only about writing but themselves. This course was incredible experience that I wish every student at Michigan could encounter. For now I say goodbye, but no worries I will be back soon.

Much love Gateway, much love.

Happy New Year!

It took me awhile to write this post. I could not think of a metaphor to express how great this class is. I wanted to find a way to voice to all newbies how important this class can be if you embrace it. If you are crazy enough to test the waters of a class with no boundaries. So here is my metaphor…


Every year, no matter where you are in the world, a new year begins and we all celebrate. New Years Eve is not only a time to celebrate one’s accomplishments and be thankful for the past. But, a chance to refresh and restart. A moment to become a new you. As if everything from the past year is gone and it is time to create another year of memories.

At this point, you probably see absolutely no connection between New Years Eve and the beginning of the gateway course. But all I can say is that you will. This this course is the breath of fresh air within your academic career. The beginning (or rather New Year) of memories that you are about to form. It is class where stress, grades, and competition do not matter. It a one of a kind course that will challenge you to be the best writer, individual, and person you can be. You are inspired by 18 of the most brilliant minds to be your best self. Use this motivation to be the best writer, student, and indiviudal you can be!

Welcome to a community that will revolutionize your thinking, make you feel smart, and show you how wonderful learning can truly be. This class is your academic breath of fresh air! I wish the absolute best of luck and please reach out to me anytime with questions. Much love- Chloe


iMovie Or Rocket Science?

imgresAs the title may portray, I have been having some problems with iMovie. So far the most difficult part of Project III has been putting the movie clips together. It is most likely my computer because it took over twenty-five minutes for one scene to download.This is crazy when there are sixteen minutes of video!

Good news now though! The two step-by-step software videos have been upload to my EPortflio! I am really excited for the workshop tomorrow. I feel that I have been staring at my own portfolio for numerous hours and that it will not improve until I step away. I feel that my peers opinions are the best thing that can happen right now!



Come On… Keeping Pressing My Pet Peeve Buttons… I Dare Ya

OMG why do I have a grudge against all typos, spelling mistakes, and contractions. It as if one little mistake will impair my entire future. For this reason, this is my second attempt at the Most Dangerous Writing App. This first one was for ten minutes and I lost half way through. Hopefully, I can make it five minutes this time. Ugh everything keeps disappearing because I am trying to fix my spelling mistakes. This app is emphasizing my pet peeves!

UGH I just need to focusing on free writing rather than grammar. I am a grammar perfectionist! I wish this was not the case. It would be so much better for me to be able to write my thoughts out instead of always going back and editing things. For this reason, the Most Dangerous Writing App is probably really good for me even though I strongly dislike it. The app forces me to keep writing, and keep writing, and keep writing.

I have no idea why these are my pet peeves. Unfortunately, I struggle to read anything without correcting simple grammar errors. I always get stuck fixing errors than analyzing the entire meaning of a passage.

In high school, my friends would call me the “grandma texter” because I always had to write everything out. A text like “Where r u?” drives me nuts. Eww I feel weird even writing the example out. Okay, well I just need to keep moving on or else my screen will fade.

Only twenty seconds left! Then, I can go back and fix my mistakes! I can not wait for the screen to be error free! Or maybe I should leave the mistakes and press my pet peeve buttons…

“Marley & Me” 2.0: “Ralph & Me”

What animal am I? Well, at first I was pretty reluctant to admit it, but I am my yellow lab, Ralph. Or rather my dog and I are the same person. We look alike (well we use to), are a little spastic, and enjoy long walks on the beach.

In regards to looking alike, a few weeks ago I died my hair so that I would no longer IMG_6754resemble my dog (only one of a multiple reasons). People kept saying “OMG you are that person who looks exactly like their dog” and I would respond “Oh great thanks.” So after hearing this one too many times I died my hair dark brown in order to no longer match Ralph.

Okay so this post is very jumbled and I am not sure where my thoughts are taking me so I am continuing to write before I loose everything. Everything is fading! Ugh backspace just makes everything disappear.IMG_6706

Alright so back to Ralph, he is cute, cuddly, and 99.9% of the time he is getting into trouble. For example, last week he chewed a big whole in the bedspread, during the middle of the night, while I was sleeping and then threw up the bedspread on the bed. It was gross! Ironically, the funny thing is that since we are the same creature, I am always getting in trouble too. But, I don’t chew the bed and throw it up.

I really hope I am not Ralph… Please do not be Ralph…. Oh goodness I am Ralph.