Capstone Project

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy! Even int he midst of all of this, it’s crazy to think than an entire semester has gone by (in some form or another) since starting this course. Due to the current situation, I was not able to get an expert interview in time. Nevertheless, I was able to rely on online sources and peer interviews form my research.

For my capstone project, I decided to explore the skepticism often associated with the Zodiac. I set out to investigate why skepticism of the zodiac exists, what caused it, and what drives people to believe — or disbelieve — in the entire system. Being that astronomy has always been extremely interesting to me, this was a really interesting project for me to embark on. With everyone’s feedback in mind, I hope I created what is an informative, intriguing, and aesthetically pleasing site.

Thank you all for a great semester! Stay safe, and congratulations on graduating!



Stage 1 Cycle 1

For my origin piece, I chose a cultural critique I wrote for my first year writing class (English 125). In this piece, I discussed the lack of respect, in comparison to the rest of the world, that Americans hold for our elderly. More specifically, I delved deeper into the inherent fear we have towards displaying age, commonly seen in several plastic surgeries and procedures meant to mitigate the effects of aging.

My paper focused a lot on a comparison between American sentiment towards the elderly in relation to that of other countries; now I would like to dig deeper into the semi-recent boom in the plastic surgery industry, and the true addiction some people have for these types of procedures. In order to do this, I would like to create a short story from the perspective of a character who is addicted to plastic surgery.

According to the article, “Learn How to Write a Short Story,” writers should focus on using few characters and sticking to one single point of view. The article also points out that by limiting the number of characters, sticking to one perspective becomes increasingly easier. Moreover, the author of the article states that the writer of a short story should strive to limit the time frame of the story, and be selective in the details he or she includes. Because short stories are so short, every word counts and must hold significant meaning.

The article, “How to Write a Short Story From Start to Finish,” tells its readers that the heart of a good short story lies in the first line. According to the article, the first line of a short story should be “Perfect,” and immediately draw the reader in. Some tips they give for having a perfect first line include:

  1. Invite the reader to the scene
  2. Surprise the reader
  3. Establish a voice
  4. Be clear
  5. Tell the entirety of a story in a single sentence writes that a great short story is heavily dependent on having a good plot. IN order to ensure your story has a great plot, this website encourages the use of crises, conflict, and an effective resolution. Additionally, when composing the story’s plot, the writer should have a general message in mind. These messages could resemble those such as: “Honesty is the best policy,” or “The Victory of virtue over vice.” By having meaningful messages in mind, the writer has a sense of guidance as to where the story should go, and can therefore more easily draw up a successful plot line with a lasting effect.


Hi, Im Nikki (?)

Hey guys I’m Nikki. Wait no… I’m Dominique.

Ever since I can remember, there has been a constant source of doubt in my life, rooted in something that should be so certain: my name. My full name, given to me at birth, is Dominique, yet for some reason my parents decided to make my nick name ‘Nikki.’ Every first day of school during my childhood, I would dread the moment when my teacher would look down at the class roster and call out Dominique, at which point I would recite the pre-rehearsed line: “Im Dominique, but you can call me Nikki!”

Fast forward to now, I am constantly faced with this dilemma. As a current recruit for a job in the business world, I am always sending out my resume and attending networking events; only now, instead of my biggest problem being the recitation of the dreaded line on the first day of school, it is the fact that my resume says Dominique, my name tag says Nikki, and I can never keep track of who knows me by what name. Funny, I know exactly what I want to do when Im older, exactly what classes I want to take for the rest of college, yet I am still figuring out the most simple thing: my name.