[Pika!] Break…Or Is It?

I am still getting accustomed to the concept of college break’s not actually being breaks.  In high school, breaks were a time for pure relaxation. Doing school work was completely out of the question!  While I am extremely excited for Thanksgiving break to begin, I am also brought to the realization that this will not be my ideal “break.” It will probably evolve countless hours in my local library. But hey, it will probably be empty!

It just occurred to me how little time there is in the remainder of the semester once we return from Thanksgiving break. With only about three weeks left in the semester, my weeks will be full of studying and writing final papers.  I am doing my best to try and get as much done as I can, but I constantly find that something more “important” takes priority.  How do you handle this cyclical cycle of stress? I really do not want to hold off on all of my end of semester work, but at the same time I am struggling to find any time to complete it before hand. There really are not enough hours in the day…

[Pika!] Dream Class

Our class discussions have got me thinking about how different my college experience would be if I just focused on learning, and was less concerned with my grades and graduation requirements.  As “backpacking” has just recently begun, I feel the weight on my back (literally) to choose classes that fulfill requirements.  While browsing the course guide, many classes have caught my eye, but I have disregarded them because they don’t fulfill a specific purpose.

Recently, I have begun to think about the way that I determine purpose. For example, this semester I am in a mediation class that does not fulfill any LSA credit or requirement.  However, I have developed skills in this class that have proven to be more beneficial in my life than those of the “practical” classes.  What do we loose by missing out on classes like this? I am curious to know what classes you would really like to take but haven’t due to this very reason.

When looking back at my college experience, I do not want to be filled with regret of things I could have done/learned.  I am going to try to save one class per semester that pertains to my actual interests or passions, instead of getting so caught up in the requirements.

5 things we learned from the presidential debate

In my search for an article that I believe did a good job of characterizing the debate the most accurately, I found one written by Peter Hamby, Mark Preston and Paul Steinhauser for CNN the most fitting. The writing style and tone of the article was straight and to the point, and began with flat out saying that Mitt Romney was the clear winner of the debate.

The article proceeded with 5 key points of learning from the debate, which were not bogged down with facts and statistics.  Instead, the article took notice of body language and behavior. The article states that “Sometimes how a candidate looks is more important than what he says.” I thought this was an extremely interesting point, but it also questioned the morality of the debate in general.  If we are so focused on how the debaters look and we are missing key information that they are saying, what are we actually gaining from these debates?

Check out the article here: http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/04/politics/debate-5-things-learned/index.html