Surprise! There’s More

Working on my remediation project, an anonymous twitter, I have realized there is a lot more that goes into being an anon account than I thought. A LOT. Here I am thinking I’ll tweet everyday and tell people about my experience and advice when I forgot to think about one very important thing: what people?

I’ve been making a serious plug to follow more people and get more followers. I’m still working on it, but I realized that I have these engrained social norms for twitter that I gained through my personal account and they’re hard to break out of. For example, on my personal account I don’t like to follow more people than follow me. However on a rising anon account, that’s the way you have to get more followers. Similarly, I don’t like to follow people that I wouldn’t have a conversation with. Definitely not the case here.

Another element that I came across was that I am not just Young Professional on twitter. The other technologies that I use have to be under the same persona. For example, I use Polyvore a lot on my twitter to show fashion and beauty options. I originally was just using my personal polyvore account, but then I realized the links I was posting went back to an account that was inconsistent. So I had to create a Young Professional Polyvore account as well.

It’s been an interesting ride!


Tweet Tweet! Hey You!

For my remediation project, I am making a twitter. It’s called Young Professional and focuses on advice in all areas of being a 20something in the professional world. It’s all pretty interesting stuff and I retweet a lot of very helpful articles for people our age/looking for jobs!

To the point, it’d be really great if you guys could follow my twitter! I’m looking to get more follows and more integrated in the twitter community!

Help me out if you like 🙂 Or just check it out! I’ll me adding more.


Young Professional

Making it Webby

I decided to apply the tech challenge to take a piece of writing and turn it into web writing and apply it to my portfolio–kill two birds with one stone, right?

I have a lot of long pieces that I will be including in my portfolio. Some of which are 15 pages of text in word. Booooring. But, I wanted to include them in a way that would be more than just a blob of text.

Many sites only show the first bit of a story and include links or next buttons that you press to read more. I decided to take on this idea and create multiple pages for a story to be on and hide them from the navigation menu. So at the bottom of a section of text I created a button that says “read more” linking to another page with a section of text. Each story has about three pages, so there aren’t too many but it is broken up pretty well. This is what it looks like:



I think that this helps out the readability of my pieces on the website a lot and I am looking for more ways to make my writing more “webby”.

Introducing My Portfolio (kind of)

My portfolio is going to be showcasing the work that I am most proud of. I originally planned on doing personal, professional and academic work, however as I’ve been working on it I think a new organization is necessary. I have mostly academic work and a little professional work that I would want to be showing other people. While I think it’s important other people see my personal side, I think that will come out in some of my pieces and my reflections enough. I’ll be showing my press releases and articles that I wrote for my Public Relations internship at Covenant Healthcare, as well as pieces from our writing class and some previous writing classes that I have taken here at the University of Michigan.

I am really excited about the artifacts I have chosen to portray and the potential that this site will have. I hope to make it something that will be useful in my future. Therefore, I will be able to show it to future employers or people I want to inform about myself as a writer. I’m excited about how I will be portrayed through my portfolio. However, I am struggling with finding ways to make it interesting. While my pieces of writing are interesting to me or my professors, I’m not sure anyone else really cares about them. Also, I want my website to have new and innovative features to show my interest in technology and the site, meaning I’m not just putting up my artifacts to be read–the site is a piece as a whole. Hopefully I will get some feedback in class on things that are working well or not for my pieces.


Here is a link to my working portfolio if you’d like to check it out (don’t judge me, it’s a work in progress):


P.S. I haven’t done my home/about page yet. Sorry for the confusion


Twitter Style

For my remediation project, I’m working on creating a successful, anonymous advice twitter. In the beginning, I thought that all it would take was for me to tweet a lot about a certain topic. After researching advice for twitters in class today, I have realized that the style or vibe that I give off in my twitter is something of importance.

Community. It’s a word you don’t often think about when typing on a keyboard to a cold screen. However, being active in the community your twitter applies to is an important factor in being an advice/anonymous twitter. Nobody wants to read what you have to say all of the time.

So while I have worked on my own content, today I have worked on my interaction with other twitters as well. I’ve followed twitters that are for fashion, writing, business, advice and recently found a few that are aimed towards  young professionals. Most of the young professional twitters I found are area specific and more about a certain job type or city, but I think they will be great to connect with.

So while my design challenge isn’t exactly like everyone else’s, I’ve challenged myself to do research and learn how to be a successful twitter. The main goal I have is to be an extrovert online, seems contradictory huh? But I’ve learned its important to be interactive with the community so I’m going to challenge myself to change my style in that way.


Here’s the link to the site where I got most of my advice:

Lorna Goodison- How I Write

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the Sweetland Center for Writing’s How I Write serious featuring Lorna Goodison. The audience was treated to the author’s reading of her own poetry from her most recent book and answering of some questions from the audience.

Lorna is Jamaican, which caused for an interesting reading as her accent added flavor to her poems spoken aloud. On the same note, she talked about many different places and cultures across the world. The entire reading felt like an exotic experience, not only inspiring me to write about the places I go, but making me feel as if I had been the places she talked about.

It seemed that she wrote about many things that simply interested her, mostly items that came from her heritage. She wrote about Africans or Christopher Columbus, as a kind of homage for what her history has done for her now.

This reading was a great experience and I’d be interested to see how other authors come off in the same context

My First Storyboard

My First Storyboard

For my remediating project, I plan on taking the advice and information I have learned through my repurposing project ( a magazine spread on being a young professional) and turning it into an anonymous advice twitter. I have experience many of these as an avid twitter user and find them a successful medium for getting information across to girls of my age.

Creating a storyboard for this kind of project is a little bit difficult. Twitters don’t exactly tell a story, rather a string of 140 character blurbs that all apply to the same topic. Argues about our generations communication skills, please hold until the end. But I thought it would be a good idea to storyboard my story in creating this twitter. So I set out to create each step that I would take.

1) Create a “brand” – a clear idea of what the twitter should be, what it should tweet about, who would follow it, who would the twitter follow.

– this step also includes making the brand logo, the “Y.P.” thumbnail that I have drawn is the logo I use in the twitter as my twitpic

2) Create the Twitter: this includes creating the twitpic, creating a background that exemplifies the twitter persona, a description for potential followers to read, etc.

3) Follow other twitters: lots of research and keyword searching!

4) Create specific relevant tweets: from my repurposing article, including pictures as example as well as linking to other relevant articles

5) Gain followers: follow other twitters, retweet popular twitters, hashtag and link to popular, relevant ideas

6) Keep it up! : being consistent and following up on the idea is most important. Tweet well and tweet often.

While, creating a story board doesn’t have much to do with technology, as it only took a piece of paper and some colored pens, this project felt similar to a tech challenge to me. This was a new form or medium for a project than I had ever used before. I hope I did it right!




Challenging Technology

For my remediating project, I am creating an advice twitter account for young, 20 year olds entering the professional world. As a young 20 year old myself, I’m a pretty avid tweeter. I know the ins and outs of the site pretty well. So it’s a little difficult for me to challenge myself in this area. But what has become challenging is changing my image on twitter from a personal to a professional one.

Rather than having a silly background pictured tiled for my design like I do in my personal account, professional twitters have to look put together, with a serious background that is eye catching. Rather than having a selfie as my thumbnail, professional twitters have to have something as their picture that will show what they are right off the bat. My tech challenge was how to create these elements for myself.


I created this image at, an easy to use sight to create professional looking text logos or images. The hard part comes when you try to use that image in practical use. I made about 20 of these images, each in different sizes, trying to get them to fit in the background of my twitter page. I may be doing this in the completely wrong and extended way, but I figured it out.

This project has made me realize that while I find myself to be fairly knowledgable in technology, just from my day to day uses, there is so much more I can learn about these technologies by taking them at different angles.


National Writing Day Fun

2013-10-18 14.38.54

Last friday was National Writing Day! What a fun day for the Sweetland Center. After years of writing on my own and trying to make writing more prevalent in my English Major, I was very ecstatic to be a part of a community that was all about writing, and celebrating it!

I came to the diag and saw a few people I knew working the booth with chalk and free food, as well as my Gateway teacher Naomi Silver. After talking about how amazing the minor in writing was for about 30 minutes I decided it was time to write.

The diag was covered with “Go Blue”s and “Michigan Wolverine”s that I decided I’d stick to a classic quote by Ernest Hemingway. No significance to the words, I just thought it was a fun quote to put down in chalk. I had a great time expressing myself and celebrating with fellow writing enthusiasts! I’m excited to get even more involved in the program.

E-Portfolio on the Brain

In light of recent discussions of our e-portfolio assignment, I’ve been battling myself in which direction I want to take with my e-portfolio.

As the culmination of my first semester in the Writing Minor, my e-portfolio should represent all I have learned and been inspired by. However, I have all of the ideas and vision in my mind, but bringing that into actuality seems to be the hurdle. Trying to create an aesthetically pleasing magazine article for my Repurposing Project has been trouble enough. So while I want to make an amazing website, with tricks and widgets that will blow my audience’s mind…I’m not so sure I have the option.

But maybe there’s a middle ground? Platforming my writing as the main focus, but spending the time to include interesting themes and options that are a little bit more out there. I definitely want to stray away from the normal listing of text. I guess I’ll have to find a web guru…or become one myself.