Portfolio Complete

I completed my e-portfolio! I am so proud and it looks so much better than I thought it would!


WordPress was a lot of fun to work with in the end and not that difficult. I do think that the WIX sites looked a lot better visually although, and if I were doing this project over I would have definitely used WIX. But I am still really proud of the portfolio that I now have finished.

I think my portfolio is visually appealing with a lot of photos of both me and my family which give a good balance of who I am as an individual and who my family is. This was the most difficult part because I did not want to simply have a portfolio that didn’t represent me at all and rather just showed how awesome my family was. In order to do this, I made a little bit lengthy front page with a lot of information about me so that the reader who get an idea right away about who I am as a person before they begin to read about my family.

My favorite part about the e-portfolio are the music links which are really special to me because I LOVE music. Music is my life and accompanies me throughout all my daily activities and incorporating music on my e-portfolio only seemed natural. I think the music will help the reader get a better idea of the portfolio and a better context overall.

I cannot wait to show my family, because I am so proud of the work I have completed and the growth I have achieved this semester through this course.


Kidada Brittany Malloy


My portfolio is going to highlight the connections between me and my family and how I define myself as an individual based off of the foundation that they have provided me with. My portfolio will be about how every piece I have written for the course this semester has revolved around the love hate relationship between me and my family and how the passions that I hold are largely due to their influence in my life.

I am excited to have a portfolio that is online and will represent my accomplishments as a student as well as my personal growth and achievements. I am excited to have something to look back on that will show how I have grown. I am also excited to have something that shows my connection to my parents and pays them respect. I am still struggling to figure out how I am independent of my family, like really truly independent and not just physically separate from them, but emotionally and mentally. The biggest fear I have is that even by me completing this portfolio which shows how great an influence my parents remain in my life as I am away at university, that I am showing how I truly am not independent of them and their hold over me and that I still have a lot of growth and maturing to complete. I fear that by me focusing more attention on my family that is proves more that I still need to grow individually.


When I look over at the work I have completed so far for the Minor in Writing Gateway course, every assignment revolved around my parents in some way or another. The first assignment I wrote which discussed my passion for writing, described how my parents heavily influenced both my desire to write as well as the style that I write in. The second and third assignments were both homages to my father’s hometown, one written document and another digital project. If someone who did not know me were to look over all the assignments I had done, they would see that I greatly love and respect my family and maybe even miss them slightly because every assignment I produce has to do with them. And this is really just the oddest concept to me, because a lot of what I say about my family in friendly conversation is anything but admirable. I usually am complaining to my friends about how my family is not supportive of me and how they often have very little patience or time for me. I mean the entire reason why I moved from Los Angeles to Michigan for university was because I wanted to get away from my family because they were driving me crazy back home. I wanted to develop a life independent of them and formulate an opinion of myself and the world that is separate from their criticisms. Now that I am in Michigan, my family continues to force their negative and impatient opinions on me whenever we have the opportunity to talk on the phone. So it is weird to think that all of my assignments have revolved around them and in a way been a representation of how much I admire them even through the difficult and challenging relationship that we hold.

The Melodies of Our Days

“Default” – Django, Django

When I browsed through the popular WordPress blogs to find an interesting blog I connected with, I was mildy impressed. Well, they just didn’t appeal to me is probably what I should say, because all the WordPress blogs were so full of stories, essays, and really just too many words in general. Don’t get me wrong the blogs were hillarious, they just didn’t keep my interest.

The blogs that appeal to me are the blogs which feature different art mediums such as photography, music, and videos. Melodaze is a great representation of an appealing tumbler blog that I follow that features underground, hard to find music. The format of Melodaze posts typically include a song link or a video link of a band song followed by a brief 1-5 sentence description of the link. This is where I discovered the band featured in the video above. The Sartorialist is another blog that uses the blogspot platform and features photographs of stylish people from all around the globe. The photographs below were both be found on the Sartorialist blog. The Sartorialist blog typically post 1-2 photographs a day, and descriptions are rarely provided. It’s simply image after image after image. Both of these blogs are easy to read and creative and maintain my interest and that is why these blogs appeal to me.



The Sartorialist


The Sartorialist is my favorite fashion blog to visit on a regular basis. I first heard about the “Sartorialist” blog through a NY Times article, which praised fashion photographer Scott Schumann for creating the popular blog which has won numerous praise from prominent fashion critics. Schumann has been a successful fashion photographer for decades with his work being featured in a magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Interview, and has created fashion campaigns for some of the hottest names around such as Gap, Crate and Barrel, and Burberry. After quitting his job in 2005, Schumann began walking around the city sidewalks in New York City with his camera taking photos everywhere he went. Schumann began posting these photos on his blog and quickly began to attract the attention of fashion admirers.

Some of his subjects includes famous models, fashion photographers, musicians, or other celebrities but most of the photos are of regular people.  All the photos have this causal essence, as if Schumann just ran into someone in the middle of the sidewalk and simply asked for a photograph. This is what I love about the Sartorialist and why it is such an inspirational fashion blog for me, because I feel it is easy to connect to the fashion through his photographs which seem so effortless and simple both artistically and fashionably. When I look through Schumann’s blog I always get inspired and think that it would be so simple to recreate the looks his models present – and that’s what fashion is about right? Style choices that are attainable and pleasing to the eye. Schumann achieves this perfectly and is why his blog has remained relevant for so long. 


Writing Strategy

Most of my writing up until high school did not require much strategy. In high school I was forced to draft outlines and turn them along with my final essays. Sometimes if a teacher really motivated me with an engaging essay topic, I would additionally write maybe one draft essay that was more than an outline and closer to the final version of the essay. It was not until I started speech and debate team and saw how public speaking required an outline written prior in order to logically present an idea. Writing academically is very similar to the structure taught in speech and debate, and as a result it had influenced my writing strategies and my use of outlines. This is what my strategy is if I am writing academically, however if I am writing more freely in a creative manner than I have a different strategy completely. When writing creatively I have the strategy of writing down my thoughts. When doing this I like to have a endless streaming flow of thoughts translate into pen and paper by rapidly writing down every single thing I am thinking and realizing. This is a strategy I have adopted since I was young because this has been the best way for me to express my emotions. It feels cathartic and more genuine if I honestly and openly write the all of the thoughts in my head and do not censor or edit them as they come. This is another strategy that helps me in my writing Penguins

Repurpose and Old Essay

The paper that I am choosing to repurpose is an essay that I wrote in a community college class that I took which required me to interview my father. The class was for African American Studies and it required that I interview someone in my family and tie that individual’s history into the larger contextual history that we learn about in the class. It was a fun assignment and I loved seeing how my father’s family history really did reflect themes similar to the larger societal historical events. I really enjoyed writing this paper but thought that it would be a good one to repurpose because my father has told me to so much about his family’s history since I wrote this paper. In essence I have so much more research to add to this essay today than when I wrote it 3 years ago. I was thinking of writing it in a form that isn’t an essay but as if it were in a more common and easy to understand form such as play or a TV show script. That way I felt like it would be able to reach the youth in my family all the way to the adults and be a way to preserve the family history in a format that was suitable for all ages and education level.

Why I Write?

As a 25 year old single individual, the reason why I do anything is because it brings be some sort of personal benefit. Personal writing has benefited my life in the sense that it allows me to organize the thoughts in my head, analyze my feelings and impressions, and make new discoveries about me and the world around me. This is what I have enjoyed most about writing, and the reason why I am so excited to be in the writing minor program at UM. Beyond explaining an academic idea, writing has the power to transform individuals lives by creating a space where people are free to delve deep into and come to fully understand a new way of thinking about a topic. There are many other reasons why I write, but for me the personal, analytical, explorative writing is what has been most significant in my life so far.



Why Do I Write?

Before reading George Orwell’s and John Didion’s “Why I Write”, I had never questioned my motivations for choosing to write. Often I am writing in order to fulfill a class required assignment which I would never have been writing if it weren’t for the assignment. Sometimes I write out of boredom and because I have nothing better to do, but this rarely happens since I am regularly preoccupied with work, school, and extra curricular activities. There are sometimes when I write because I am trying to clarify something in my head and I am writing simply to get ideas out of my head and onto paper in a logical manner. Even more rare are the times when I write for pleasure simply because I feel passionate about expressing an idea that I have or expressing an idea that I find interesting. I often feel apprehensive to write because I feel as though I will not be able to thoroughly describe what I am trying to explain and instead become more frustrated in the process. That is partly the reason for taking this course, because I want to learn how to more accurately and efficiently express myself in writing, because I feel that is a useful skill to have.

I related to George Orwell’s belief regarding the motives that encourage writers to write. The idea that writers write simply to fulfill their ego and use writing as a platform to express their hard held opinions and beliefs is a motive that I similarly hold. Writers “desire to seem clever, to be talked about, to be remembered after death…” (Orwell) and use writing as a way to convince the world that their words and ideas matter. This is often the case when I write and something that I want to work on. Didion echoes this claim in his essay in which he states that he also believes writers are writing as a way to gain public praise. The act of writing is inherently a selfish act in which the writer believes his opinion, thoughts, and ideas are worthy of being listened to and honored. “In many ways writing is the act of saying listen to me, see it my way, change your mind.” (Didion)

Through the course of this class I hope my writing style matures and instead of writing to receive personal praise, and instead learn to think, process, extract meaning, and explain thoroughly my thoughts and opinions and improve my overall writing style.



The blogs that I enjoy the most are the ones that provide me with a new insight into an area which I have not previously considered, and inspires me to think about an unknown subject in a new way. The beauty of the internet, is that individuals can easily connect to a myriad of different ideas, cultures, philosophies, opinions, and styles, which can offer a new enlightenment and understanding of life. This is why I frequently read the University of Michigan student-run art blog, “Arts Ink” where students post about topics relating to art events on and around campus. After I transferred to UM this past winter term, I began to regularly read the articles on “Arts Ink” as a way not only to discover the vast array of student organizations and events on campus, but also as a way to read about other students’ dilemmas and observations on campus and connect with my fellow classmates.

The most significant blog post that I read was titled “Two Words, Jackass: YOLO: “Vlogtrobber” and “Poetry” of Youtube” and introduces the internet’s newest star, Steve Rogenbuck, who is transforming and modernizing the poetry world. Roggenbuck, a native Michigander, can be described as a sort of modern “beatnick” who ignores all the rules of traditional poetry and instead relies on technology and freeform verse when writing poetry. Roggenbuck’s poetry centers around the impacts of internet culture and also utilizes the internet as primary medium for distributing his poetry, which is targeted and made accessible to the general public. At only 23 years young, Roggenbuck is changing the definitions of poetry and challenging social norms, which is definitely inspiring to me.

The original blog post in “Arts Ink” introduced me to Steve Roggennbuck by providing a brief introduction about the poet, and then a link to one of his most popular video poem, which was enough to get me absolutely hooked on his poetry style, his ideas, and his art. I hope through this blog post that you are intrigued enough by what I am talking about to click on the link below, which will redirect you to Roggenbuck’s most popular poem, and hopefully inspire you and your life the same way it inspired mine.

Make Something Beautiful Before You’re Dead