Helpful Interview

Ray sent me this interview that I believe will be helpful when writing out my interviews with my grandmothers. I really believe this will be helpful because both of my grandmothers are from the South. My maternal grandmother is from Mississippi and my paternal grandmother is from Tennessee. It is entitled “Hey Mama” by Kiese Laymon and discussing language and love in the South. I might model my interviews from this and turn it into a type of transcript. Still thinking about my creative options.

Project Journey

This Capstone project is taking some interesting twists and turns. Today I volunteered to have my incomplete family narrative go through a workshop. This narrative is about race relations, the impact slavery has on the African diaspora outside of Africa. Some people suggested I turn it into an embellished story about my history, but I do not want people to discount the Black American experience by thinking that this is just a story. I want people to realize that this is the reality of the experience of race relations in the United States and Black American’s are still trying to comes to terms with their identity because an entire was erased for their memory due to slavery. I also want to bring out the richness of our culture. When looking at Black American history people want to start with at slavery, but Black history did not begin with slavery, but in Africa. I am tracing my roots beyond slavery and want to share my findings so people can learn from my story.

Progress of my Capstone Project

I am enjoying the progression of my capstone project. I have been going through my research over the past three years and have a couple of “ah ha” moments. I am putting together narratives for the many pictures that I have of my family. Also, I am looking to do some oral history with the family. If any of you know anything about producing an oral history send it my way! (

Intent of this Capstone Project

I am excited to begin piecing together my capstone project that has already been an ongoing project of mine for approximately three years. I will be bringing together all of the information that I have attained over the past three years about my family’s genealogy and ancestry. Being Black in the United States and tracing my family tree is an extremely tedious task that many take for granted. The documents coming from West Africa through the slave trade, etc. are not the best. Also, due to miscegenation, many lines of my family are cut off because this was not seen as acceptable and I am trying to fill in these gaps. I am very excited to bring all of this information and present how I personally traced my family tree. Hopefully, this will inspire more people to find out where they came from!

This Paragraph I Wrote Is Horrible

Humanitarianism and human rights took on a new meaning in the 1990s. During this decade, many activists wanted to know what humanitarianism truly meant to them and the people of the third world. The difference between humanitarianism and human rights are human rights are the discourse of rights and humanitarianism is the discourse of needs. Humanitarianism is not a new concept, and it has been under scrutiny for many years. Barnett (2011) suggests that “humanitarianism” is concerned with meeting the needs of others by showing an act of kindness (p. 14).  Colonialism throughout the centuries can be seen as humanitarianism due to the white man’s burden. The white man went into other countries to “save” the people of color in these third-world countries. Internally, these European men thought they were doing the right thing because of their belief in Christianity. Essentially, the Europeans who went into these different countries believed it was their duty to help the “less fortunate,” but in actuality, they were attempting to make themselves feel better. They attempted to help people of color in the name of religion.

Higher Education Bubble

I watched a video called The Higher Education Bubble on YouTube:

This video discussed that many young college graduates are graduating with tons of loan debt. The problem with this is it may not even be worth it. Society is telling us to believe that accumulating loan debt is the only way to be successful in society because you are attaining a piece of paper noting that you are qualified. Also, may people would not want to marry an individual with a lot of debt. Higher education is a lot more expensive that what it used to be.