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In light of the discussion we just had in class on Monday, I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s getting a bit nervous about points adding up at the end of this semester. We’re more than 2/3 of the way through and I know I’m feeling like I’m a bit behind! I thought it might be a good idea to get together and think about more ways we can get points, and how to do so. If anybody has any ideas on things we can propose, or if you have already proposed something that you think is great, feel free to comment and let us know what it is!


In the meantime, look at this cute picture of a cat in a bowl of marshmallows. Still stressed? You’re welcome.


Happiness Improvement: Steps 1 & 2

As some of you may know, I’m doing my project on happiness, and using myself as a case study to see if you really can improve your happiness over time. In an effort to get this experiment moving, I’ve decided on two steps that I have already begun and see if they actually do improve my happiness. One of the first things I did to implement my study was to subscribe to “happy emails”. These emails send me a quote a day to “live by” for that day. It’s meant to be inspirational and start the day out right. So far, so good.

Secondly, I came across an article that I thought was really cool, and could probably really help me out with my case study:


This article emphasizes that you get the bad stuff out for the day out of the way right away, so that you can enjoy the rest of your day without stressing out about what you need to get done. I’ve decided I’m going to use this in several ways:

1. I’m going to workout in the morning before class instead of the afternoon/nightime

2. I’m going to get all my hw done for the day before I do anything “fun”

3. I’m going to take care of any “business”/errands that I need to get done for the day before doing anything leisurely.

I’m hoping that doing these things will help make my days more stress-free and happy!

Here’s to seeing how this works! I’ll keep you updated as I log my happiness and progress over the next month. 🙂

Self Claims & Project References

1. Hate making decisions

2. I enjoy being with people most of the time, but there are days when I really like to just be with myself.

3. I’m ambitious until I reach a goal, then I slow down to catch my breath, make a new goal, and get going again

4. I’m always in a hurry to get places and do things. I’m not really a stop and smell the roses kind of person—I need to work on this.

5. I’m forgetful with little things but never forget the big things that really matter.

6. I hate confrontation because I don’t like to hurt people

7. I’m a very trusting person, of those I’m close with and strangers.

8. I have a really hard time focusing on things for a period of time—this may be why I am always rushing to do the next thing

I think these claims definitely relate to my project, which aims to help others and myself understand happiness. I talk a lot about being in a rush and not taking the time to stop and realize how lucky I am and just be happy with what I have. I’m always trying to hit another goal or accomplish something else. I don’t ever give myself the time to reap the benefits of my hard work. I’m hoping that through these resources, I can accomplish my goal of understanding happiness a little bit more 🙂


1. Scholarly articles about happiness

2. Self-improvement happiness “challenges”

3. Social media articles

4. Facts from ppts that I’ve heard in class

5. Internet articles about happiness (non scholarly)

6. Blog posts about happiness

7. Charts/data about my own case study

8. Notes from my Interview with my psychology professor

9. Books about happiness

10. Movies that talk about happiness (the pursuit of happiness etc)

11. Documentaries about happiness

What makes me “happy” #RayRay

Sorry for all of the posts, but I thought it would be a good idea to start brainstorming what makes me happy for my Happiness project. I just found a 21 Day Happiness Challenge online that I think I’m going to try to complete, but for now, I’m going to make a list of the things that make me happy, and start doing at least 2 a day. Let’s see if this works! Feel free to comment with your own list too! 🙂

1. Getting things accomplished, and feeling like I did my best work (like this blog post, for example…POINTS! 😉 )

2. Exercising, especially hot yoga classes…so relaxing!!

3. Spending time catching up with my friends

4. Unplugged days: no social media, phone, etc.

5. Taking naps & watching Netflix

6. Eating healthy (Okay, it’s not really that fun while it’s happening, but after I feel pretty good!)

7. Not eating healthy (Let’s be honest, the act of gorging yourself with Frita Batidos or Pizza House cheesy bread is also pretty awesome)

8. Skyping my family (or better yet, actually being with them)

9.  Reading a book for fun! …but really, who has time for that?!

10. Surprising someone or helping somebody out just because 🙂


Happiness Project Tweaking #RayRay

Hi everyone!

So I was thinking about my project a bit yesterday, and I came across a direction to take my project that I think may be more interesting than the previous direction I was going to take it. I am sure that my topic is Happiness, and I want to do a lot of research on this topic to start off. I’m going to be interviewing one of my Psychology professors to rack her brain for some interesting points to research, but beyond that, I have kind of a cool idea (I think). Before, I was going to use the University as a case study for how institutions like Michigan don’t foster a healthy, happy environment for their students due to the competitive nature of the school and the “I need XY&Z” to be successful, happy, etc. Instead, though, I think I want to use myself as the prime case study in whether or not you can actively change your happiness over the course of a month. I’ll have to research the various techniques that have been proven effective ways to improve day-to-day happiness, and I’ll log how I try to do these things and how it makes me feel everyday. I think this will be much more interesting for people to read, it’ll be more personal, and if it works, I can encourage people to try what I did! I’m hoping I can use a combo of proven ways to improve happiness along with some ideas of my own! I think I should keep a running blog of my day to day feelings to make it track-able over the course of the next month or so.




Evolution Essay –> Project: How To Connect?!! #RayRay

Hey everyone!

I’m still struggling to find a good way to connect my evolution essay to my project. My evolution essay is about how my writing has gone from really rigid and organized to creative within the confines of the strict guidelines that my psychology and communications majors usually require. I am doing my project on happiness, and I think I’m going to use myself as a case study to look at the ability to change your happiness over a period of time (I’m going to try doing different things and log my happiness, then do research and see how it correlates). Because a lot of the project will be research based, I was thinking of connecting the two essays in that way (saying that I have come to realize that I do well with research essays and want to try using a more relaxed tone to present research material). Normally, I have many more restrictions, but in this project, I can basically do whatever I want, which is cool.


Let me know what you guys think! 🙂



Finals Stress

With finals in their peak I figured this article from The Daily Collegian could help a lot of people out!!


I found this article really helpful, and turns out I actually do a lot of these things already. For me, exercising is the best way to relieve stress and boost my energy during a really stressful time, which is exactly what the article said. I think a lot of people overestimate how much time they will need to spend studying, and in reality, there’s ALWAYS time to take a 20 minute run to relieve some stress. There’s no way you can study for 24 hours straight and actually remember ANYTHING.

One thing they didn’t mention in this article was studying to classical music and studying in 20 minute increments. Freshman year, this was probably the best advice I got for finals stress. Now, every time I have a big exam to study for, I youtube “study relaxation music” and hundreds of videos pop up with classical music that help you study! They’re usually pretty long too which is cool 🙂 Its been proven that classical background music helps you retain more information, so instead of putting your itunes on shuffle, try that and see if it helps you! Also, make sure to study in increments,  because studys have also shown that people who frequently take breaks are more productive, retain more information, and are actually less stressed out! Cool, right??

Anyways, hope this helps, and remember, we’re just a week away from break so KEEP WORKING & DOMINATE FINALS!

Remediation of a Narrative

For this upcoming project, I have decided to remediate a narrative essay I wrote my senior year of high school, entitled “Count Down To Crash”. This essay was a minute by minute account of my first (and only) car crash. Although it was meant to be a narrative, I also made it persuasive in nature by discussing the importance of wearing a seatbelt at the conclusion of the essay. In order to make this a more detailed account, and also to make it more dramatic and persuasive, I would like to make a video. This video, for now, would be a collection of photos both from the actual crash and other car crashes similar to my own. While the photos are displaying, I would narrate my essay in the background (read it out loud, and possibly improve some parts to make it more effective). I would also like to pick a song to be in the background as well. If this goes well, I may further imporve it by turning it into something more similar to a public service announcement, with higher emphasis on the importance of wearing a seat belt, and less time on the actual description of my personal event. If time allows, I would also like to add video in eventually (but I’m not quite sure what that would look like yet). If anybody knows how to record your voice with music in the background and add it to a video, that would be awesome, I could really use the help!


An Incredibly Accurate Recap of the Debate


This article, posted on October 4th in the New York Times, was by far the most accurate analysis of the debate that I have seen. Most of the articles I came across focused on Romney’s dominance of the debate and how his numbers in the polls are skyrocketing; however, this was the first article that clearly exposed how far Romney shifted from his original platform in the debate, and how Obama was far too timid throughout the entire debate by not calling Romney out on his false facts and “dancing around the issues”. The first point the article raises is the discrepancy in tax plans between Romney’s platform with Paul Ryan and how he responded during the debate. Up until this point, Romney has been committed to a hard-right platform of tax cuts. During hte debate, Romney claimed that he had no intention of cutting taxes on the rich or creating a tax cut that would increase the deficit; however, that is completely false. Romney’s been quoted as wanting to restore Bush-like tax cuts (which expire at the end of this year), which would give heavy benefits to the wealthy. He won the republican nomination by promising to end estate and gift taxes, while giving ample benefits tot he upper class. In doing this, the deficit would climb 1 trillion dollars, especially once you add in his plan to cut everyone’s tax rates by 20%. Oddly enough, throughout the debate he was quoted saying “I won’t put in place a tax cut that adds to the deficit”. This article also calls him out on being extremely vague, which doesn’t help him when economists are calling him out on those false statements that were made that night. The article continues on to discuss health care as well in detail, and that was right on point (in my opinion) as well.

I think I really enjoyed this article because it was specific in talking about the main issues that were covered, complete with quotes from the candidates and facts from their previous platforms, with more focus on Romney due to the large discrepancy that occurred. Overall, a phenomenal recap after watching the debate, and I’m thrilled that somebody saw through what was being said and views that as a major strategic mistake on Romney’s part.