helpppp meee wahhhh

alright, so….

i think…

…i might know what i might be doing for this final capstone

eek. scary.

idea #1)

bodies. Specifically female bodies and the exploration of females being objectified by the media. More so, the experiences my peers and I have come in contact with as a result. Transform this into a poem or monologue and pair it up with some black and white images of female bodies, cut up (not actually, just by the camera). boom. mmm….


idea #2)

WORDS. WORDS ARE SO POWERFUL PEOPLE! Okay but how do i convey this. I want to go into PR because of how powerful words can be. Ok, so idea: have people identify themselves (maybe pick 2-3 words) and why thats so powerful. But there has to be more…

This word idea is just so complex that I can’t even really grasp my head around it. I am just so confused as to how I can convey the powerful power of words by giving great justice to these words. I have extended my research and I am still coming up dry. Suggestions?



The Unknown Rabbit Hole

As I started to prepare myself to leap into the unknown, I originally began with a topic that I am familiar with; my major, communications. While I am fascinated with communication studies, I immediately stopped myself from delving into this deep hole and changed my directions to explore the arts. I have always been passionate about the arts, specifically theatre and dance. I have found that through these venues, I tend to better express myself, in addition to writing.

During my plunge into the multi-faceted world of the arts, I came across monologue performances which peaked my interest. I am very familiar with this type of work yet never had experience writing my own. So much can go into a monologue, from expressions, to stories, to a metophoric chaos of things. The monologues turned into writing songs in different musical styles which then led me to the idea of a song with no words, just pictures. Then I came back full circle, and an idea sparked: a monologue that accompanied by relevant pictures.

Okay… so I have a semi interesting idea. BUT WHAT THE HELL DO I WRITE ABOUT.

The rabbit hole was fascinating. But as a came back from this fantasy land, I realized I still have no idea what I want subject I want to focus on. Dang it.

The End is Near

Okay so that title might be a little over dramatic but this semester flew by so fast that i’m still in awe. It’s weird to finish this semester and feel like I have finally done something that will continuously impact my life. I tend to find myself finishing a semester empty handed, brain dispersed, and just excited to move on with my life. The sad reality of that statement is that I have realized that I am not as thankful for my amazing college years as I should be. I am happy to leave this semester feeling more complete than I have ever felt ready to embark on my journey’s to come.

I had no idea what to expect from this WRT220 class and I definitely did not expect to be pushed to the limits as much as I was. I am thankful for that. I am thankful that I was pushed to see beyond my writing and find out things about myself I had no idea about. The last thing I thought I would do is discover more about myself, especially through a class.

Anywhoooo, enough with the sentimental talk, below you will find a link of a portfolio I have made in this class! I wanted this portfolio to have a mix of professional and personal. I want to go into the public relations field and I thought that this portfolio would be the perfect opportunity to stand out from most applicants. At the same time, I wanted to bring more personal elements like my love for photography so that they can see a more tender side of me.


Portfolio De Lior

Like the majority of e-portfolios that the minor in writing students are creating, my portfolio will consist of my writing pieces that I have worked hard on and allow the reader to get a better sense of my interests/how I am. I am very passionate in the way media creates depictions of females and minorities and that is something that my writing focuses on alot. This will definitely be highlighted in my portfolio with my remediation and repurposing piece.

Although this blog is mainly for writing samples, I want to simultaneously make it more professional and interesting so I can show it off to a variety of people. I want to include my resume and any other pieces (whether its photography, writing, or media work).

I’m really excited to be able to show off my hard work all in one place and have a main reference point. I think it will be cool to show off my professional side while bringing in a more personal aspect to this portfolio. I think the hardest part will be the challenge of how “professional” and how “personal” I want this portfolio to get. I’m also worried that because I am one of the most technologically challenged person that I wont be able to figure out the cool things or maybe even be limited with my vision for this portfolio.

Hi, it’s me.

In this weeks post, we are told to talk about something a reader wouldn’t know yet about us given the minor in writing class. I actually wasn’t sure what I have shared with the class. I feel like I’ve oddly gotten to know some of these people pretty well given the allotted time that we have spent together and I love it. So I guess here is me (kind of)  in the few words that I assume my friends would describe me as.

1) WHALES. Yes, Whales. And if you don’t love them…get out (Kidding, kinda)

You might think i’m kidding but I have a very odd obsession with whales and I’m not sure where it came from. Their ginormous body structure and movements through the ocean intrigue me. Their beautiful songs calm me. They are just majestic. I’m just always amazed every time I see a picture of a whale or hear sounds of one. My ultimate dream is to swim with whales (sorry dolphins, you’re overrated).


Mm…hello goodness. Chocolately, squishy, (preferably) warm goodness. I will NEVER EVER DENY the brownie. Scoot over cake, cupcakes, scones, and any other type of dessert because the brownie is the one for me. If you’re trying to bribe me or get me in one of the best moods ever… you know exactly what to get me. If I reject the brownie…that’s when sometimes is really wrong with me and everyone knows it.


Franks, Sriracha, Chalula….Nuff said.


America is no homeland for me. Jerusalem is my place of birth and it’s pretty frickin awesome. I have a dual citizenship which honestly is not always the best. Because I am a israeli citizen, I am limited to some of the countries I can travel to and it’s quite unfortunate. Also, if I want to visit israel, I need to obtain military deferment papers to ensure that I don’t get drafted in the IDF and I can’t stay there for more than 3 months. So there’s that.


Before you go off with your vegetarian comments, let me tell you, i’m used to being harassed for being a vegetarian. I  really don’t care if you eat meat and I don’t care if you don’t eat meat. It’s just a lifestyle choice, ya feel?

Honestly, I think all five of those things summarize me pretty well. Although they are small and I’m sure I can find more riveting things about me…those are the first things that came to mind and how I would assume my friend would describe me. How does this relate to the minor? I have no idea but that’s what I got. Let me know if you figure it out.


WordPress Inspiration

I love photography. It’s a hobby of mine that I really wish I had more time to express myself through. Since I don’t have time to take my own pictures and capture moments, I love looking at others photos.

I find a different aspect of a story being told through photography. They don’t have to have words on the screen to say so much. On my own personal tumblr, I follow a lot of photography or artistic graphic design blogs.

After searching through wordpress blogs, I found this

First and foremost, I love the simplicity of this blog. The simple background and color scheme allowed for the pictures that they did feature to stand out. I also like the font they chose because it gave their blog a little more character.

Because the purpose of this blog is to show and highlight pictures, the simply layout works and I believe is most appropriate. Though it might not be the main focus of my blog, I love it for this one.

The basics

Since I wanted to write a psuedo-buzzfeed article I decided that I had to start with the basics. First, I decided that I was going to use tumblr as my blog site of choice so I can recreate this project. I learned how add a picture which was pretty self explanatory.

Then, I moved on how to make GIFS. The Gif will bring the humour to my article is a more visually appealing way, therefore I focused alot on this part. I found a website that can create GIFs for you but they all were bad quality and you couldn’t add text.  Therefore, I decided to check out the photoshop aspect of creating gifs.


1) Open up photoshop

2) Upload your video by going to file > import > video frames to layer

3) Go to the parts of the video that you want to show, hold down the shift key while moving the slider then click ok.

4) Go to window > animation. ** make sure youre on animation frames

5) delete that parts you dont want by clicking the frames by clicking the rubbish icon below

6) change the size of your gif by going to image > image size

7) type whatever you want for your text

8) then click file > save for web and devices

I like the photoshop because you can alter your gif the most. Although it might be more time consuming, it gives you a more creative space.

** the gif below is used through a gif maker because I didnt have access to photoshop when writing this post.



As one of my main routes of entertainment, I believe using as an inspiration will make my new media project fabulous.  I can incorporate images and gifs as a way to mock some of the ridiculous advice that Cosmo gives their readers. Be prepared for something crazy and the fact that it will be out of contest will be even weirder…


Preview: “Sprinkle a little pepper under his nose right before he climaxes. Sneezing can feel similar to an orgasm and amplify the feel-good effects.”

Writing Strategy

Similar to how i’m writing this blog post, I literally just type everything out. Obviously I make sure that I know what I’m writing about and have a sense of where I want to go with my paper, but other than that it is just a free write that hopefully goes somewhere. Once I feel like I can’t do anything else with that particular paper, I save it and close it. Boom.

I wait about 24 hrs before coming to look at it again. It is at this point where I start to read it again (and correct any grammatical errors) and make sure that I am consistent with my argument. If  I am not, I adjust my argument or my evidence.

This nonsensical and word vomit way of writing help me write through any paper. I used to suffer with writers block when I would think too much about something. That is why I just make sure I have a draft full of vomit (no, not literally) and clean up the mess after.

Honestly, I’ll probably do revise that second draft one more time just to make sure that I’m fully satisfied.

The truth about the (maybe not so?) obvious.

Take a look around you. Through the recent magazine articles, advertorials, TV commercials, movies, even blog articles such as buzzfeed. What is one thing you notice?

Well the funny thing is, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you haven’t realized the extent to which females on many media outlets are being overtly objectified and sexualized yet this seems to be all okay because of one little term: Lad Masculinity.

What is lad masculinity? Allow me to enlighten you. Lad masculinity is the idea that men are allowed to love and objectify women because they are not sexist. Hmm.. lets think about that a little more closely. So technically you are saying that because you are not discriminating against women, you are allowed to drool upon the half naked pictures or body part highlighted images of women. Don’t get me wrong, I am not some crazy feminist who is anti-male and refuses to shave her legs because that is what I believe society expects me to do. No, I definitely respect women who wear little tight dresses and rock it. Hell, I feel empowered when I’m feeling sexy with maybe a little to much leg showing. But to what extent is ideology okay and when does it become exploitation?

It seems that our current society is being accustomed to seeing advertisements and different media outlets that continuously objectify women that we become desensitized to the idea of sexuality. We are unaware of all that goes on around us because it is just so common.

My past paper that I wrote for my comm101 class consisted of looking at a Cosmopolitan magazine and a Maxim magazine and applying the idea of enlightened sexism and lad masculinity. Though I learned a lot, I want to take it one step further. To what extent is this okay? When does the idea of objectifying women go past the idea of lad masculinity and turn into exploitation? My new research will focus on just that. Additionally, I want to write this in a more informal blog post. I believe that I can apply this ideology a lot to my real life and I want to incorporate the ideals of my fellow college classmates on how they view this issue and really whether it is an issue for them.

This will be raw. This will be real. This might even become epic.