Why Do I Write

Why do I write? No seriously, why do I write?

Maybe writing is a way to get the clusterfuck of ideas and emotions out of my head and down on paper and out of my ongoing stream of nonsense in my head. I apologize for the crude language, but there truly is no other word that can better explain what goes on in my head.

To be honest, when I was first presented with this prompt, I had no idea of why I enjoyed writing or rather did it (other than being forced to by my professors). My automatic answer: just because. But then I started to explore the reasons beyond that. I remembered that when I was a young child I would be constantly reading books upon books upon books. I loved it so much that you could catch me holding a book every time you saw me, even when I was walking down the stairs. Then I got into poetry. Granted this is little elementary me writing poetry about nonsensical and stupid items that probably, if I read now, I would laugh at. My grandma Sofiya was big into poetry. I loved hearing her beautiful poems about her life back in Russia, nature, her emotions on a specific topics, and more. I guess I can admit that she is, in some nature, a role model of mine. Poetry was my only way I knew how to express myself when I was younger when I couldn’t get the words out literally.

After a bit of time, I realized that I was never and still not good at expressing myself. That is the irony of this whole situation. How can one not be good at expressing their feelings when that is basically all that writing is about. And then it clicked. That is why I write. I write because I can’t get it out any other way. Whether it is through poems, blog articles, letters, or even little pieces of sticky note paper that I later throw away, I write because I can’t express myself in any better way.

I find my conscious just flowing out of my head faster than a stream when I write. I wish I could sit here and say I write because of all these fancy shmancy reasons that are very scholarly but on the contrary, it’s quiet simple. I write because I can, and no one can stop me or say anything about what I write. Maybe thats why I have an issue of GSI’s grading papers. Who are you to judge how well my writing is. I can form sentences and my grammar is correct and on top of all that, my argument that we personally discussed is perfectly supported by evidence that we discussed in class yet you do not believe it’s good enough because……????

Writing is an expression. Writing is an art. It is not math and that is what make is so beautiful yet so frustrating because there is no right answer.

I write for me. That’s it.

Music Festivals… Overrated?

The Rock it Out! Blog or rather vlog (video blog) consists of videos discussing artists, concerts, and new music. Whether they are interviewing artists or talking about a recently released song/album, the RiO! Blog is a perfect for those who enjoy hearing about a variety of musicians. Though the audience can range, I would assume that the majority of those who follow this blog would be teenagers or young adults.

In the vlog that I recently watched, the discussion of whether music festivals were overrated was brought up. Specifically, lollapalooza. From their discussion, it really seemed to be up in the air of what they thought. In some ways Lolla is far from overrated, but when it comes to the layout and crowd that Lolla has recently been drawing in, then some would argue yes.

Lolla has become a very commercialized festival where many people go to just…go. That being said, I truly believe that there are true festival go-ers that attend to see the bands they love. But unfortunately, for the most part it,  it seems to be another “scene” where people congregate to just to be seen. Lolla almost reminds me of the highly attended Scorekeepers (skeeps) or Ricks bar scene, which university students are very familiar with.

Though it might seem like I am a hater towards the festival, Lolla does bring in amazing line-ups year after year. Tickets may be pricey but when one takes into consideration the ability to see multiple bands over a variety of genres all at once, one really does save a lot of money.

The Rock It Out! Blog can be viewed right here.