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Looking back on my experience with the minor it is odd to see how much I have grown as a person and as a writer. Coming into the University of Michigan I was sure about two things. I was sure that I hated Biology and that I disliked writing. I can remember searching through the course guide trying to find an English class that had the least amount of writing required for me to pass. My very first English class, an English class that was supposed to be about death, which comparatively speaking was a much better subject than some of the rest, proved to be one of the most annoying classes for me. I worked so hard on my very first paper. I read every page of that J.D Salinger book and even though he can be very hard and obscure to understand I was sure that I understood what he was talking about with his story Bananafish. I was positive. I worked harder on my first paper than I had ever worked on anything only to receive a C.  I was beyond upset. I did not understand how I could have possibly gotten a C. After this experience I went to the professors office hours and made sure to get him to okay and suggest paper topics for me to write about now on. I only wrote about what he gave me ideas for and never went out on a limb. Having this experience only furthered my hatred for writing. It wasn’t until I was later exposed to Academic Argumentation that I fell in love with writing. I enjoyed going to this class bright and early at eight thirty am. I adored my professor. I loved every single writing assignment we were given and even didn’t mind the editing process. I had never enjoyed a class so much because it was the first time I had been given free reign to write about whatever I wanted. It was also the first time I was exposed to argumentative writing, which I view to be one big math formula. There is so much strategy involved in academic argumentation I loved every minute of my writing process. This is the class that when my friends and underclassmen ask me what they should take I always recommend this class. Always. Regardless if they are looking for a writing class or not. I believe there are two classes you should not leave this university without taking. One is Academic Argumentation and the other is Immunology, obviously immunology is geared more towards the science oriented friends of mine but nonetheless a very good class. This is the class that convinced me to obtain a Minor in Writing. Sweetland came into our class and gave a presentation and passed out flyers and I decided to go out on a whim and apply. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be good enough but I figured it was worth a try.


Applying for the minor in Writing is one of the best decisions I have made as an undergraduate because my time spent in this program has been so much fun. I have made so many new friends because of the smaller and intimidate class sizes and have shared so many good memories with everyone. As a biology and sociology major there have been very few classes that I have taken that have had a small class size and in which students have actually talked to each other and conversed with the professor about something other than just classroom material.  I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for the minor than I most likely would have gone all four years without ever encountering a class in which I feel like my professor actually cares about me. My absolute favorite part of the minor were the connections that were made in class, in addition to the questions that Ray would ask everyday. I am not sure what it is about these questions that has all of us students so intrigued but I do know that I am going to miss them. Im guessing that they were a way to get us to come to class, because as many of us have said that when we miss class we feel worst about missing the questions as opposed to class itself. I’m sure they were also a way for us to get to know each other because throughout the semester sometimes the questions would be semi-serious and relevant to what we were working on and then other times, the best questions, would have nothing to do with anything at all and would just be about nonsense but that is when we learned the most about each other. The Sweetland Minor in Writing taught me more than how to evolve as a writer, which while is important is not the thing that I am most grateful for.  It taught me how to walk into a room full of people I didn’t now, put myself out there, and make new friends. Writing can be very personal and has always been a thing that I have been terrified sharing with others but throughout the time spent in this minor I have had to get over it. Getting over my fear of sharing my works with others has also allowed me to get over my fear of sharing myself with others. I have always been terrified of being rejected but in my writing classes I have never felt like that was going to be a possibility because everyone has been so nice, and caring. If you need help editing works for another class there is always a classmate that is willing to help, need help with foursquare; David has already uploaded countless videos to help you through the process. Need help with a personal statement; someone out there is or has gone through something similar and is willing to not only lend a helping hand but tell you about their experience. The Sweetland Minor in Writing has been one of the best choices that I have made as an undergraduate because besides for teaching me how to better my writing skills it has been a blast.

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I think that this is a very interesting article (even though it is from Buzzfeed it is worth some consideration). Prior to this article I have not even heard nor thought about how online reviews can be an issue for doctors. I suppose it may be because my hometown is so medically underserved that sometimes you know you are going to a crappy doctor but you go anyways because there are no other doctors around. I think there are bright sides and down sides to this. On the positive side as a patient you know who you should go to and who others have found to be not optimal. On the positive side as a doctor you can receive reviews from patients who are super happy, and ones for others who were not let you know what you can improve on. On the negative side, its all response bias. It is simple Intro to Stats. The only individuals who bother to commit their time to review something is individuals who are really happy or super angry. I know a lot of people in this class are pre-law so I was just wondering what your opinions are. Perhaps I am biased because I want to be a doctor. I just want to know what other people think.

Looking Back

I love looking back on old posts and seeing if I still feel the same way or if I have changed my opinions.  The post I am looking back on was titled Coffee Shop Chatter. It is as follows

I know this has been brought up in class before but does anybody else get seriously annoyed with people talking in coffee shops? I’m sitting in Biggby right now by E. Liberty trying to write my Soc paper (in all honesty more like trying to motivate myself to start writing my paper) and it is so loud. Everyone is talking. EVERYONE. I just want to sit here and drink my large black and tan coffee and crank out this paper. But I can’t because everyone is engaged in really good conversation and even when I try to stop-eavesdropping I fail. I understand that Biggby isn’t the library and they have every right in the world to be as loud as they want to be and it’s silly for me to be so upset and still not leave but still. Does anyone else get annoyed when they are trying to study at a coffee shop and can’t because people are talking? I can’t be the only one……right??



This post demonstrates how I think I have grown throughout undergrad as a person rather than I student. Now when I go to a coffee shop and try to get stuff done I have this aura about me that I think just warns people who want to talk off, and deters talking form those already present. I haven’t encountered a situation in which everyone was talking in a coffee shop in a very long time. Its probably my face. When I study face just screams “I am stressed, miserable, and cranky. I will yell at you”. I can’t tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing…… In addition to this face I have I have also grown as a person because now if I am studying in a coffee shop and everyone is loud I pack up and leave. Crazy. I have discovered, apparently recently, that I have two feet and that if I think really hard I can get them to move in a motion that allows me to transport myself.  Ha, and Maggie from Junior year thought she was so stinkin’ smart.





Hello all,

I ran across this disgusting article on Huffington Post today under the top news. I honestly can not believe this. Part of me was like this actually has be from The Onion. There is no way this man got away without prison time. To me, this once again resonates to the affluence argument. For illustrated passages I have decided to do something different. I decided to randomly click on the photo booth button every minuet while reading the article. I am glad I did because Im sure that no picture on google could sum up how I feel about this article. The following are in sequential order of when they were taken.

Photo on 2014-04-01 at 12.22 Photo on 2014-04-01 at 12.23 Photo on 2014-04-01 at 12.22 #2Photo on 2014-04-01 at 12.23 #2


But seriously. Are. you. kidding. me.

My favorite line, “According to the The News Journal, several attorneys claimed treatment over jail time was a deal more typically granted to drug addicts, not sex offenders.” Odd. I thought that jails served as punishment for those who violated SERIOUS laws and committed SERIOUS acts.

If I die my parents wouldn’t know for about five hours

Seems like a deep post but it really isn’t. The other day I was talking with my friends about how my parents never answer the phone. They both have cell phones, private work lines, and a home phone (yuck) yet never answer any phone. EVER. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me, like when I am calling just to chat on my way to class. Other times it seriously results in a tension headache that lasts for over two hours in addition to taking Advil and drinking calming tea. I always just thought it was annoying. I think the biggest fight I have ever had with them has been over answering their phones when I needed them. Like the time I accidentally stabbed myself with a glass pipette at work that had been exposed to human tissues and needed to go to the hospital to get all sorts of fun shots. After waiting for an hour to see someone, they told me they didn’t have my immunization record on file and without that I was going to need to get seven shots as opposed to just three. I called my parents for at least two hours. I EVEN RAN BACK TO THE LAB TO FAX THEM TO TELL THEM TO CALL ME. But they didn’t. I finally got ahold of my grandfather, who thankfully was in town, and had him run to his office and fax over my shots record. I was so angry at my parents. I legitimately needed them for health reasons and they didn’t answer. However, lately this anger has taken a new face. I am starting to realize that if I ever got in a serious accident or something happened to me and I only had a few hours to live, for whatever reason, I would more than likely not be able to speak or see my parents during this time because they don’t answer the phone. Now, this has become my biggest fear in life. It is perhaps a silly fear but still only being surrounded by friends while dying as opposed to family is terrifying. So here I sit, picturing myself in a hospital bed dying while having to text, and email my parents my last words because they never answer the phone. I tell my parents all the time that if I died it would take them five hours to find out. They say I’m dramatic. I say I’m correct.


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This is in reference to an article posted by David.

I do not think that it is very fair to use the SAT to predict a job candidates ability for the job. Using standardized test scores to determine which candidate you should choose should only be the solution when the test directly tests the specific tasks and thinking skills that your ideal candidate needs to have. With that being said I feel like this is very discriminatory against individuals who have bad test taking skills and anxiety. These individuals, no matter how qualified for the job, will have lower SAT scores and thus not be viewed as desirable as those with higher scores. I can only understand using standardize testing in order to determine ones position (as far as in or out, employed or not) if their future depends on their ability to take tests (medical school (STEP/Boards, law school ect). Therefore the epic LC eye roll is my chosen representation for this topic.


Project Title

Hello all,

As I’m sure you have received and read the email about the minor luncheon, we are required to have a title for our project. I hate titles. I actually wrote my entire thesis before I gave it a title. It is so hard and impossible to give a single line to something that is so long. How can one possibly summarize the entirety of a giant project to just one line. Its impossible. Therefore, I am asking for help from you all. By now we have workshopped my project. It is about facing sexism throughout my life. The past, present, and future. So would you all like to help me come up with a title? I know you would. =]

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Hello All,

Please feel free to join in on this. I am curious as to what everyone else is thinking about this article.


It is a piece of children’s play grounds, specifically these new/old playgrounds that resemble junk yards. These play grounds are supervised by staff but do not have tradition play ground toys. Instead they have tires, and logs, and fire that kids can play with. When I first started reading this I had to laugh about the horrible, horrible irony. That middle to upper class parents want their children to have more rugged exposure to dangerous situations so that they will build a good character while these “playgrounds” are the only source of play areas some children have ever known due to lack of funding of their city. That was one component of the story that I was unsure about. The other side of me loved this idea because I remember going out to the farm and playing with things such as this and having an absolute blast. It was so much more to have materials to build things with and see what I could make as opposed to those stupid monkey bars that I could never master. Perhaps that is the country in me. Therefore I am using VB’s face because you can never really tell how she feels about a topic because her face is always the same. I just don’t fully know how I feel about this article.


All this punctuation

Everyone keeps posting about punctuation. I hate punctuation. Especially commas. I never learned how to use a comma. Perhaps I was sick every single day they tried to teach us it. Or perhaps I just hated it so much I have mentally blocked all recollections from my mind. Commas are hard. I either use them too much or not enough. So, due to my years of experience I have decided just to not use them (ok sometimes I use them). Its like why waste the computer screen space of putting a comma somewhere unless I am 110% sure it goes there. Therefore, I barely use them. As every single person who has ever read one of my un peer-edited papers knows. In conclusion. I. Hate. Commas. I do however love question marks. Those I always know when to use.

micro-assignments are eating away at my genes

It has happened. I have finally tipped the scale into adulthood. I sit here at four am, on a Thursday night, during Spring Break, while in FL to do homework. It is absolutely mind blowing. But this is not how I know I have fallen into adulthood. I have tipped the scale because I sit here doing homework the night before I am supposed to go to Harry Potter World. Crazy. I should be resting up so I have maximal energy tomorrow. But I am not. I am trying to complete micro-assignments. Basically micro-assignments are forcing me to age, and aging in the social term is associated with aging in the biological term which occurs because then ends of your genes shorten. So basically micro-assignments are chewing away at my very essence, my genes. Back to the scale. When did this occur? Did it truly occur just now that I turned into an adult or did it happen a while ago? It couldn’t have been last year. Yes, last year I would have been choosing homework over fun but not because “I had stuff to do that needed to get accomplished before I could have fun” rather because all I cared about were grades. Perhaps I approached it over summer. When choosing between studying for my genetics final and going out to the bars I decided to mesh the two and take my flash cards on my bar crawl. But I bombed that exam because, surprisingly, I did not get much studying done. So perhaps that puts me back on the childish side. Was I an adult this Fall when interviewing? I mean, I did wear a nice dress and boring heels. Thats adult like. Perhaps I became an adult once I realized how many points I still needed. The stress brought on by these menacing points shortened my telomeres enough for me to stay up all night and then attempt HPW. Yes, it was most definitely these points.