here she is…

Well, gateway is over and my project and e-portfolio are complete! It’s been quite the whirlwind, but I could not be more proud of my final project. Millennial Moment is a site dedicated to showcasing meaningful and inspirational content made by our generation, for our generation. I can definitely see this passion project continuing on in the future (maybe even in some other format through capstone 😉 ) Here she is:

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some (maybe) good advice

Wow… the day has finally come. After browsing through advice posts from past gateways within the first few weeks of the semester, now, it’s my turn to pass some of that advice onto you. Here it goes:

  • take advantage of the relationships with your teacher and other classmates! It is always acceptable (and actually encouraged) to “bug” them with any questions and roadblocks, but also the milestones, successes, etc. that arise from the work in this class. There is so much knowledge to be shared, and the MiW community is uber supportive, so use it!
  • TIME MANAGEMENT. That is all.
  • in regards to your experiments and final project, make sure you choose an origin/source material that you love. Or at least kinda like and want to revisit. But also, it’s okay if you realize halfway through that you actually hate your origin material and want to change it… you can do that do! Be flexible with this process and realize that the plans you develop for your project are likely to change throughout. Don’t be afraid of this flexibility!
  • Finally, the most important advice that I can share with new gateways is to take risks! Pick experiment genres you would have never dared touch before. Make up new genres (seriously!). Pick projects that matter to you, but again, don’t get discouraged if you complete an experiment and end up hating it! Just move on to the next one and find that motivation. Find the reason “why” you’re doing all this… and let it lead you.

Good luck, have fun, and don’t let yourself get too stressed out! You only get to be a gateway student once! You got this and I can’t wait to see what you all end up creating this semester!

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I’ve done it…

Well, against all odds (really, in my reflection for this experiment I even explicitly ended with the sentence “this will not be my final project) I have decided to fully-realize experiment 1, my website/magazine website. This site, created on Wix, will serve as a culture and inspiration hub for millennials/college students. In contrast to my origin material, which touched on the common negative media stereotyping of our generation, I will be creating a space for positive posts about millennials. The site is called “Millennial Moment.”

my landing page of “Millennial Moment”

Basically, after completing experiment 3 I knew this had to be “the one.” This was really the only experiment that I thoroughly enjoyed envisioning/designing/doing. I like that its multimedia, for a change. I also kept comparing every subsequent experiment I created to this one, which told me that this site is something I didn’t want to let go.

Moving forward, the only real concern I have is time. Though, I have completed some major steps within the project this weekend, so I’m feeling better about it all. It will be quite the task to both make the vehicle for the content (the website) and the content itself (the articles/listicles on the site), but it’s a task that I’m up for.

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I don’t know what I’m doing…but I’m having fun

So far, the experiment process has gone vastly different than how I thought it would. But don’t things always turn out like that? At least in my life they do.

One thing that has definitely been a challenge for me is the time frame and feeling of impending deadlines chasing after me. But because that is out of my control, I’m just trying to focus on creating projects that I like and that matter to me.

That’s why after completing experiment 2, I just kind of realized that it wasn’t the one (especially in comparison to experiment 1). I have to choose a final project that I enjoyed making and that speaks to me. And I did not enjoy video editing, nor did it speak to me. It has also been difficult to feel like I’ve been creating a meaningful sample to share, with enough but not too little to show. Overall, this process has been constantly changing, and has definitely had its ups and downs, so I’m just trying to stay flexible with it.

What I have really loved about this process is getting to try my hand at these different genres. When else would have the opportunity to do something like this?? Even if I tried a genre and ended up hating it, at least now I know for the future. I’m also excited to work on my experiment 3. It’s going to be a short story, and though I haven’t even started it yet, I can definitely see it being in the running for my final project. I’m excited to get back to doing some “actual” writing again, because so far, my experiments have lied more in the multimedia world. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also really looking forward to crafting my e-portfolio. It should be a fun time creating a personalized website, all about me and the story I’m trying to tell.

Hello, my name is __________.

Let’s start off with the basics:

Hello, my name is Morgan Rubino, a sophomore Communications major from Rochester, MI!

As a person, I’m your typical introvert. When I’m not exploring Ann Arbor coffee shops in pursuit of the perfect hazelnut latte or cozied up binge-watching reality TV, you can find me writing. As a writer, I’ve fallen in love with a more editorial style, contributing to The Michigan Daily and SHEI Magazine on campus. But that there is why I really wanted to shake things up with my MiW gateway project, experimenting with some genres/mediums that I have never dared to try before.

The origin piece for my project is something any current sophomore might remember: the writing placement essay we had to write the summer before freshman year. In it, I argued against a claim by a New York Times writer stating that when millennials use “lazy” language, such as “I feel like,” in their speech, it disadvantages them. I was inspired to revisit that piece, because I don’t think I fully allowed myself to rant on and defend my generation to its fullest back then, just because I was still writing an academic paper after all. Too much ranting and I would’ve sounded crazy.

With this project, I am most excited to try my hand at some new mediums, including a digital zine and an open letter. I feel like those formats will give me the opportunity to really speak my mind through my writing. I also want to give a short story a try, which is a big deal for someone who never writes fiction. Ever.

My questions regarding this project are still mostly how am I going to get this all done?? But, I’ve resolved to just taking it day by day and experiment by experiment.