Three Lists

Here are my lists from class:


  • English (30%)
  • Women’s Studies (15%)
  • Philosophy (10%)
  • History (5%)
  • Psychology (15%)
  • Communication (15%)
  • Anthropology (10%)


  • Psychology (15%)
  • History (15%)
  • Art/Design (30%)
  • Chemistry (10%)
  • Communications (15%)
  • English (15%)

I Need/Want To Learn How To:

  • Take better photographs
  • Code in HTML
  • Operate more advanced photo-editing software
  • Develop a clearer method for coming up with plans and presenting them
  • Accept and use feedback more enthusiastically
  • Not run away from confrontation
  • Ask for help

Event with Phoebe Gloeckner

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty confused throughout this interview. I resonated with very little of it and I had a difficult time extracting any sort of meaning. It’s not that Phoebe wan’t interesting and captivating, it was more a matter of her and me being on a vastly different creative level. I couldn’t relate to her. I don’t think we have anything in common.

That being said, I was really impressed by all the mediums with which she works. She seems like a very versatile artist, which I respect. I think it’s cool that she tries new things and is never satisfied with her work. I appreciate that she taught herself to sew and is willing to challenge herself and make mistakes.

That’s something I understand.

Remediation Response

Right now, I’m planning to use photos (or a series of photos) to show whatever tangible object I end up creating in response to my repurposing paper.

I’m going to use my camera, tripod, and adobe suite, but I’ll need to borrow a studio backdrop and lights. I had a class in Design Lab 1 in the Duderstadt Library and I’ll probably use their backdrop and lights for my project since I’m already comfortable there. They also have a lot of skilled and knowledgable employees so they will be able to help me if I run in to any problems.

Remediation Thoughts

It kind of looks like everyone’s remediation ideas ride along the audio/video line, which is really cool and I’m sure it will generate interesting and rewarding content. But I’m not interested in recording myself. I’d be too nervous. Also, I would probably feel disconnected from my project if it was purely digital.

I’d much rather produce something that’s tangible. I love working with my hands and making messes, so I’d like to keep my remediation project in line with those values. However, I don’t really know what I would/could do. That’s the problem I need to work on. Obviously, if I included this remediation in my portfolio, I would have to take pictures.

So, yeah. I’m pretty undecided. I just know that I want to draw/sculpt/build something.


At, To, About……

I’m going to be honest, I just started my repurposing essay during class today. But I’m sure I’ll figure everything out before the deadline tomorrow, right?! Anyway, I forgot to write this post and, honestly, I don’t think I would have known how to answer the prompt even if I had. I’m still a little iffy about which direction my paper is going- it changes so much as I write- but this is where I am so far….

At: I think I’m writing at women. Probably women who are my age, maybe a little older, maybe a little younger.

To: Maybe I’m writing to my mother…? I don’t completely understand how to answer this part. And it’s kind of to myself…? I don’t know. I would never want my mother to read what I’m writing, but I need to get out some thoughts that are directed towards her.

About: I’m writing about a relationship, I think. God, I don’t know how to answer any of these. It all seemed so simple before I started writing this post, but now I’m over thinking everything and nothing makes sense.

I’m just going to leave it here for now.

Two paragraphs

When we had to write two paragraphs about our repurposing essay, one in first person and the other in third, I was like “ok, fine. That’s not a big deal.” And that’s basically how I felt while writing the paragraphs in class. As someone who often writes in first person, the first paragraph didn’t challenge me. I caught myself slipping back into first person while writing the second paragraph, but I managed to keep it together.

Looking at the finish paragraphs, I appreciate the differences between them. The first was informal and the second was more objective. I think they offer different perspectives on my essay, which are valuable to understanding the various ways my story could be represented or interpreted.

My essay was initially written with an alternating point of view and I haven’t decided how I’ll write the repurposed version. Both first and third person have benefits and drawbacks that I will consider as I continue drafting.

A metaphor for climate change

I honestly didn’t realize the burning house metaphor was insufficient for describing climate change before Ray pointed it out. I didn’t question it initially, but it makes sense now. The earth isn’t just one person’s house, it’s everyone’s home. You can’t leave the planet while you can leave a house. And you can’t stop climate change by yourself, everyone has to work together to stop it.

I couldn’t think of a more appropriate metaphor for a long time (as in four days). Today I settled on the metaphor of a family.

The family belongs to every member. It is shared equally. It’s just as much “my family” as it is “my dad’s family” or “her family”.

Yes, a person can technically estrange himself or herself from the family, but he or she will always be a part of it. Obviously people get divorced, abandoned, or rejected, but blood doesn’t change. While you can technically leave a family, you can’t change the biology of your body. Your family is always your family.

When something bad happens to a family, like death or a big change, every member must deal with it both individually and together. If a family has to move, every member has to move. If a family loses an income source, every member must make adjustments. Everyone has to work together to make family’s work.

Obviously this is a very flawed metaphor. Families are all different and complex and not all of them can be compared to climate change, but I believe certain families can be.

Whatever you do, don’t pick a petty argument

Is there ever an instance when argument is necessary?

I guess there are instances when arguments are necessary. I think there are certain times when arguing is the only way to explain something to someone, to get a point across, or to change a mind. However, I don’t believe arguing is necessary in every instance.

I think arguing can be better than admitting defeat. Arguing can be better than letting someone disrespect your beliefs.  I sometimes feel like it’s my responsibility to argue with someone. If a person believes a lie, I would be committing some type of disservice by not educating them about the truth.

Is it ever a mistake to argue?

I definitiely think arguing can be a mistake. I’m not proud of this, but I tend to start really petty arguments when I’m tired/hungry/overwhelmed and they never end well and I usually feel guilty for instigating them in the first place.  Just the other day my friend and I argued about whether or not she hates a particular blanket. A blanket. It wasn’t called for.

We eventually had to take a break and sit on opposite ends of the room for a while. I have a problem.

Even though this example is pretty pathetic, it demonstrates why arguing is not always a smart solution to a problem. Sometimes arguing even creates a problem out of something that was fine to begin with. Sometimes it ruins relationships. Sometimes it ruins everything. While it’s not always the case, I think there are times when it’s wisest to shut your mouth and walk away because an argument could do more harm than good.

Can arguments ever be necessary but also a mistake?

Arguments can be necessary and a mistake at the same time. I think it all depends on the manner in which the argument occurs. I feel like arguments become mistakes when they’re conducted disrespectfully or when they’re started at the wrong time. Regardless of the content of the argument, it’s the presentation that matters.

Impending Repurposing Panic

Ugh, guys. What am I doing? I don’t know where to go with this repurposing essay.

My original idea was to repurpose an essay I wrote during my first fall here at Michigan. It was for my English 125 course and I wrote about how my mother’s negative body image influenced the relationship I have with my own body. Basically it supported the notion that negative body image is taught (which is something I completely believe, I mean, no one is born wanting a thigh gap).

The assignment was to write a paper in multiple segments of, like, 200 words each, which I really enjoyed and would want to incorporate into the repurposed essay. I started the paper with some dialogue between my mom and me when I was little. The next section picked up with a transcription of some internal thoughts. A different section contributed with research facts about body image/eating disorders/mental illnesses/etc.. There were other parts too. It was a hot mess. But it ended kind of the same way it started, with a conversation between my future daughter and myself. I really like making things come full circle, even if it’s cheesy…and this was definitely cheesy.

So, if I continued with this idea, I would want to make it more narrative based. I like creating scenes, developing characters, composing dialogue, and initiating conflict. I don’t know if this approach would be the most effective way to tell this story, but, honestly, I need a new way of looking at this situation. Positive body image is something I’m very passionate about, but I’m a little burned out and need some relief.

That’s where I am right now. I’m not completely convinced. And I don’t know at what point I’m going to be convinced. I’m hoping it’s soon. Like I said, I’m kind of burned out from my positive body image crusade and need some relief. I feel like I need a break from it all.

Ugh. What am I doing?