Why My Capstone is Worth Pursuing

My capstone project is worth pursuing because, truth is, whether this was assigned to me or not, it would still be at the top of my to-do list. I am passionate about sharing my story because the more I do, the more others out there get a chance to know that they are not alone and their struggle is nothing to be ashamed of. My capstone project is worth investing in because, it is the ultimate internal question we all ask ourselves, “who am I? “

While we spend so much of our lives trying to discover ourselves, sometimes we live a bit mindlessly. We are all bound to get lost, hit a bump in the road, or even do a complete 360 but, at the end of the day, we learn something from every turn our lives might take. Somewhere along the line we’re forced to realize that no one has the answer to this question because we are not meant to be defined. We are meant to be human. We are meant to have hobbies, likes, dislikes, memories, thoughts, opinions, and experiences that altogether make up who you really are. It’s a process of discovery, to find yourself doesn’t always end with a concrete answer to “who am I?” but just the opposite. We are human, we are ever-changing.

My Voice- Why I Write.

Is my, “Why I Write,” piece written in my voice? Hell Yea, it is! This is as “me,” as it gets. What I discuss in this piece is what drives me each and every day and is what gives me purpose in my daily life. It’s a topic I’m extremely passionate about and because of this, my voice naturally comes out.you have my sarcastic, witty commentary throughout but also my honest and raw experience that I discuss point blank.
I like to think that my voice comes into my writing whenever I have a strong opinion or am passionate about what it is that I’m talking about. Most academic essays don’t give me much room to insert “my voice,” and therefore don’t usually contain a lot of personality.
Although I do find ones voice to be extremely important in writing, i do think that the lack of my own personal tone in academic pieces makes them seem a lot more credible and professional than they would if I included my parenthetic, snarky thoughts.
Most of the time, i feel like writing IS my voice. I don’t fully understand my own thoughts or even who I am, until I catch a glimpse of it in my writing. i wouldn’t say I’m a sarcastic or a funny person, but in my writing I am! I allow myself to release the thoughts that I push aside automatically and usually don’t even realize I have.

Questions about your topic

  1. What was your intended purpose of writing this originally?
  2. Why has your viewpoint drastically changed?
  3. What was the actual relationship like?
  4. Why did you give this person so much credit for something you know he didn’t deserve?
  5. What allowed you to realize he didn’t deserve the credit? who really deserved it?
  6. If you could have one last conversation face to face what would you want him to know?
  7. If you could have one last conversation face to face what would you want to ask?
  8. Do you regret giving him the letter?
  9. In what ways has he changed?
  10. In what ways have you changed?

How can you help the reader engage?

I can help the reader engage by giving details about what i thought he added to my life and how I eventually realized he wasn’t a good addition to it. I can describe the change and major points in which I noticed it. I can also elaborate on what my thoughts and feelings were as I originally began to write this piece.

How would the reader engage using their own knowledge?

In this situation it’s easy for the reader to put themselves in my shoes. Everyone has had some kind of relationship, wether it be a significant other or just a friend, in which they parted ways. I think that the reader will use their own knowledge of emotion and heartache in order to connect with the piece.

Digital New Sources


  1. ONE THAT IS PITCHED TO YOU: Huffintonpost.com is the digital news source I find that is pitched to me. it’s right at my speed. It allows me to stay updated on important, need to know, news and delivers it quickly and efficiently. It gives the important facts nothing more, nothing less. It’s the perfect reader for a college student like myself. It has key facts bulleted and then a more detailed description of the incident or encounter that easily get the point across.
  2. ONE THAT FEELS TOO  DUMB FOR YOU: I would probably have to say, Enewsonline.com based on its content. It has far too much celebrity gossip which, in my opinion, is simply not news worthy. I don’t feel the need to know about the Kardashians latest scandal or who Taylor swifts latest boyfriend is. I would much rather read news based on whats happening in the world today.
  3. ONE THAT IS FOR SOMEONE MORE KNOWLEDGABLE THAN ME: For me, this would be Morningbrew.com I know that this is intended to be a way for college students to keep up with sales and business news however, these are two subject I simply do not find appealing and do not fully understand. Morning brew is meant to condense and make these big business topics easier but I still find it difficult to fully understand when i have no prior knowledge of how things in business and sales work.

How do you describe yourself as a writer?


Samantha Aaronson

As a writer, I generally find myself to be rather passionate yet a bit sarcastic or snarky at points. My performance is exactly as it would be if read aloud. I hear my voice when I write as if I’m narrating my piece as a movie. When it’s my choice, I use “slang” or sentences such as “ i feel that,” because that is how my generation interacts socially. There are go to phrases that cover the bases for so many occasions that don’t necessarily follow the rules of the English language, yet they are universally understood by society. Writing for a publishing company geared towards this specific population gives me a lot of leeway in terms of language use. Therefore, I do tend to write exactly how I would speak. However, with academic writing, I tend to withhold my voice a tad because I would like to sound professional and I believe there is a time and place for sarcasm and heavy opinions. As far as topics go, I tend to write about eating disorder, relationships, friends, and significant others. I am extremely passionate about spreading eating disorder awareness and helping those who struggle. I openly tell my story of my own battle with anorexia in hopes of showing people what this disorder really entails and reminding those who are struggling that they are never alone in this fight. When writing a piece about an eating disorder I have a passionate and bold personality, yet a light and somewhat aggressive attitude. Im light in the sense of I can poke fun at myself but aggressive with calling out how other people negatively contribute to the mental stability of eating disorder patients. Finally, to address “formal,” I really am not quite sure what compositional choices I usually make. I write to release my thoughts and because of this, I often don’t have much of a layout to them. My thoughts are often jumbled so when I write them down its in paragraphs like chunks of thought.