here she is!!!

I am very excited and nervous to push out into the world my capstone project that I have been working on all semester!

My project begins as a reflection of a powerful experience that I have had with a group of intentional, smart, and passionate women and progresses into an exploration of the threads that connect us to other women and a larger conversation. Putting together this project was personal, fun, and surprising. The end result was different than what I was expecting when I first set out to start writing and I am really thankful for that. I tried my best to be honest, curious, and inviting and there was so much personal power and growth to gain from that experience for me.

In true girl’s club fashion I hope you grab yourself a glass of wine (if that’s your thing) and you find yourself relaxing and reading with curiosity. Like the subject manner of this project, I hope that this is just the beginning of another conversation to have and explore together. Check it out here:

Pitch (brainstorming session) Perfect

8 reflections:

1. Talking out my ideas was super helpful. There was a lot of power to saying outloud what I have been thinking with such attentive, engaged listeners (thank you maya and ashley!)
2. I originally thought 4 pitches was a lot to come up with and was a little intimidated by the prospect. My favorite idea ended up being the 4th one that I had to reach for at the end of brainstorming which just goes to show that there is a lot of value to forcing myself to push my creative limits.
3. I loved hearing about Maya and Ashley’s projects. It was so exciting to hear what they were thinking, creating, and wondering. It gave me energy and perspective on my own possible project.
4. My favorite pitch currently is a project that dives into a group of women that a couple friends and I formed last semester.  We meet with once a week to share ideas, knowledge, and questions. It has kind of turned into a think tank for how to navigate being a woman in your early 20s. I want to talk about why we starting meeting, the importance of networks of women, intentional conversation and topics, what everyone in the group has gained from it, and how and why other women should start doing the same thing. Basically a how to start a girls club kit.
5. I expanded on this idea a lot with the help of Maya and Ashley. My original pitch was a long essay and while I still think that will be the general form I want the project to expand beyond that and include a lot more elements.
6. The question top of mind for me now is how do I want to incorporate research into this project? 
7. I have a lot work to do which is scary and exciting.
8. I am now more excited about my project and for this class.

sydneyatwork: works for right now

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited to roll out my Eportfolio:

My work in progress area for displaying all my work! Right now I welcome you to visit to check out my experiments and final project. I plan on continuing to work on evolving this space to fit me and my future work. I am excited that this is the beginning point and for all the work that is to come. It is done for the time being but will forever be a work in progress so check back later for next version!


Mostly excited with a little bit of nervous

After much deliberation, I am happy to announce that my final project will be a timeline of the year of my life from 20 to 21 and what I learned from it. It will include the good, the bad, and some of the little things that have shaped and influenced me into the person I am now. It will be separated by each month that includes a picture or some other form of media, the lesson I learned, and how I learned it. My hope for it is that someone else who is also navigating this odd time in between childhood and adulthood will find it comforting, entertaining, and thought-provoking.

I chose this project because out of my 3 experiments it is the one that I feel the most pull to go back to and finish. I have clarity for this project on what it looks like in a final form and that is something that makes me excited to think about. This project is also the one that I want to share with others the most which I think is also important. I want my final project to be something that I am proud of in the end and part of that means showing it to the world so I can be proud.

Moving forward with this project I am looking at possibly switching platforms so that I am able to customize the interface of the project to be laid out exactly how I want it to be. I also need to set in stone what media I would like to use and pull in for my lessons for my last 8 months of the year. I am going to begin by creating a much more in-depth sketch of my project and doing more research about platforms.

I am excited, a little nervous, and ready to get to work. Follow along with my process here!

Who I Am

Hello! I am Sydney.

I am from Lake Isabella, MI. I am a friend, daughter, student, and leader. I am an eternal busy bee, social butterfly, and breakfast fanatic. I am passionate about creativity, standing up for people, and having FUN! I am a huge fan of naps. I am a believer, dreamer, reader, and writer. I am at my best when I am surrounded by other people.

I am writing to connect with others. I am writing to release my wild emotions and thoughts to roam the world. I am writing to improve myself. I am hoping to leave a legacy behind me.

I am choosing a blog post that I wrote about a year ago titled Twenty as my origin piece. It is a post that describes how I felt about being at that age and what it meant to me to be at the crossroads between adulthood and childhood. It was also a very vulnerable piece for me to write and it took even more vulnerability for me to share it with the world. I am planning on creating a photo essay, video essay, and timeline of my life that are all inspired by what age means and who I am.

I am really excited to tap into my creative side this semester. Creativity has for most of my life been very daunting to me. I think most of that comes from the fear of failing. I am now trying to make up for lost time. This class has created an environment where I feel comfortable trying things out. I feel encouraged and I am not going to let fear hold me back. I am ready to try different mediums. I am nervous but very excited to explore and see where I end up.

I am wondering what I am going to enjoy and what is going to challenge me but most importantly wondering at the end of the semester, who will I be?