A Fully-Realized Blog

Through the experiment process I have tested the boundaries that accompany voice. In my origin piece, I utilized my voice in a less personal way to offer advise the future resident of my dorm room about the tremorous first year of college. I reworked this in experiment 1 to propose a manifesto that would eliminate the perspective of the future resident to really hone my own personal voice. In experiment 2, I decided to utilize a completely emotionless and factual voice to allow the photos of my proposed photo essay to speak for themselves. After going through this experiment process, I have learned my strongest tool while writing is my personal voice conveyed through emotional and credible appeals. Because of this, I have chosen to fully realize experiment 3. In this experiment, I proposed to create a blog which will allow me to channel my personal voice to articulate the various story threads embedded in my origin piece.

However, I have come to the realization there is no perfect way to blog. I envision my blog to be one where I am able to write and comment on a variety of topics embedded within the parameters of today’s society. My audience will be composed of others who are inspired or rather curious about focal points of my writing. Before beginning my journey as a writing minor, blogging has always been of interest to me. By fully realizing experiment 3, I will be given the chance to rediscover and pursue a passion I have let simmer inside of me. As I embark on this creative adventure, I will strive to always write with an open mind, as well as write from a stance of credibility. I will strive to write from a viewpoint of personal experience and do my absolute best to minimize any overbearing bias. Quite frankly, this is a project I am extremely eager for as it is something I have always wanted to do. I plan to publish my blog utilizing WordPress and if success is to come my way during my full realization of this experiment, perhaps I will continue blog for the remainder of my undergraduate career.

A Reflection of Experiment 2

The photo essay is a highly emotional genre strategically utilizing a heavy pathos appeal to evoke emotion out of its various audiences. However, something I disliked about this genre was the substantial use of language some of the authors/photographers seemed to employ in their pieces. I feel as though the use of language takes away from the voice of the photos. Personally, I feel as though a photo can speak to individuals in a variety of ways. Because of this, sharing certain biases and opinions in the caption strips the individual of obtaining what they truly need to realize out of the photo. On the other hand however, I believe a caption is necessary for strictly empirical means in order to ground the reader and relay pertinent information. Furthermore, I believe this experiment would be very interesting to fully realize. Personally, I do not feel as though my photos hold a heavy enough pathos appeal to fully realize this experiment. Compared to the pieces I analyzed in my genre analysis, my piece do not explicitly depict heavy emotion as compared to some of the other photos I analyzed. As of now, I stand unsure I will be able to successfully realize this project. Reflecting back, my voice and the language used in my origin piece and experiment one convey my story in a more emotional way, as well as engage my audience further in my piece. Further on this note, my origin piece and first experiment rely heavily on voice, whether that be the voice of myself or the voice of the future resident of old dorm room. This experiment is radical in the sense that it completely strips away voice and heavily relies on my personal photographs to convey my message. This experiment is seen as a greater challenge because the language I do utilize in this piece must be used in a very strategic manner to really highlight my story and progress my story in a certain way in which I would like my audience to perceive it. If I were to fully realize this experiment, I would need to do some more research on how stories not as heavy as marriage or disease are represented through this genre. How can I create just as strong of a pathos appeal as say those pieces analyzed in my reading list? I believe this is possible, but I might have to digger deeper and allow myself to be more vulnerable in this experiment, something I need to ask myself if I am willing to do. Furthermore, I would need to gain more experience with website construction and graphic design in order to fully realize this experiment. Because of these technical skills, I envision my piece being published on a personal blog or website. By publishing my piece in a media such as these, I feel as though I would gain the most exposure to my desired audience.

A Reflection of Experiment 1

The manifesto is a unique genre circulating throughout modern culture, as it is a newer genre that has already made an immense impact on today’s society. I enjoyed researching this genre because many manifestos incorporate positivity, optimism, and gratitude. Therefore, my time spent researching was found to be rewarding and uplifting. However, something I found challenging, or rather a dislike regarding the manifesto genre, would be the difficulty in finding high-quality and credible sources. A majority of manifestos are found on Pinterest or random webpages and this creates a lack of credibility. I often found myself wanting to know about the creators and minds behind the thousands of manifestos on the web. However, my vision now, compared to my vision of this project in the proposal stage, has remained the same. Personally, I feel as though this project is fully realizable. My comfort zone will be expanded as I head into the realm of graphic design, but that mere idea excites me. In regards to the written word, I would need to sit down and rework my open letter to include more of my voice by taking my open letter and deriving “I statements,” that share my unique perspective, from it. Furthermore, my origin piece stood as a complex web of emotions I was entangled in my first year of college. However, my origin piece was written from a 2nd perspective rather than 1st perspective. With experiment 1, I am opening up to my audience and sharing a more raw version of myself. Readers will gain new insight into my story, which may have been an insight they did not have access to while reading my open letter. In addition, my manifesto is straying more away from the events and obstacles accompanying that first year of college, but rather it hones in on my emotions and values that were changed as a result. Overall, if I were to fully realize this experiment I would need to take some time to learn the world of graphic design to really make my piece visually stimulating. This will be a challenge for me, but with the help of others I believe this goal is attainable. In complete honesty, I have no experience within this sector of technology and would really need to take some time researching the different equipment I would need to utilize in order to produce this piece. In regards to writing, I would need ensure my writing remains concise, to the point, and centered around my values. As an English major this will be hard to do as we tend to over analyze and fill blank pages with poetic writing. In sum, I would be more than eager to fully realize this piece and feel as though this piece would be best published in a personal blog or personal website, both of which I would also have to create.

The Holstee Manifesto

Pinning down the exact writer of a manifesto is tough as it is often a genre found on company websites, Pinterest, or other various marketing sectors. However, in Experiment 1, I am analyzing the Holstee Manifesto, which has been coined as the manifesto that started it all. In 2008, three friends, who were young and ripe in the employment world, were hit hard by the Recession. Because of this, they decided to quit their day jobs and fully immerse themselves into their passion of developing a clothing line to embody their core values. Rather than taking off as a clothing line, the core values of these three young men morphed in a manifesto now referred to as the Holstee manifesto (“Tools and Inspiration for a More Meaningful Life.” Holstee”).

It is wild to think such prevalent, impactful genre took off as a result of three men who were down on their luck during the Recession. Now the creators of the Holstee manifesto have make a living by selling different goods that incorporate the messages conveyed in this manifesto. The Holstee manifesto is often found on cards, picture frames, mugs, wall hangings, magnets, etc. While many companies such as Lululemon and Apple have taken means into their own hands to create their own company manifestos, the Holstee Manifesto can often be found hanging on the walls of these corporate offices as a sources of inspiration. I am thankful to the three friends who longed to share their passion, positivity, and creative energy with a world that oftentimes seems dark and cold. Because now, we have a genre that inspires, motivates, and uplifts its audience.

How I Came Across the Writing Process

I was in an ankle-length skirt, a bonnet, and a petticoat fastened tight around my waist when I realized the passion I had for writing. I was a fourth grader pretending to have just have set sail on the Mayflower in search for a new life in America, when I realized the ease that came through expressing myself with paper and pen. It was Colonial Day at my elementary school and we were celebrating the discovery of America by dressing up, eating, and participating in activities that paralleled the pilgrims of 1492. Leading up to this day, we as fourth graders were tasked with keeping a journal that narrated our imagined travels on the Mayflower. The creation of this journal lies at the forefront of my memories involving my discovery of the writing process. But more specifically, it was the moment my fourth grade teacher called home to tell my mom I needed to continue to write when I knew this was something I wanted to pursue for the rest of my academic career.

Now, eleven years later, my love of writing has manifested into more of a passion for academic argumentation, as well as personal expression, through the form of written word. Writing is the creative way in which I express my dynamic persona and venturesome aspirations. I applied to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Program because I feel as though this program will allow for immense growth in my craft. In this field of creative expression and collaboration, I will be able to address my strengths and weakness, as well as receive newly informed insight into the writing process.

Before applying to the Writing minor, I took numerous classes about the art of the essay; my first being English 125. In this class, I wrote an open letter to the future resident of my dorm room explaining all the highs and lows accompanying Freshman year. I chose this piece as my origin piece because it provides surface level exposure to a multitude of personal stories that were not fully dissected in my open letter. With this piece, there is plenty opportunity to dive into different genres and use different lenses to convey my overall story in a more thorough manner.