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We’re starting the application process for new Minor in Writing students for the Fall 2014 term. If you have any friends or classmates who you think might be interested in the program, there’s an Info Session right after break and the deadline to apply is March 24th. All of the information about applying is on the main Sweetland website. Thanks!

Don’t Forget to Select your Categories

Just a reminder to check your Blog Section and Cohort categories on your posts. Follow the example below and choose the Blog Section and Cohort that applies to you. Choose Community Blog to share with everyone. The Uncategorized category is chosen by default, so make sure to uncheck it.

It’s just that easy. Now go to the sidebar and do an Author search for yourself and see if any of your posts (at the bottom of each post) say Uncategorized. If they do please change them. If  logged in you should see an Edit link in the same area at the bottom of the post that will take you to the post’s admin section. Do it for Momma.

Word²: Writer to Writer with Maria Cotera

Hi Minors, this may have been mentioned in your class already… we’re hosting an event Thursday at 5pm at Literati Bookstore that I’m sure would be interesting and valuable to all of you. Literati is a cool spot if you haven’t been before, and Maria is an all-around awesome person who will inspire you and give you added insight into writing and how a professor reads student writing.

We are taking questions to ask Maria in advance if you have any. Go here if you are interested in asking a question. You’ll receive a mention (the talk is also broadcast on WCBN, and will be recorded).


What are we doing, what are you doing?


Hello everyone. We would love you to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, but more importantly we would love to hear about and promote your big news, awards, events, or accomplishments this semester. We want to hear about the little things too. Send me an email, dm us, or you can tag your Tweet or Instagram with the hashtag #minorinwriting. Help share the Minor in Writing experience (where you write, how you write, pictures of anyone who falls asleep in class). Have fun with it.