Blind Competition

First, I want to include a link to my original source for project 2. Here it is:

Feel free to explore it to get a better understanding of my project’s intent.

As explained in my proposal, I am going to create a business plan/feasibility analysis for opening a rock music venue in Ann Arbor. As part of my initial research, I begun by looking at competition. The most direct competition I found was another popular venue for alternative rock music, the Blind Pig. To learn more about this successful business, I decided to visit their website. The purpose of learning your competition is to know what is working, what isn’t, and what is still not being offered that customers would like to see.

From this initial research, I was able to view the acts that are coming to the blind pig so I can offer something new. I also took down pricing tips. Lastly, I must consider timing conflicts between shows at the Blind Pig and other venues to allow the opportunity for the most potential visitors to my club.index_header

Additionally, based on this image, I now that I am going to need a very strong marketing technique to catch the eye of the average college student.

Rock On!

For me, the decision of selecting a written piece for my project was relatively easy. After thinking it through, I’ve decided to use a “history of rock n’ roll” tumblr project I did last semester in an American Culture Class. However, when first thinking about what to choose I had three main categories in mind: standard academic essays, personal essays such as narratives and college application papers, and creative argumentation projects such as the one I have ultimately selected. After brief consideration, I quickly ruled out my standard academic essays. Although the articles or books they are about may be interesting, I found nothing I am super passionate about and would want to work with for the rest of the semester. Next, I read through all of my personal essays. Although I have a strong connection with these papers, I have been writing many personal narratives recently such as the Why I Write project in this class and another paper in my English 325 Class. A little worn out on writing about myself, I stumbled upon my rock and roll project and was immediately sold. I am very passionate about music and I’m convinced I can think of creative ways to re-purpose this project and present it and new and informative ways.

From Father to Son

Will Ruben’s inspiration for writing has always stemmed from his father. Together, they spend many late nights working on essays, discussing grammar rules, and re-building flawed sentences. He is now a student at the University of Michigan studying business and writing. Outside of the classroom, Will enjoys playing golf at the local course, exploring Ann Arbor, and strumming his guitar named Carson.

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