Capstone Project

My project is focused on expanding knowledge surrounding disordered eating. I wanted to create a project that emulated one possible mindset of some person recovering from an eating disorder. My hope was that it would serve as resource to those who may be struggling, while also providing insight into how difficult eating patterns are to change.

As I mention in my introduction essay, my Capstone project is modeled off the “choose your own reality” show, Bandersnatch. Bandersnatch is an episode of Black Mirror in which viewers choose the character’s destiny. The genre chosen was intentional. In the realm of “Choose your own reality,” options are limited and it may be required to start over.

Overall, I feel relieved to have finally written something that turns a negative experience that I had into a resource that may be useful to others.

Final Project Complete!

After countless hours of narrative writing and interviews, I am so happy to say I will be turning in this capstone project now! It is a resource and experience guide for student survivors here on campus. Each field of resource is explored (i.e., medical, psychological, legal, academic, and local events), and the main ones highlighted are followed by objective information and a clickable link to an actual experience of a student with that said resource.

Introducing My Project: Surveyances of Morningside Heights

Hello MiW community, without further ado, here is my site!

Surveyances of Morningside Heights is a longform poetry piece I have written which explores what makes a space a place for us. How do we make places bigger than their physical attributes? I look at this through a relationship, the place’s history, and my own memories of experiencing this place. Within this I explore how memory work on an objective and subjective basis, and how they work sometimes outside of a chronological timeline. And it’s about who can claim a relationship- to a place, or to a person.

The piece takes form on the site as a digital poetry map so that you can explore my version of Morningside Heights, both through the locations on the map as well as through my images and words. I hope you enjoy!


My Project

I’m excited to show my project to the world! In short, I created campaign materials for an effort to convince the city of Ann Arbor to create universal preschool. These materials include four op-eds arguing from four different POVs, scripts for emailing and calling representatives, general talking points, and graphics people can share on social media. I hope you enjoy!

Concepts – A Podcast

Hi everyone! After cringing through about an hour of hearing myself talk (as well as hours of cut audio), I’m finally done. My capstone project is a podcast talking about concept albums as a genre, looking at some individual albums as case studies. Shout out to everyone who helped me through the process and to Shelley for being so wonderful for both my capstone and gateway.

Here’s the link below if you’d like to check it out.

My Capstone Project: Online Privacy Unlocked

Woohoo! I am so excited to announce that I have completed my Capstone project! It explores why protecting one’s online privacy matters through a series of articles and a guide that instructs readers on how to change privacy settings on a few sites from tech companies in the news recently (Facebook, Google, and Amazon). I have truly enjoyed working on this project and becoming more informed myself on this topic. I hope that readers also feel more aware after utilizing this site as a foundation! 

I would like to thank the class for their peer reviews on this project and Shelley for being a phenomenal instructor (as always!). Without further ado, I present to you Online Privacy Unlocked:

Capstone: Complete

After a semester of reflecting on a year-long religious journey, I can confidently say that I am finished. My capstone project offers a glimpse into the world of someone who observes the Sabbath by fully disconnecting from technology every week, from Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown. Where I will be in 10 years, who knows. But I am happy to have documented my current level of religiosity so that I have something to look back on in years to come.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me — through countless revisions, peer reviews, and being open to new ideas and rituals. And thank you to Shelley for being such an awesome instructor.

If you are interested in checking it out, find my site at this link:

Introducing my Capstone Project: Going Behind the Student Activist Leader Curtain

Hello, minor in writing community!

I can’t believe the time has come to report out about my capstone project. It feels like I was in the North Quad classroom for my gateway class last semester. Congrats to everyone on completing their gateway and capstone projects–and a special congratulations to the class of 2019!

I am bittersweet to share that I have officially finished my minor in writing capstone project: Going Behind the Student Activist Leader Curtain.

The opportunity to pursue my capstone project came at the perfect time: my final semester at the University of Michigan. I entered this project with a mission to provide student activists with a platform to elevate and empower their voices and work, but it also became an opportunity for me and the interviewees to mutually reflect on our time at Michigan and what the ideal Michigan would be like.

Through interviewing the various student activist leaders, I unexpectedly found myself using the post-interview conversation to reflect on our Michigan experiences. As I come to the end of my career, I am incredibly happy that I applied for the minor in writing. As a former speech and debate nerd, I have been able to use my minor in writing work to continue to polish my communication skills and learn how to better use my voice to serve others. More importantly, through this capstone project–and some other assignments–I have also begun my journey of helping provide others with platforms to empower their own voices.

What I wasn’t expecting from completing my capstone project was the array of emotions I and the interviewees experienced throughout the process. In navigating the interviews, I had a few unexpected heart-to-heart moments with the interviewees. The most notable was when we would discuss their campus legacies, realizing how one person can make a genuine, productive impact on our campus community. The other teary moments were completely unexpected: when I would simply say “thank you on behalf of the student body.” Almost all interviewees had the same glassy-eye, teary response. It left me speechless as I had the realization many of these critical student leaders seldom received any gratitude.

Thank you to all my friends, family, classmates, and educators (shout out, Shelley, for dealing with me twice! 🙂 ) for helping me complete my capstone project–and helping me navigate my Michigan experience. Although our campus is not a perfect institution, I hope my capstone project will help our campus community get even closer to our ideal Michigan.

Before I start getting too emotional…

You can check out my project, Going Behind the Student Activist Leader curtain here. I hope you enjoy–and become more cognizant of some of the incredible student activist leaders on our campus.

My Capstone is FINISHED

After a long and arduous journey, my Capstone project is finally finished. It’s an exploration of 10 different Romantic Comedies through the lens of labor: how does the film treat the woman’s job? What kind of relationship does she have with her profession? All this, and more. Can you believe?

I want to thank Shelley (duh), the rest of my class, everyone that I forced to watch a romcom with me, and Beyoncé (just ’cause). Here it is in all its glory: