We Made It :)

My final capstone project forced me to think about a future in which I will never live. I decided to craft an online gossip-like, dystopian magazine where I could merge my love for both writing and visual design. Imagining this future world, as it would be depicted in my magazine, was difficult. Unfortunately, my thoughts about the future–especially in the midst of a global pandemic and 4 years of incompetent leadership–were predominately pessimistic.

So much of life’s hardship is unanticipated until it arrives at our feet–so my attempt at depicting a future takes the form of various graphic art projects accompanied by writing. Through my painstaking, but enjoyable exploration of Adobe Creative cloud platforms, I was able to use art to incorporate some humor into my rather cynical project. In the end, I realized that despite the unease I felt towards the future–a perhaps scary future–that I would rather experience that than to sit in the comfort of apathy.  Then, at least, nobody could say they didn’t see it coming.



1,2,3,4,5! We did it! Hats off to everyone!

For my project, I accidentally did something illegal — accidentally on purpose, I guess. I had a great time doing this project, and am grateful that I had the platform to do what I did, the freedom to do what I did, and the support to do what I did.

For my project, I painted 14 electrical poles on my street — Dewey Street — and used each one as an opportunity to write about the art that I do and the things that go on in my head while I do the art that I do. Some are lists of things, some are more-or-less incoherent essays, and other are essays that proved very fruitful to write — those about privilege, race, audience, motivation, and more.

In the end, I’m very proud of the work that I did as well as incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn a surprising amount about the work that I do and why I do it. I really did this project to paint, but am walking away from this project with a much more sophisticated answer about why I do the work that I do and how to tie the two seemingly disparate sides of myself — my art and climate activism.

Thanks to all those who gave feedback and to Shelley for being a light in a dark and bizarre time. Hang in there everyone!

HERE WE GO: https://hansju.wixsite.com/pantingondeweystreet


We Made It!

Congratulations to everyone for finishing their Capstones! And a special, very warm and bittersweet congratulations to all my fellow seniors. For many of us, this is the last assignment we will ever turn in at Michigan. Hope you all are doing okay with the existential dread of being a new graduate (and if you aren’t, join the club!)

My Capstone is centered around a legal principle known as environmental personhood. Basically, the idea is that you give natural features (lakes, forests, rivers, etc.) many of the same rights as a legal person. It may sound like an alien concept at first, but the concept of personhood is much more abstract than one would think. This Capstone challenged me immensely. I found the creative non-fiction piece especially scary, because I am apparently very uncomfortable with vulnerability. At the end of the day, I really enjoyed creating my Capstone. You can find it here.

Thank you to the MiW staff, especially Professor Shelley Manis. Shelley was so inspiring and understanding during the pandemic, and before the whole thing too! It meant so much to so many of us.

Ramblings of a Technical Writer

Hey y’all, excited to share my finished Capstone project with you. For my project, I created a technical writing blog in which I analyze and critique technical documents. For those unfamiliar, technical documents are typically instructions or other types of reference materials – they’re informative and dry, with little room for nonsense.

My blog, on the other hand, has a lot of room for nonsense. I noticed that most other technical writing blogs were just super boring, so I decided to differentiate my blog with a more humorous, casual tone. This should make my project a bit more entertaining/interesting for people besides technical writers.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with the project. I felt like I was able to offer insightful analysis into each document without making it a total snoozefest. I didn’t quite expect each of my posts to lead me down such long, weird rabbit holes, but I enjoyed digging deeper into documents that most people don’t think twice about.

Here’s my final project site: https://alexlopez2020.wixsite.com/technicalwritingblog

I hope y’all are doing well, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your projects.

Capstone Project Introduction

Hello writers!

I am excited to have finished my capstone project, which has been pretty difficult during this COVID-19 pandemic. Is anyone else feeling like their writing brain has totally shut down right now?

Still, I managed to finish the project, and it’s bittersweet to be done with MiW. For capstone, my project was meant to be a small collection of essays that attempt to critique neoliberal feminism and introduce feminist scholarship to new and young feminists. Some of the essays are personal, some of them are theory-based, but I hope all of them deepen one’s understanding of feminism and how necessary it is for all of us.

You can find my project here.

Thank you to all of the wonderful professors I’ve had in MiW, specifically Professors Shelley Manis and Jimmy Brancho, and all of the advisors and support staff who help all of us so much.

Capstone Project: Zero Waste Eating on a Budget

I can’t believe this semester is already over. I still remember the beginning of the term when I was trying to brainstorm and choose project ideas. I am now excited to present my finished Capstone project.

For my project, I chose to challenge myself, for the first time, to reduce waste by living two weeks without producing any food waste, including waste from food packaging. My experience and research conducted during the challenge was documented in a blog and video. I am so glad that I chose to do this project because I learned so much about everyday environmental habits and even video editing. It was also really fun. As a college student, I understand how time and finances may be drawbacks to eating zero waste, but through this challenge, I know it is possible! I hope you learn a lot from the research I incorporated into the blog posts, maybe even sparking more of your interest in environmental sustainability.

Thank you everyone for providing feedback on my drafts all along the way and helping me develop this project.


Capstone Project Introduction: Dreams

Hi all,

As final projects, like this one, are completed and exams passed, the semester is winding down. It doesn’t feel real.

In my project, I wanted to analyze and discuss dreams in multiple ways. While it may not be the most important talking point right now, dreams are a weird topic to discuss. Even after a semester of work, it sometimes feels weird saying I wrote about dreams. But by acknowledging our dreams more, talking about them, and seeing how they are presented in movies, only helps to understand ourselves. I hope my project inspires you to remember your dreams.

As a side note, while I’m proud of my project, it wasn’t fully what I planned for it to be. My friend who was going to help me with the artwork no longer could so the images and layout doesn’t always look perfect; I have very limited graphic design skills. I did recruit some other friends to write two poems and ask questions about their dreams or sleeping habits.

Here it is! Or the link anyways… https://zweng8.wixsite.com/writingcapstone

Congratulations everyone on finishing their projects and the semester!

Capstone Project

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are staying safe and healthy! Even int he midst of all of this, it’s crazy to think than an entire semester has gone by (in some form or another) since starting this course. Due to the current situation, I was not able to get an expert interview in time. Nevertheless, I was able to rely on online sources and peer interviews form my research.

For my capstone project, I decided to explore the skepticism often associated with the Zodiac. I set out to investigate why skepticism of the zodiac exists, what caused it, and what drives people to believe — or disbelieve — in the entire system. Being that astronomy has always been extremely interesting to me, this was a really interesting project for me to embark on. With everyone’s feedback in mind, I hope I created what is an informative, intriguing, and aesthetically pleasing site.

Thank you all for a great semester! Stay safe, and congratulations on graduating!




Capstone Introduction: La Vida Despues (Life After) – A Climate Change Short Story

If you told me at the beginning of the semester that my last month in college would be spent from my home 2,000 miles away from Michigan because a global pandemic was happening, I probably would’ve asked what you had been indulging in that night. But, here we are. I’m writing this post from the desk I used to do high school homework from and a desk I never thought I’d use for college homework.

But let’s forget that. I’m here to introduce my capstone project. I went into this project with the idea of writing something tackling climate change or other environmental issues via a creative medium. In the end, I wrote a short story. I went in not even having much experience with short stories as a medium, let alone writing them so it was definitely a learning experience. However, I am very happy I chose this medium because it definitely provided me with the challenge I wanted in my capstone project. While I didn’t have any experience with short stories prior to this project, I did have experience in its subject matter, climate change.

I consider climate change one of the most pressing issues facing people today and I think others should too. It’s a phenomenon that will greatly impact our future and has already shown its ugly face on multiple occasions. I’m constantly thinking of all the dangers it can bring to myself, my family, my friends, and my home of Puerto Rico. So, I present La Vida Despues (Life After), a short story of a future heavily impacted by climate change. While the story is fictional, the setting and scenarios presented in the story are based on sound climate change projections described in multiple published reports and research articles. The purpose of the story is to give the reader a picture of what our future is being predicted to be unless we take action against climate change. It also serves as a way to communicate the hardcore science behind climate change in a way that can be accessed by the general public. I hope that this story serves as a wake-up call for those who still don’t consider climate change a pressing issue (*coughs* Trump). Either way, I hope the story is engaging to everybody and that readers can come out having learned significantly about climate change.

I want to thank everybody that helped me with this project from my classmates providing me with great feedback to Shelley for giving me great ideas for how to structure and develop my story. I also want to shoutout everyone that continuously works to promote climate change action and hope that the fight continues.

Without further ado, La Vida Despues (Life After).

Chloe Fishbein Capstone Project

Hi everyone,

I am proud to finally present my Capstone Project to you all. As we all know, it’s been a tough semester. My project didn’t necessarily come out the way I had planned for, but I am proud of the work I accomplished under the circumstances.

My Capstone Project focuses on the question: Why is it important for young women to have strong female role models? As you will see when reading my project, this question personally affects me. I wanted to choose a project topic that I could connect with and allow my personal experiences to shine through. Much of my project is about my personal experiences and the experiences of my own female role models. I am proud of myself for opening up and allowing all of you to see the real me.

I also included research about the current conversation and the role that famous women and fictional characters play in understanding the importance of a female role model.

I believe that my mix of writing forms, such as an opinion essay, research essay, and personal narrative, all make for an interesting take on my central question. I hope that you learn more about female role models and their importance, while also learning more about one of your fellow classmates.

Congrats to those graduating and congrats to completing your Writing Capstone!

Without further ado, here is my capstone link: https://chloef2.wixsite.com/capstone


Chloe Fishbein