Introducing Me

Hey guys! My name is Sunitha Palat and I’m from Long Island, NY. I’m in the business school at Michigan but I’m not sure what I’ll be studying yet. In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends, watch Netflix (especially Parks and Rec, Arrested Development) and listen to music. I like going out but also love a night in! Message me if you’re looking for a roommate!

…So, did my last sentence throw you off? Or did you already think I was pretty basic from just the first few sentences of my introduction? A year and a half ago, I was that incoming freshman scheming to find a roommate–a cool, fun friend–to begin my journey through college with. Yet, looking back on these formulaic introductions, I realized that many did not describe who a person was at all. I like going out, but also love a night in! Who doesn’t?

When I put my identity into the University of Michigan Class of 2022 Facebook group, I tried my best to be unique. I avoided the cliches as best as I could and tried to tell it how it is. Yet after a wonderful freshman year of self-exploration and discovery, growth, learning, and shaping experiences (side note, I promise I’m not dramatic), I think I’ll be able to describe my identity to you all slightly better.

Hello all, my name is Sunitha Palat. I’m a hesitant and nervous, yet also assured and confident business/marketing major from Long Island, a place I loved growing up, but now see as a white-majority bubble that did not allow me a truly diverse upbringing. In the time away from schoolwork and attempting to work towards my career, I love surrounding myself with those who I love. On campus, I’ve found a great friend group who supports me, makes me laugh, and really has brought out my best self. With them, I’ve had the best nights of my life.

In addition, I am a music (listening) afiando specializing in indie, and indie with hip-hop elements. I would die for Frank Ocean, Yellow Days, Tame Impala…the list goes on. Side note, the happiest moment of my life was listening to “Let It Happen” by Tame Impala at a festival while under the stars with confetti cannons shooting out as the bass dropped (while being surrounded by my best friends). I love to surf Spotify–I often call it my favorite social media platform–organize my feelings into playlists, and stalk my friends to see what music they’ve been listening to. 

Like most other girls, I generally have a soft spot for the quirky things in life like small bookstores, vinyl records, and plaid pants. I’m also a huge foodie and reference 30% of my life on Yelp. That being said, if anyone needs food recommendations in Ann Arbor let me know

The reason I’m here though was a large part of the self-discovery I made during my freshman year. As I immersed myself in filling course requirements, trying to apply for clubs and positions to help a marketing career, and try to find a place in the quickly paced atmosphere of Ross, I found myself missing the chance to write. From the stories I wrote in elementary school to the academic arguments I so carefully crafted in English 125, the act of writing has always allowed me solace and the ability to really express my thoughts in ways words cannot do for me. I applied to the minor in hopes of finding a community who feels the same, and with which I can develop my personal passions.

I’m very excited to begin this journey with the Sweetland Center to refine my personal and professional writing capabilities and to get to know all of you even more!