Writing 220 Introduction: JUDE EYAMBA

Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Jude Eyamba and I’m a sophomore majoring in BCN. I was born in Nigeria, Africa but I’ve been in Grand Rapids, Michigan for almost 13 years now. I’m extremely happy to be a part of this wonderful program.

Why MIW?

I really didn’t start loving to write until 9th grade but before that I was an avid reader. I read everything and anything that I could get my hands on. My inspiration for writing began when I read the “Book Thief” by Mark Zusak in high school and fell captivated by the way he structured his book and the meaning behind his book. I started writing poetry and soon wanted to learn how to write in other styles of writing but my high school, just like many other high schools, only focused on the five paragraph essays that was quite boring. Coming to U of M and learning about the MIW sparked my interest because I knew that MIW would be able to introduce me to the different styles of writing that I wanted to be involved in.

What inspires me to write?

I’m mostly inspired by the things around me. Sometimes even a television show inspires me to write something down or even a book. I try to always be opened minded and observant to my surrounding because I find this to be the best way to stay creative

How do I spend my time at school?

When I’m not doing anything academic related I’m either working on research at the School of Public Health or working out at the CCRB.




WRITING 220 Introduction: Jessica Gomes-Ng


I’m Jess, and I’m a junior majoring in Musical Theatre and minoring in…lots of suspense here…Writing!

I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. My family and my puppy (aka the love of my life) reside there:

Outside of my major, I’m interested in a bunch of different things, including travel, photography, fashion, and community service!

When I was little, I used to write unfinished draft after unfinished draft of stories. I loved (and still love) reading. I’ve always had a strong interest in writing, and I was pretty confident I would be an English major in college. But in my junior/senior year of high school, I had this truly uninspiring teacher who made me fall out of love with the idea of studying English in college, and I ended up pursuing other avenues.

That all changed when I came to U of M! Aside from completing UMich’s standard writing requirements, I ended up enrolling in Dr. John Rubadeau’s ENG425 class. This class was truly quite transformative for me. I loved every minute in it, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is even remotely interested (or even anyone who isn’t — he’ll change your mind) in writing.

Last year, I realized that I’m very passionate about getting my voice out there! Not only am I interested in songwriting, but I also am so fascinated by how technology has changed the way that literature & writing is shared with the world. I trust that this minor will help me to further develop my voice and become a versatile writer, reader, and thinker.

Writing 220 Introduction: Adele Gendron

Hello, it’s me, Adele Gendron. Besides having the same name as a famous singer, another fact about me is that I am sophomore here at the University of Michigan majoring in Communication Studies. I have always had a passion for writing, whether that be for school or pleasure. When I heard about the Minor in Writing program, I knew it would be a good match.

Portrait by Kristen Elizabeth Photography

Why I chose the Minor in Writing?

Writing has always been a part of my life. Growing up in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I would write stories of summers filled with tourists and life on the lake. I loved translating what I saw into words and what I felt into sentences. This became part of my academic work as well. After I am given a prompt, I start to have strong feelings about what I will write. I have found that both academic and creative work is therapeutic for me.

However, I didn’t chose MiW solely because of the therapy sessions it will give me. With my major and future career, writing will no doubt be a part of the job, whether that writing comes in the form of communications plans, blog posts, tweets, or reports. My hope is that the Minor in Writing will better equip and grow my writing in these areas.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (right in my hometown)


My list of inspirations could be very long and I will not bore you with it. But I look up to authors such as J.K. Rowling, Margaret Atwood, Jennifer Brown, John Green, Lois Lowry and Madeleine L’Engle. Just to name a few. I adore musicals such as Hamilton: An American MusicalNext to NormalAnnie, and more. I’m also very much into films, to the point of having competitions about who can guess the most wins correctly at an awards show. Favorites include Whiplash, UP, Short Term 12, and The Little Mermaid. I love how a movie, book, or musical can take you to a place you have not experienced and tap into emotions you didn’t know were there.

Portrait ft. HP by Garnet Photography (Sarah Schultz)

What I Do?

Here at UMich, I am involved in the Christian organization Cru. In this group, I serve on the Social Media Team as the Instagram Manager (follow @michigancru for more.) If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this organization head to michigancru.com or come to the Union Ballroom on Thursday night at 8pm! Besides Cru, I enjoy spending time with my friends, being the world’s hungriest picky eater, wandering around the botanical gardens, and volunteering.

Cru’s All Campus Gathering, every Thursday night at 8pm
Botanical Gardens!



For Now,

Adele Gendron


WRITING 220 Introduction: Ashley Preston

Hi everyone!

My name is Ashley and I’m a Junior majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in, you guessed it, Writing!

If I would’ve told high school Ashley that she would be a writing minor in a few short years I would have never believed it. I mean who signs up to write MORE essays in college? Before the administrators rethink my admission to the program, let me tell you about my journey with writing.

Writing wasn’t a big part of my life until college. In fact, my favorite subjects in high school were math and sciences. My first writing experience that I would say got me “hooked” was writing for the Michigan Journal my first year of college at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. I wrote sports opinion and got lots of encouragement from family and friends with positive feedback. And since, I really haven’t stopped writing.

I would say that my interest in writing is specific to sports, though I enjoy writing deep and personal stories as well. I currently have a communications internship with Michigan Athletics where I’ve begun to really look at how important it is to think about the audience you’re writing for. One of my duties is to tweet the play-by-plays for certain sports, and while I never really thought of “tweeting” as writing — it totally is! As a communications major, I look to place a strong emphasis on my development with new media writing such as tweets, blogs, etc.

Outside of writing and academia, you can find me hanging out with friends, watching sports, and spending time “up north” at my family’s cabin.

Writing 220 Introduction: Josie Jakary

Hey guys! My name is Josie Jakary and I am a sophomore majoring in BCN on a pre-law track.

So why did I choose the Minor in Writing? Great question because I never enjoyed writing until I got to the University of Michigan. The five-paragraph essays were a complete bore throughout middle school and high school, and I felt as though I was writing nothing more than a summary of a book or research. When I came here, English 125 (and my awesome professor Tricia Khleif) changed not only my perspective on writing, but the class taught me how to attack abstract writing and showed me how to write with a purpose.

What mostly inspires me to write is my experiences. Sure, everyone has them and one’s life will be complex in its own way, but I just write in hopes to make sense of what I seemingly think to be an odd life. Within the last five years, my parents got divorced, I have lived in six different cities, I recently became a part of a multiracial/multicultural/multifaith family, and I have varied in socioeconomic statuses and locations. So within many of these changes, struggles, and exciting events, writing has simply become a mainstream outlet for me when I cannot put into words my thoughts and feelings surrounding these experiences.

Some other fun facts about me, I am still not able to stay away from writing because I do sometimes write my own lyrics and songs while playing my guitar! I also loves the outdoors; running and soccer are some decent talents of mine. As for involvement here on campus, I am currently working in a lab analyzing emotion regulation and self-control. I currently just got put in charge of two new studies coming out this semester, so fingers crossed that they run successfully! Lastly, I am extremely excited to be volunteering as a Girls on the Run Coach this spring through my sorority.


Hi Everyone!

My name is Sam Hund! I’m a sophomore just beginning my Minor in Writing! I’m so excited to be a part of this program. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself:

Why MIW?
In middle school I was taught that a proper essay had five paragraphs. While this concept was modified in high school, I was still left with little to no freedom, as my essays needed to have on introduction paragraph, three “subclaims”, and a conclusion. I think it was because of these constraints that I was never able to appreciate or enjoy writing. However, all of this changed when I entered my English 125 class. This was the first time that I had the option to write in my own style. More importantly, this class taught me that I don’t have to know all of the answers before I sit down to write. Instead, it fostered a concept – one that I want to continue to appreciate and refine – in which the process of writing, itself, can be what leads one to the discovery of an answer or conclusion.

What inspires me?
Everything. When I am assigned a prompt, I use everyday occurrences, objects, etc. as inspirations leading to further analyses. However, I have noticed that I am particularly drawn to topics in feminism and style. These are two things that I am passionate, educated, and opinionated on, making it particularly easy to further investigate.

How do I spend my time while at school?
If I’m not in class, I am most likely in the Espresso Royale on South University, studying for the classes that count towards my Cellular and Molecular Biology major. I may also be researching the behavior of glycoproteins in Dr. MacAlister’s lab, or hanging out with my friends in my sorority house. Lastly, I love running in the Arb (when it’s not so miserable out) or taking spin classes at my new obsession, MVMNT Indoor Cycling.









Writing 220 Introduction: Danielle Colburn

Hi everyone!

My name is Danielle Colburn. I am a junior majoring in English and minoring in Business and, of course, Writing. I am from a smallish town in Michigan called Byron Center, which is pretty close to Grand Rapids.

I am minoring in Writing because I started thinking about how almost everything I do, class-wise and extracurricular-wise, has to do with words. I work at the Michigan Daily as a copy editor and I work on two student-run literary magazines on campus. I (obviously) spend a lot of time reading and writing in my English classes. I’m hoping the Minor in Writing program will give me an opportunity to explore different forms of writing and to figure out who I am as a writer outside of strictly academic work. I attended NELP this past spring, I had the chance to do a lot of personal writing. This really urged me to spend more time on long-term writing projects that are more personal or directed by me. (By the way, NELP was an amazing experience and I would be happy to talk about it with anyone who is interested!)

I really enjoy poetry; though I haven’t written any in awhile, I love reading it.  One of my favorite collections is Kingdom Animalia by Aracelis Girmay. I am crazy about Hamilton: An American Musical, and I think that Lin Manuel Miranda — the playwright, lyricist, composer, etc — is one of the coolest people ever. I am interested in how mainstream forms of writing and media can be used to make progress in areas of social justice.

The picture of myself I’m including is from NELP, when I had a buzzcut and saw a moose on Mt. Washington.