Websites Layouts

Below are pictures and descriptions of my favorite two websites that I would like to emulate for my portfolio (click the images to make them larger)….

1.  Cupcakes and Cashmere


(screen shots from

Cupcakes and Cashmere is a website that discusses everything from fashion to cooking to house design.  When looking at the design of this website, I really liked the use of text and images–the way they are formatted seems to compliment one another.  I also like the use of color.  Personally, I find websites with too much color overwhelming, and I think that this website has the perfect balance of color and white space.  Most of the color seems to come from pictures rather than text, and I think that this makes it easier to focus on the images as separate from the text.  In addition to the use of color, everything is properly aligned and each of the pictures in a given post is the same size; this makes the website pleasing to the eye.  Also, the author of this blog uses regularly uses  hyperlinks (both internal and external), and incorporates them nicely into her text.

2New York Magazine






(screen shots from

The NYmag website has a lot more going on than cupcakes and cashmere; however, the website still looks clean (which I tend to like).   This website uses color as an accent (it is mainly used in images although some text is colorful).  Again, while color is incorporates in the text and images, it is not overpowering.  Similar to cupcakes and cashmere, there is a clear separation of text and images and an appropriate use of white space.  Also, while this website does have a lot going on, the clean black lines that separate the text and different sections of the magazine make the website easy to follow.  Another aspect of this site that I like is the use of different fonts.  While this style is not suitable for every website, I think the different fonts and sizes work to break up the large amount of text found on this website.