Writing Tests

Interviews are nerve-wracking enough as is. Add in a two- hour-long writing test, and the pressure is on. I’ve recently been interviewing for summer internships and jobs and have had to bring my A game, not only in communicating but also in writing. Good thing I’m a comm major and a writing minor!

The writing tests I’ve received through email haven’t been so bad. They are similar to short answer portions of exams and have required me to research, write, and share new ideas. It was my most recent writing test that really tested my skills. After being interviewed by three different people and showing off some of my published work, I was brought to a computer and shown a nine-page online writing test with a two-hour time limit printed on the screen. I was allowed to use the Internet to help me and was told I could get out my AP stylebook if I brought it. Note to self: always bring your AP stylebook, and if you don’t own one, go buy one.

The writing test started out with three multiple choice questions followed by a free response portion, an editing section, a research portion, and then a writing press release section. It was overwhelming to say the least. Not to mention I had a bad cold and could barely breathe throughout the test. I read through the directions and immediately got to work. Even with Google as a lifeline, I could not figure out one of the multiple choice questions: the deadline for the business section of a newspaper. I felt like I was in a time crunch as I did whatever I could to show off my best work. All I can say is I’m glad it’s over with. I’ll be sure to research AP style better before my next writing test!