Brooke Gabriel doesn’t like cats…

…but is otherwise a pretty decent human being.

Brooke is what happens when you combine equal parts self-deprecation, goofy impulses, and Catholic guilt with a full head of thick, unruly hair, and stew until frustrated enough to do something about it.  She presently attends the University of Michigan, where she is trying desperately to become a real person and hopefully earn something resembling a degree in the process.

Sometimes Brooke looks like this. Other days, she isn’t so lucky.

Not Quite An Author Bio


The Author: Breanna Dey
The Author: Breanna Dey

Breanna Dey is a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a cousin, a friend, a student, a stylist, a smiler, a hummer, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. She is not a cook, a cleaner, a shopper, an artist, a poet, or a pessimist. She aspires to write words that make people feel deeply, and to avoid the comma splice and boring author bios. She lives in Ann Arbor, but she hopes to live all over the world. Someday she will.