See ya!

Well, this is a bit surreal. This blog post marks my last assignment at Michigan. High Stakes!

I’m happy to share with you all my new portfolio. My last one was an utter disaster and I wish there were some way to destroy it. Without further adieu, here is the link you have been waiting for:

Check it out. Read every word. Just kidding; don’t do that. Well, unless you want to. Anyway, my portfolio, titled “The Writer,” was a way for me to showcase my personality through writing. When I began to write my Evolution Essay, I realized my writing progression is gigantic metaphor for who I am. That essay is what I want you to read most. And hopefully that will give you an urge to read more of my work which is plastered all over the site!

My capstone was a long-form feature about an Ann Arbor chef, who wants to end the stereotype that Gordon Ramsay has created for all chefs. They don’t all yell and scream. Writing about a chef was difficult; especially because I had no idea what would be cliché and what wouldn’t. I gave it my best shot and hope you enjoy it should you read it.

Most of all, please read the evolution essay: I never opened up like this before — that should entice you.

Before I go, thanks to everyone in my class. You’ve all been great. Special shootout to Julie — you challenged me when I didn’t want to be.


PS: Check out my portfolio! And read the evolution essay.