This Is It

No, not that Michael Jackson rockumentary from 2009, silly. This is my final blog post on the Minor in Writing Blog. And I think short and sweet is the name of the game for this one.

The Minor in Writing has been good to me, and I say lots of nice things about it in my Capstone portfolio, which I’ll link to at the end of this post. (Patience, friend. Patience.) Presently, that Dr. Dre song “The Next Episode” (featuring Snoop Dogg) is playing on my iTunes, and I think that’s pretty neat. That is all I have to say about that; we don’t have time for clichés.

I think my portfolio — as well as this post — is decently effective in showcasing my personality, and that’s all we can really hope our writing will accomplish, am I right? Maybe. It’s kind of doubtful. But that is besides the point.

I love playing with language — ask anyone who texts me on the regular — and that message is written all over my portfolio (not literally). It was both time-consuming and rather rewarding to put together this final portfolio and, even more so, my Capstone project. And seriously, we’re just wasting time here right now.

Get off this blog and check this out, pal:

The only promise I make is that you will enjoy yourself, and the picture of Nic Cage as the Mona Lisa below.

This is Nic Cage as the Mona Lisa. I hope you enjoy it.
Rage in the Cage.



Some Early Capstone Portfolio Thoughts

At first I was considering revising my gateway portfolio, but then I had a new idea to create a “vertically scrolling” or “long scrolling” website. I’m still not 100% sure if this idea will be effective or even work out, but here’s what I’m thinking:

My developmental essay unfolds in a very linear progression. I start in one place and point out many essays along the way that have step by step gotten me to who I am as a writer and who I aspire to be as a writer moving forward. As a result, I think that a vertically scrolling portfolio could work as an interesting way to guide my viewer through this development in the exact way I want them to. As the viewer scrolls the developmental essay would be split up as the introduction/reflection to the piece, then the piece would appear, then the next section of my developmental essay, and so on. Each “page” would be a different color as you scroll so there is at least a little something breaking up the otherwise constant scrolling.





In this vision, there would be no option to click around to different essays/pages out of order. The viewer would be forced to to walk through this journey as I present it. However, I wonder if as a viewer this would be annoying. Would your attention be kept until the end? Would you be willing to scroll through or would I lose viewers half way? I considered having buttons to skip to a different page, but this kind of defeats the whole purpose so I feel a bit torn. I would also need to figure out where the about me section would go. Right now it doesn’t really make sense to put it at the beginning or the end, so this is something I need to think about.

Anyone have thoughts or experiences with vertical websites? I’d love to hear them!