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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I originally came up with the idea to create a vertically scrolling e-portfolio to match the step by step format of my developmental essay. I really wanted my portfolio to start in one place and end in another. So this week I decided to go ahead and draft a vertically scrolling e-portfolio. It was certainly tedious to make, but I figured the only way I’d ever decide if I actually liked the idea was to just try it and see. Now that I’m so invested in it I could really use some outside feedback. Does you like it? Do you hate it? Is it a hassle? Please let me know!

There are a ton of work-in-progress elements that I still need to clean up. The last sections aren’t finished, and some of the buttons don’t work yet…but just ignore that if possible! The colors are also a hot mess. You can barely see many of the side buttons against the blues but I was too lazy to go through and change everything just yet. But, in terms of color, does starting with a light shade and having it get progressively darker until my capstone project section matches the header work? Or is it too bland/monotonous? Would you prefer sections to be different colors all together? Also, the reflective writing above each piece is a portion of my developmental essay. This is from the first draft, so the final portfolio will have the revised essay and some better transitions. Still, how do you feel about the developmental essay split up in this way? There is also no about me page. I personally don’t mind this because I hate about me pages and I’ve defined my audience as a more personal group — friends, family, classmates, and the Sweetland grader — so I won’t be using it for professional purposes. Still, do you think it should have an about me page? Lastly, does the site fit your internet page? I’m having trouble with how wide to make it…right now it fits my screen but I’m curious to see what it looks like on other people’s screens or one of the larger screens in class.

Wow…sorry for so many questions! Any and all feedback is welcome!

Here’s the link:

Not sure exactly how this works but here is the “feedback” link that Blake suggested:

Capstone Project Struggles

For my capstone project, I’m writing a short story. Fiction is not my forte, and I’ve conducted some preliminary research to learn different brainstorming and writing techniques (Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft by Janet Burroway & What If? Writing Exercises for Fiction Writers by Anne Bernays). Though these sources are extremely helpful, they don’t address some more personal problems that I’m facing.

In my story, I’m writing from multiple points of view. In order to achieve a distinct voice for each character, I’ve used somebody I know as a model. For example, I thought to myself, “what would so-and-so think in this situation? How would he/she react in this circumstance?” While my story is entirely fiction, my characters are very identifiable as people in my life. And in order to make the story realistic and interesting, I have exposed some of their greatest flaws. The average reader might not recognize this, but for those who are close to me, they will immediately know who I’ve used as for my character models.

My problem is this: I’m scared to show my story to those who I’ve modeled characters after. I’m nervous that they will be offended that I have portrayed them in a way that exposes their shortcomings. I fear that they will be mad at me for writing about personal situations, even though I’ve changed enough details to call the piece fiction.

What do I do? Should I show them my story? Since I’m posting it on a public website (my capstone e-Portfolio) I’m sure they’ll eventually stumble upon it. All advice is welcome.


Capstone e-Portfolio Draft

Since I last posted about my capstone e-Portfolio, I’ve made major progress. I’ve created the actual site,  inserted text and images, and come up with a tentative theme. I’m really excited about the direction I’ve chosen for the site. Below is a description of the progress I’ve made, along with some questions I have. I’d love some constructive feedback!

I’ve decided to follow a travel theme. On the first page, the text reads:

“Welcome to LindaTell Airlines!

We’d like to take a moment to tell you a bit about today’s site.

First, you’ll notice two navigation bars. The top one is for site visitors who are traveling for pleasure.

The second is for those of you who are traveling for business—capstone evaluators—and can be accessed by selecting the three lines on the upper right.

LindaTell Airlines can take you to a diverse array of destinations, including the lush forests of non-fiction, the calming coasts of fiction, and the vibrant cities of multi-media. While you’re here, we encourage you to indulge your inner wanderlust.

To ensure full attention, please turn off all electronic devices at this time.

And remember, this is a non-smoking website. Tampering with the smoke detector in the restroom is prohibited.

Once again, thanks for choosing Linda Tell Airlines. We hope you enjoy your trip!”

The tabs are still split up as Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Multi-Media, as I wrote about in my last blog post (Mapping My Capstone Portfolio). Now, each page has a little blurb about each ‘destination.’ So for example, when you click on Non-Fiction, the text reads:

“Welcome to the lush forests of Non-fiction. Here you’ll notice nature in it’s truest form. There’s nothing artificial about Non-fiction, and that’s why travelers find it so appealing. So take a look around! You might just discover something new.”

I think that this theme will help me achieve a cohesive feel, and truly make the e-Portfolio an artifact in itself. I also think that this theme helps me convey the idea that I have created a diverse variety of genres. Each ‘location’ is a metaphor for each genre, which I hope will reinforce this idea of diversity.

I also think that the theme does a good job at explaining who I am as a writer — I’d like to think that I’m creative and quirky, two traits that I think usually shine through in my various artifacts.

Of course, this is just a draft of my e-portfolio, an outline of what is to come. But if you’re interested in seeing what I’ve created so far, the link is below:

Please click around and let me know what you think in the comments below! Is the theme working? Is it achieving the goals that I’ve stated above? What needs work? What should I add/change? All input is appreciated!

I’m looking forward to completing this project and I think I’m on my way to creating something unique, fun, interesting, and of course, representative of me as a writer.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

Literary Starbucks

It’s not procrastinating if this blog posts garners me points for class, yes? I just stumbled on Literary Starbucks, a collection of short posts, emulating the writing style of specific authors or literary characters, describing their hypothetical Starbucks’ coffee orders and experiences.

Holden Caulfield, for example:

Holden goes up to the counter to get a dark roast, but he’s forgotten all his money at home, so his little sister has to pay for it. He stares moodily out the window as he waits for it to brew, wondering where the ducks in the pond across the street go in the winter. Also, he’s pretty sure the barista is a phony.

I want to say that there’s a mini assignment tucked away somewhere that offers an exercise to write the same story using different voices, and this blog seems to do that super well. Just thought it might be a possible source of inspiration for those writing fiction and want to see examples of differentiating voices on a micro-level. Or for those needing to lie to themselves that they’re not procrastinating (read: me).

Drafting My Portfolio

Hey all!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and that you aren’t too stressed out (hehe wishful thinking…). If you’re feeling like I am, please enjoy this adorable GIF of a little duckling from my blog:
From Giphy


I just finished my draft of my capstone portfolio, which was way more entertaining than those history and energy politics papers I have blocked out for this time in my planner.

So far I really like the platform I am using, Weebly, and the design of the website. It is simple, but really functional. I also like the way I’ve separated my writing into left and right brain categories. I think this makes sense for my project and follows from my writer’s evolution essay. I have a lot of questions though:

  • For one, does the left and right brain concept make sense to you guys? Does it work throughout the portfolio or are there places where it isn’t as effective? Also, does the reflective writing introducing the pieces make sense, or is it too jumbled? Do I push the theme too far?
  • I also want to know how well the pieces I’ve chosen fit together. Do you feel like you get a good sense of my writing, or do you think I need to shuffle things around?
  • Lastly, the developmental essay involves pictures that are linked to the pieces the paragraphs discuss. Does this make sense here, or is it more confusing than helpful?

If you want to check out the portfolio, I just published it here. Once I published it, I realized some of the things look different in draft form compared to the actual published portfolio, so I’ll need to go through and fix that.

Happy writing!



Mapping my Capstone Portfolio

I’m planning on categorizing my work into three over-arching navigation pages: non-fiction, fiction, and multimedia. This will help maintain a cohesive feel throughout my site – I won’t isolate my capstone project and developmental essay from my other work.

I decided to categorize in this way in order to make the site easily accessible for a handful of audiences. Evaluators are looking for specific pieces, but other site visitors might be confused if the navigation was directed by specific assignment titles.

Each piece will be prefaced with a short blurb – here is where I will speak directly to my evaluator, explaining the content, and how it showcases a specific skill that I have acquired. This is also the way I plan to incorporate reflective material (in addition to my developmental essay, which in itself is reflective).

I think that my site’s organization will accurately represent me as a writer because it displays three distinct genres of writing (as well as sub-genres). I am a very flexible writer, and I have experience with various mediums. I want this aspect of my writing to be conveyed.

What do you guys think?


Commenting on Wix Pages for drafts

Hello all,

There is a cool feature on Wix that we all could take advantage of when it comes time to have our group members comment on our portfolio drafts, its the comments feature.  You simply click on the little bubble icon on the right hand side of your webpage in the edit setting.  It will give you a link you can email to your group members to allow them to put comments wherever they would like on your site in small bubbles.  To remove them after you have used them you can just simply click the little trash can on them.  Hope this helps some of you out with getting feedback on your portfolios.

Mapping my Eportfolio

For my portfolio I have decided to go with a new portfolio instead of building off of my gateway portfolio. My choice is not because I do not like my gateway portfolio, but because the design for the gateway does not really work for what I am trying to achieve with my Capstone portfolio.  I am adding a resume and about page just in case I would like to use it for a professional portfolio in the future.   I have chosen to map out my portfolio in this way because of the template that I have chosen to use in wix. I also like the minimalist look of the template that I chose, however with the type of map that I have laid out, a minimalist design could be a problem, but we’ll see when I get more into the designing of the portfolio.



Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 2.36.41 PM


Capstone project overview

My project consist of a couple different parts.  My first part will be a research paper in which I would be research gendered advertising.  I will be researching what makes something gendered and the motivations behind using gendered advertisements. Along with this research paper I will be taking a campaign that is gendered and analyzing it as part of the paper as well.  For the second part of my project I will be doing a concept board for an advertising campaign of my own, which will avoid the gendered aspects that I have in my research paper and analysis.  I believe that this project will help me to learn more about he industry that I am attempting to join and also help me learn more about the reasons behind using certain aspects of advertising to your advantage.

Capstone Portfolio Play

I  started playing around with Wix to create my capstone portfolio site, and I had forgotten how fun this is! I really liked my Gateway portfolio, and I looked back at it for inspiration and ideas for the Capstone one. For a minute I thought about using the same portfolio template again, since I was such a fan and spent a ton of time on it, but I figured I might as well go ahead and make a new one. I mapped out what I tentatively wanted for my portfolio, and then I started looking for themes on wix that might work well with my “vision.” Naturally, I decided it would be a good time to sort through an excessive number of pages of potential website templates to find a good one (I got to page 37, guys. And there are 6 templates per page, so that means I picked through 222 templates before I made a decision. Wuddup term paper due this week that I should’ve been working on 222 templates ago… #priorities). Anyway, I picked one and have been playing around with it and planning out which artifacts I’m going to include, and where they’re gonna go, and what fun fancy apps and widgets and all that will work with it. I chose a super minimalist theme that is just a white background with small, black writing, and minimal black lines. I plan to use a lot of photographs through out the portfolio to tie things together across the pages, and I think the use of photos against the minimal background will make them more impactful and provide for an engaging experience for my readers. I’m having a ton of fun so far with it! I’m really excited to keep building up my portfolio now, and I want to try lots of cool ways to integrate my assignments. I just figured out how to embed a powerpoint into my wix page, so that’s pretty awesome. I had a lot of trouble with all this website making stuff when I used Wix for the first time during the Gateway course, but I think it’ll be much better this time around since I’m already more familiar with the site builder and how to add all kinds of fun stuff. I also ended up going back through more old assignments to look for things that might fit together for the portfolio, and I found a project I did freshman year that I had totally forgotten about, but that’s kind of related to my Capstone project, which is awesome. Right now I’m feeling pretty positive about this portfolio (in case you couldn’t tell), and I’m excited to show it off in a couple weeks as a more refined product.