Help a Sista Out.

I need some help.


I’ve had ideas floating around in my head for Project III, but none of them seem good enough. I’m not satisfied with anything I’ve come up with so far. And as ashamed as I am to admit this, I’m dangerously close to settling on an idea I’m not all that enthused about.

*gasp* “Catherine, did you just use the “s” word on the Minor in Writing blog?!”

Yes, yes I did. I was out of line, but I do desperately need someone to talk to or comment on this post. I don’t want to settle–no one ever wants to settle–but, this project (as you all know) is a large undertaking and I need to get cracking, ASAP.  So please, for the well-being of not only your fellow cohort, but also the  integrity of the Minor in Writing Program, help.

My Project II was something I deemed an “anti-travel guide.” In short, it is a collection of six stories. Those six stories described six separate disasters I landed myself during the process of travel. I call it an “anti-travel guide,” because accompanying each of the anecdotes is a tip and a moral. For example, Tip #5 is “Don’t run red lights,” and the moral of that anecdote is “Don’t run a red light (especially the day before your roads test) or your mother will not allow you to take aforementioned roads test.” The stories are an attempt at humor, mostly sarcastic humor, so I want the self-depricating, light tone to continue into my remediation.

I’ve had the idea to do humorous video-interviews, similar to those of “Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.” I’d interview people who have funny stories about their traveling experiences and have them tell their story. But how do I galvanize people (with enough confidence to go on camera) to take time out of their busy schedules, and go all the way to the dude and film interviews in front of the green screen? It just doesn’t seem reasonably feasible to me.

Another idea I had was to make a satirical “travel blog.” Mocking the glamorous pictures and stories of internet-famous travelers. But this idea just feels bleh. I myself wouldn’t even want to explore this satirical blog, so how can I expect my audience to want to?

Another idea was to make a storyboard for each of my anecdotes. Has anyone seen Argo? Do you know the scene where the hostages and Ben Affleck are trying to get back home through the airport and they get stopped by security? Then one of the hostages uses the storyboards from the “movie” to convince security that they are indeed a “film crew from Canada.” Well, if you haven’t seen Argo or don’t remember that scene, hopefully you still know what a storyboard is. Anyways, the idea was to draw/create comic-like storyboards that depict the sequence of events in each of my anecdotes. My anecdotes are very sequential, so this medium would lend itself to my project. My concern? I guess my only gripe with this idea is the feeling that I can do better, utilize the awesome resources at my disposal, create something more impressive. Alas, maybe I cannot.

So I ask unto you all: whatcha think? Do any of my idea have promise? Do you have suggestions, tweaks, solutions to any of my current ideas? Or did my cathartic brainstorm spark any other ideas in you? Please help a sista out and comment below if you have anything to say, anything to say at all. Thanks for listening and best of luck with your projects. Onward!

Just Spitballin’ Here

I was scrolling through my past documents on my laptop, there are some real doozies in there—not in a good way. But I came across my application letter to the Sweetland Minor in Writing Program. I had forgotten what I wrote about, but as a was re-reading it, my inspiration returned to me. I had written about my grandfather. As a Journalism major, he is always telling me to learn how to write. He’s always telling me that writing is the most important skill you can have. He says that no matter how intelligent someone is, if he sounds like a fool in writing, he won’t be taken seriously. Now, I understand that my grandfather grew up in very different times. People don’t rely on writing as much as they used to, and engineers are in much higher demand than journalists. But I made a promise to my grandfather and I have every intention of keeping it.

For my project I plan to make an academic argumentation on the importance of writing. I want to emphasize the importance of teaching proper writing skills in grade school. I also want to argue that even in an increasingly technological society, being able to write is as necessary a skill as any. The skill transcends to being able to communicate clearly in any situation, and through any medium.

I don’t know what publication to gear my project towards. Cohorts, any ideas? T, I definitely plan to meet with you and just talk it out.

Thinking even further ahead, because my grandfather was my inspiration for both my Sweetland application and this upcoming project, I was thinking of writing a short fictional novella based on his life. Has anyone read Half-Broke Horses or Unbroken? Similar format to those books, but most definitely without the finesse of Jeannette Walls or Laura Hillenbrand. That’s just an idea though, not sure if I’m cut out to be writing on that scale just yet.

My Paga and Blue kickin it back like a couple of homies.
My Paga and Blue kickin it back like a couple of homies.


That’s So Catherine

cat soccerNow, this is a story all about how

Her life got flipped, turned upside down

And she’d like to take a minute

Just sit right there

She’ll tell you how she became the prince of a town called…Ann Arbor? Ha. She wishes.

Born on April 28th 1995, Catherine Louise Livingston grew up in Rye, NY with her mother, father and two brothers. She currently resides in Ann Arbor as a directionless student at The University of Michigan. She was named after Catherine of Wuthering Heights, but alas, has yet to find her Heathcliff *sigh*. A former 3 sport athlete, she now occasionally frequents the Central Campus Recreational Building when she can muster the willpower. Nothing brings her more joy than her two dogs, Duke and Blue. She cannot go longer than a month without shopping and her ultimate weakness is York peppermint patties. If she could live a day in the life of anyone it would be JLaw, hands down. *That’s So Raven voice* Yep, that’s me!!!!