Separating Self from Character

For the nonfiction portion of my project, my style hasn’t really had to change. I mean, it is significantly less formal in tone than I was in my original essay (maybe too informal at points). But overall it’s my voice coming through in a discussion with the audience as equals. At least, since peer reviews are impending, let’s hope so!

Far more interesting to me was the persona I took on for my first vignette. I decided to write in a bit of a hybrid point of view—3rd person mostly limited with just a dash of stream of consciousness. This blend allows me to highlight the perspective of the main character for this vignette (an arrogant religious tyrant who wants to stymie progress), while still being able to take in the surroundings as a proper narrator should. Also though, I was trying really hard not to fall into a trope for this character (i.e. hoping it’s not too similar to the Lord Ruler (pictured right) in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series).

lord ruler
“deathless despot of a dying dominion”
Art Credit: Inkthinker
Character Credit: Brandon Sanderson

This was my first “college try” foray into serious character writing/development. It was a little strange writing in a point of view so completely different from mine, as if they were my own thoughts. Not to mention in a completely pretentious register. It was more strange when I had a couple friends read it to make sure it came together alright. It’s really easy for me to get caught up with what I thought I wrote rather than what actually transpired on the page, so it’s always good to take a step back and reread/let someone else read.