Another League Blog!

While looking for a blog to talk about for this post, my friend (that also plays League) recommended that I take a look at Cloth5, a site run through WordPress. The purpose of the blog seems to be to inform its viewers of League of Legends news – whether it be blogs with tips on playing the game, the most current eSports games and standings, or tier lists and forums. Overall it’s pretty informative and helpful for anyone looking for tips or news.

The organizational strategies put into place are pretty interesting – every tab that the blog contains is represented in some way on the main home page. This works effectively to allow the viewer to see all the information available and contains a snapshot of what kind of info each tab will contain. There are also a couple interesting features on the home page that aren’t seen anywhere else: a short list of the most popular posts, and a group of tabs near the bottom of the page that feature certain parts of eSports like infographics, the League Championship Series, and the North American Challenger League for those that want specific information.

It is a very easy site to navigate and includes a simple search function if you can’t find what you’re looking for under the tabs.