Color Theory #StyleChallenge

My Re-mediation project is extremely visual so I thought I would look into color, because while my photos will and should be the focus of my ads, the background color and text color can be just as important in influencing viewers’ responses to and opinions of an ad. I came upon an article on coloring meaning and psychology on Squidoo and it was extremely interesting and informative.

Some colors that I think will be useful and I plan on employing are blue, grey, and red. Blue is often viewed as trustworthy, dependable, and committed. It is the least gender specific color and has equal appeal to both men and women. Grey is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom and many designers recommend it as a background color due to its neutrality. It is controlled and carries authority. Red is a powerful stimulant and can evoke enthusiasm. It is inherently exciting, draws attention, and encourages action and confidence, though too much may be overpowering and evoke negative emotions, such as anger. These colors cover most of the positive emotions I hope to get out of people who look at my ads.

I also read about the importance of balance between image and text (which we all know from personal experience with media), but I think balance between colors is extremely important as well. I obviously don’t too much of one color, but I don’t want to include every color possible. The colors need to interact positively while still appearing visually pleasing, so I’m playing with different hues of these colors to see which combinations work best with the tones of my photos.