Mapping my Capstone Portfolio

I’m planning on categorizing my work into three over-arching navigation pages: non-fiction, fiction, and multimedia. This will help maintain a cohesive feel throughout my site – I won’t isolate my capstone project and developmental essay from my other work.

I decided to categorize in this way in order to make the site easily accessible for a handful of audiences. Evaluators are looking for specific pieces, but other site visitors might be confused if the navigation was directed by specific assignment titles.

Each piece will be prefaced with a short blurb – here is where I will speak directly to my evaluator, explaining the content, and how it showcases a specific skill that I have acquired. This is also the way I plan to incorporate reflective material (in addition to my developmental essay, which in itself is reflective).

I think that my site’s organization will accurately represent me as a writer because it displays three distinct genres of writing (as well as sub-genres). I am a very flexible writer, and I have experience with various mediums. I want this aspect of my writing to be conveyed.

What do you guys think?


I’m telling you, I can see into the future.

I could have told you on day one of class that I would wait to upload this e-portfolio until there were 30 minutes left. That’s just the way I operate; I love living life on the wild side.

But hey, I got it done, so that’s pretty neat.

If you wish to check out my e-portfolio, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Good work to all of my fellow cohorts. I know it goes without saying, but we are all kind of ballers.

True Web Writing

Okay, this is a little late in the game, but in counting up my gamified points I just realized that I never did the blog post about uploading an artifact as true web writing. In retrospect, it may be better that I waited until now to do this post, because now that my portfolio is complete I have a wide range of examples of how I present my writing online. Here are three that you can find in my e-portfolio.

1.Linking to another HTML doc – Why I Write

When I finally got the styling right, embedding my Why I Write essay directly into another HTML document and linking to it actually turned out pretty nicely. I decreased the margins and increased the font for easier readability. This website gave me some inspiration.

2. Linking to a PDF – Repurposing An Argument

This method was super important because it preserved the formatting of this essay, which had pictures, different fonts, and a bibliography that would have been very time consuming to recreate using CSS. One downside of linking directly to the PDF was that the navigation bar disappears, but it still opens in a new tab, so in the end not much damage is done.

3. Combining PDFs and HTML – Repurposing Drafts

Not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of myself when I got this to look decent. I used a StartBoostrap template originally as a one-column portfolio, but where the pictures would normally go, I embedded PDFs of my repurposing drafts. On the side bar, I included a short description of each draft by just writing text in the HTML. This was the solution that made the most sense for this artifact.

As you can see, different methods of displaying my writing online worked better in different scenarios. Using them introduced me to the degree that appearance affects the content of web writing, something I took into consideration when crafting the rest of my e-portfolio.

E-portfolio wooooo

eportfolio pic

Working on my e-portfolio has been a roller coaster ride of HTML success and failure. But now, after presenting it at the showcase today and finishing the Gateway class, I can definitely say it been my most rewarding experience in this course.

For one, it taught me so much about HTML and CSS, and how powerful each of them are. I learned concepts that I didn’t really grasp when just going over tutorials. Secondly, it forced me to review my projects for this class both individually and as a whole, the later of which I rarely get to do for writing classes. It was interesting to see my progression as a writer – the changes in style and tone – but also my progression of ideas. In this class I found myself experimenting a great deal with how I write, and I think this is reflected in the contents and creation of my portfolio, especially through the drafts of my work. At the same time, I feel as though at the end of the semester I have found aspects of my writing that work and those that don’t. I’ve begun to develop certain styles and methods of approaching ideas, which is exciting.

Though it was a huge learning experience, developing a finished product for this portfolio was hard work. Obviously there were coding issues (shout out to my roommate for helping me through a number of these), but also issues of placement (the order and structuring of my artifacts) and reflection. I really had to spend time thinking about my takeaways from my work, and this could be tedious at times.

In the end I am proud of my final e-portfolio product I will probably continue to play with the code as a way of keeping my newly developed HTML skills refined. I also plan on revising the artifacts even after the semester ends, because I really want it to showcase my best work.

I Have an E-Portfolio?

E-Portfolio Tag Image

It’s actually beyond me how I managed to pull off what I have in the last few days. Because I have an exam tonight, I won’t be able to make it to the showcase event. I did a lot over this week, but not enough to be ready for Physics 135, which maybe nobody ever is. That’s possible. But I have created an entire website portfolio that functions as a look inside my writing as well as a look inside the mind of the reader. I think that’s a pretty impressive feat for one semester if I may say so myself. We should all be really impressed with ourselves, even if our sites aren’t what we imagined.

Mine definitely is not what I imagined at first, but it is really close to that vision. Of course there are things that I wish I could have done differently throughout the process, the main thing being to not procrastinate as much, but in the end I have an awesome collection of my work and I can’t be mad because it’s not perfect.

A couple things that I don’t much like about my e-portfolio are the home page and the fact that I didn’t get as much of my own poetry on it as I was hoping. I messed with the home page so many times and it never came out quite right. I tried different layouts and different colors and different set ups of the text, but nothing looked the way I had imagined. I’ll probably end up tweaking it a bit later. As far as the poetry part goes, I’m still working on it. I’m no Walt Whitman, but I enjoy doing it. The problem with that is that I never got to the point where I felt the pieces were publishable. I have some decent pieces lying around, but I guess I just didn’t feel good enough about them to put them on the portfolio.

I do love some things about my e-portfolio, though! I love the fact that it’s a little bit different from a lot of the others who have been done for professional use. I really wanted my creative side to come through in this portfolio and I believe it has. I also am glad that I could finally figure out the colors. I spent a really long time (which was dumb) working just on switching in and out colors to see what looked the best. The black base with the few vibrant color accents is what I was going for. The last thing that I’ve decided to embrace about my e-portfolio is the song on the home page. I know it seems really tacky and like I’m throwing it back to middle school with the Myspace thing, but I’m really not. I assure you the intentions are rhetorical. My thought really carefully about which song to choose and I think the one I’ve got on there is a perfect representation of everything I mean to do with the e-portfolio. It’s got the right tone and the right music and even the words portray the self-reflection and self-discovery aspect of what I want the reader to get out from this. It’s okay if you hate the music on the homepage idea. Generally you either love it or hate it, but I can’t make everyone like my choices, so I’m just going to go with the one that works for me.

Anyway, here’s the link! It seems rather serious now that I’m here at the bottom of this post, but it’s really just for fun. I made everything on it purely out of enjoyment and I hope you don’t feel anything less while browsing around it.

Portfolio Perfection

Well, not quite perfection, but I’m pretty happy with how my e-portfolio turned out!

I spent a lot of time on the layout, which I like a lot. I wanted the site to be clean and easy to navigate, and I feel I accomplished my goal.

I also wanted to show how I have changed as a writer. I tried to accomplish this through having a lot of different artifacts from freshman year until now, but I think this aspect could use more work.

I want to continue working on the portfolio, adding more context to the work I have uploaded, especially pieces from outside the writing minor. I currently have a few sentences about why I’ve included my academic work, but I do not explain why I like each individual piece. As I have more time to work on the portfolio, I may write intros to every essay, rather than just the general section.

I’ll definitely make changes to my portfolio in the future, but right now I’m proud of what I’ve created this semester. It does a good job representing me and my personality, which is all I need my portfolio to do!

Here’s the link:

What a Semester…

I honestly cannot believe that this semester is almost over, and that we had our last gateway class yesterday!  I remember walking into class on the first day having no idea what to expect from a course that broadly covered a bunch of new students to the Minor in Writing, but I can honestly say that I have learned so much more about my writing as well as different forms of new media writing that are really interesting to work with!

The best part of this class for me I think was definitely the creation of my online portfolio (I also really loved working with the re-mediation project!).  When I found the site, I instantly knew that was the platform that I wanted to use to showcase my work for this class.  I remember way back when we first started, I couldn’t stop playing around with the different awesome features and shaping my portfolio in ways that I felt were representative of me and a good way to highlight the different types of writing that I have done.  The ability to be creative yet in a way that is very applicable (now I know more of the nuances for making websites/portfolios online!) has been an amazing aspect of this class that I have appreciated and really enjoyed developing over these past few weeks.

Overall I’m generally really pleased with how my portfolio is now.  However, I do think that after this class ends I will be going back and looking over the reflective/contextual language that I used for my different sections of writing on my “Work” tab.  While I am proud of what I was able to convey right now, I somehow feel that the words aren’t “right” — I just need to find the right way to say what I want to say.  I think this is a factor of me choosing a theme (a writing “scrapbook”) a little late in the process and not being able to accurately put into words exactly what I want to convey about me as a writer.  I hope that my portfolio shows that I am a writer who likes to reflect and remember the little moments that impact my work as well as the memories that are forever associated with different pieces of writing and stages in my writing development.  I hope that exploring this can shed light on both myself and my personality, as well as my writing style.

Well, I guess this is it!  My portfolio’s debut and my debut as a Minor in writing!  Take a look, and let me know what you think!  I’m excited to see what others have created as well!  It’s been a great semester!


Enjoy your winter break!


Taking Risks

Okay, maybe not THAT much of a risk...
Okay, maybe not THAT much of a risk…

I think the best kind of class allows students to take risks without the fear of failing the class. Students should be encouraged to work outside of norms, to combine their interests with the topic at hand, to learn new skills just as much as they refine old ones.


I have really enjoyed this class because every project has challenged me to learn new things and integrate my passions with coursework.

Why I Write: I decided to make a video with iMovie. I’ve never used iMovie before, and I ended up learning a lot about how graphics, cropping, transitions, and stop motion video techniques. I also learned how to record audio, all while still completing the assignment.

Re-Purposing: I really wanted to make a website for some reason. I’m a very visual learner, and the ability to move images and text around to create a project felt a lot less like homework and a lot more like entertainment. Again, I worked within the broad guidelines of the assignment and still completed the task at hand, just not in a conventional way.

Re-Mediating: The entire purpose of this assignment was to think creatively and to translate writing from simple text to video, audio, etc. I went on a bit of an unconventional route and selected Pinterest as my media, but this was still accepted and encouraged by the professor and fit the assignment stipulations well.

E-Portfolio: Even here I wanted to challenge myself to learn new formats. I synthesized some of my work into a journal, learned about embedding PDFs and videos, and I’m still learning much more as I continue to work on this portfolio.


Overall I have really found this course to be completely different from what I anticipated when signing up for the Minor in Writing gateway. I haven’t done a ton of conventional “writing” but I have learned so much about web writing, social media best practices, blogging, video editing, and more. Are others feeling the same way?

Web Writing

As I’ve been uploading documents to my e-portfolio, I’ve tried to make my papers more like true web writing.

First, I uploaded my resume. I decided to put all text straight on the webpage. I was also able to input links to the companies I’ve worked at, some of the work I have completed, and a photo of myself. I’ve worked at a lot of small companies, so I like that my online resume makes it easy for a reader/prospective employer to understand my previous experience.

Then, I started on academic papers. Many of the papers I’ve written are long, so I tried breaking them up into several pages. It was very easy to create new webpages and link all the parts of my paper together. But, I quickly realized that I was going to be using A LOT of webpages, for just a few essays. And for the reader, it would be extremely annoying to see a “Read more” link at the bottom of almost every page, having no concept of when the paper will end.

Web writing has been a challenge, and it’s one I’m still trying to figure out. At first, I wanted to put all my writing directly on webpages and was against using pdf documents, but now I’m thinking pdf’s may be the best way to showcase my work.

Does anyone have any advice? How have you been uploading longer papers to your portfolios?

Overwhelming Options

There are about 101 ways to upload your artifacts onto the E-Portfolios. You could just paste the text directly in, you could link to an upload, you could link to a page, you could link to just about anything.

Why I Write on E-Portfolio

I’ve tried a couple of different ways to do this with my Why I Write and the Re-Purposing essay. The Why I Write is a creative piece and isn’t that long so I pasted that one right into the page. I think it’s working pretty well so far. I’m not sure if I’ll add any media to this page; although if I do, I might have to move some things on the page around. Due to it’s pretty short length though, I thought pasting it directly in would be most user-friendly.

Unfortunately, my Re-Purposing is a 19 page research paper about Views on Body Image and Sexuality. There was no way I could just paste this into the page. I thought for a little while about what would be best for this. I also thought about generally how research papers are presented on Google Scholars or on the library’s website. Usually, you get a little tidbit, like the abstract or a paragraph from the intro, and then you are linked to downloading the rest of the paper or to a pdf. Therefore, on my re-purposing page of my E-portfolio, I decided to paste directly the Abstract section and the first paragraph of the Introduction. At the bottom of that info, I put a hyperlink that says “Read More” that links you to a GoogleDoc of the entire paper.

After looking at some other E-Portfolios and getting some other ideas of what others are doing, I’m not totally loving this idea anymore. I think you have to log into Google to read it (maybe) and that’s not the most accessible it could be. I’m thinking potentially taking screenshots of each page and uploading them into a slideshow on that page might be better. Potentially I would still keep the link so that a reader could also see the whole thing on a doc. Does anyone have thoughts on that?

Click here to see exactly what I’m talking about. Choose the Projects tab and then subsequently “Why I Write” and “Re-Purposing.”