GarageBand Soundcheck

As we get closer to the rough draft being due for our remediation projects, I wanted to test out the mic on my laptop to see if recording directly into GarageBand with my mic would provide adequate sound quality for my podcast. I tested a number of different variables, such as distance from my laptop, mic volume, and type of sound recorded (like male speech, male basic, megaphone, etc.). From my initial testing, it seems like the mic on my laptop is more than sufficient for recording a good quality discussion. Adjusting the mic volume solved any problems I had with being too far from my laptop. The male speech option was also great for amplifying my voice, while seeming to dilute the ambient sound of the room around myself. The other feature that seemed to work well was recording a song that was playing from my laptop straight into GarageBand using the mic. The sound quality was fine, and this will help me include any sound effects or music that I might want to add.

The only real problems I’ve encountered so far is my limited knowledge of editing the sound clips that I have recorded. I can somewhat confidently cut pieces of audio and move them around, but some of the finer editing and mixing details are lost on me. While I don’t plan on doing the recording in the Podcast Center on North Campus, I will most likely still sign up for a tutorial to learn some of these editing techniques that I have yet to master.

Below is my attempt to upload my soundcheck files that I played around with in GarageBand. This is the area I am most unfamiliar with because I am not used to saving audio files for uploading in other areas. Please let me know if you guys were able to hear the audio file I uploaded.