done! (mostly)

I don’t know how but I’ve seriously underutilized gifs in my blog posts. I guess it comes down to the whole gradual comfort thing, somehow thinking they might not be appreciated here…yeah, I’m not sure what I was thinking either. So, my thoughts towards my portfolio, starting from the beginning, in the language of Leslie Knope’s expressions (my bad if you don’t watch Parks and Rec):

How I felt (all gifs found here) when we got the assignment and I decided to play around with HTML for my portfolio:

Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec doing Rocky moves

Realizing the scary amount of resources and not knowing what I was doing at all, and the reality that slapped me in the face this weekend at the state of my portfolio (and my roommate seeing it and telling me “That looks so boring”):

Leslie Knope with a giant slurpee cup on her face

Throughout this weekend, rearranging and writing and of course, our favorite, revision (occasionally taking a break to study for databases and computer organization):

leslie knope saying "everything hurts and i'm dying"

Today, accepting that my portfolio will be a work in progress, and actually feeling pretty alright about the whole thing:

leslie knope smiling
In case you can’t tell, in my future life I aim to be Leslie Knope

Thanks for all your advice, comments,  words of encouragement, and sympathy in all our shared struggles. If you feel like poking around my portfolio you can check it out here!