ePortfolios and goodbye

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So – I was a little bit late to the ePortfolio game. And by that I mean it seemed each time I worked with somebody in class it seemed like they were way ahead of me (which is because they were). Having a huge amount of work that week, I told myself I was going to dominate the ePortfolio game during the weekend. Then, on such weekend, I found myself struggling to produce a product I was happy with. And then, luckily for me, I figured it out.

For about a solid month, my entire progress on the ePortfolio project amounted to a background picture of a beach. Yes – that was it. Now, you can imagine why this was so upsetting when I sat down to work on it and I became dissatisfied with said beach. I decided I didn’t want to have the same background the entire time, especially one that didn’t really mean anything except for looking pretty. That’s when I came up with what ended up being the pivotal idea in my project – to have the background for each page serve a purpose – to provide the setting for what it encompassed. If I tried to explain it any more it would sound kind of weird and cliché, but I actually think it came together really nicely.  (The picture is the link)

I'm outta here
I’m outta here

I’ll absolutely use the ePortfolio in the future, both to showcase academically and even possibly to prospective employers on my resume. I think I can also use it as a little of motivation if need be. If I’m ever facing an assignment I don’t think I can finish or have to learn how to manage another completely new technology, I can turn to the ePortfolio and look at the short story I wrote or the film trailers I made. I think the ePortfolio is the perfect way to culminate our semester – it showcases all the writing we have done, but also serves as a piece of writing itself, yet again persisting our quest to figure out what writing actually is. So, it’s been real writing minor. I’m off to the land of political science and upper level writings for the moment, but I’ll anxiously await my return, once again ready to embark on this tantalizing journey we’ve all begun.


As the Alaskans say, “Ukudigada.”

As the Australians say, “Hooroo.”

As the Danish say, “Farvel, Hej.”

As the Germans say, “Auf Wiedersehen.”

As the Italians say, “Arrivederci.”

As the Hawaiians say, “Aloha.” (It’s hello and goodbye, remember?)

In any case, I’ve truly loved this gateway semester in the Minor with all of you. I know our Tuesdays and Thursdays won’t be the same – we won’t hear Shelley tell us our drafts are due in class on Monday when we don’t have class on Monday, we won’t be able to compete so fiercely for quickfire points, and we won’t see each other’s exhausted faces to reassure ourselves that we’re not the only one struggling through the week.

Above all else, cheers to Shelley for picking us up week after week. And I’ll just say I’ll see you soon, all.

Oh, and those things we are calling ePortfolios…cheers to those too.



A tearful goodbye to my first blog group!!

It’s been a long road, guys and in the words of Katy, “these are our last moments together.” =)

When reading back over my older posts, I definitely noticed a few trends. From Post 1 to the most recent there is definitely a decent level or sarcasm, complaining about readings, and a fairly consistent length (leaning on the slightly lengthy side). The posts I enjoyed reading back over the most were my very reactive blog posts, particularly ones about readings I didn’t like. The schema I have in my head for blogging is basically someone sitting behind a computer writing a public diary entry about whatever they feel like. Much to my dismay/curiosity/surprise, my blog posts have turned out to be that very thing…yay technology.

As far as comments, I enjoy getting any comments. Good, bad, ugly. I like ’em all. Most of the comments I left were for the people in my blog group and I really enjoyed their posts because I felt like I got to know them better than just the biweekly interactions we had in class. Once in a while, I would expand my horizons and comment on a random post I really liked the title of or felt strongly about.

One thing that I have noticed about blogging that I think is worth mentioning, but doesn’t fit cleanly into one of our topics is the level of writing appearing on the blog. When I posted my first blog, I read through the other three or so that were up and was blown away by the great writing that I saw. This immediately made me want to up my game. I’ll admit this competitive streak lasted about 2 weeks before other classes set in and my writing level decreased substantially in formality. That being said, I still feel like I achieved the same level of insight writing informally that I would have had I been required to write formally. At any rate, blog group number one, best of luck to you in your new groups!!