Aha! moment too late…

I got the email from Naomi about the NERP program (I think that was the acronym…) and I was really intrigued by it. I saw the quote by Henry David Thoreau at the top:



How vain it is to sit down and write when you have not stood up to live.


This pretty much sums up what my “Why I Write” paper was trying to get at, but probably ended up more of me flailing around for words and concepts that I could not articulate myself, but I perfectly laid out here. Better luck next time.

Also, some preliminary thoughts on the Re-Mediation project: In everything that I think of, I’m finding it really hard to not change my audience. I don’t know, in changing the medium, it almost begs a different audience. Or possibly, it’s that certain mediums are more appropriate for certain audiences? For example, my paper is re-purposed for an older, adult audience. Say, age 65 and over. Bascially, the age group where dementia and Alzheimer’s may be of concern. I’m having a really hard time thinking of what an accessible, appropriate technological medium would be for that audience. The other ideas that my blog group discussed all involved changing my audience which I know we are not supposed to do. Ahhh, hopefully it will come to me.